Hello everyone!

Skol! My name is Arthur , I starts my own practice since I was 16 years old , now Im 23 , Im live in russia in south (rostov-on-don city ) with my GF who is also magician.

Also I was living in a north 18 years ( Arkhangelsk) and starts practice north magic in my own town.
My first experience was in 14th with rune magic and invocation Thor.
It was strange experience cause i had ill at the next 7 days with temperature with 39
But my spell was work, it was talisman with a defending function.

I work with Freir, Odin,Freya, Loki and also with slavic Gods Mara( wery rarely),Veles(every weekend) and Dazdbog(starts working at this month).
I have some abilities at extrasensoris as I work Trader I tryed to predict the future in the markets. This It seems to me an interesting direction.
Its really workful…but it has many details ( Your life energy is a 1first that you need )
I do practice, create a synthesis between esotericism (spiritualism with the gods/taro readings) and
financial market predictions last 1.5 years.

I also have a medium contact with other spirits(deads/ forest/infernal), I interested in voodoo( herbals/grigris) and Kimbanda/umbanda. My interesting in this traditions was cause I had attack frome this systems from another magician. I was curious
But I dont try to contact them with rituals since Im not iniciated( but i think they can contact with me sometimes, its very strange)

I had practice cigun and meditation( pranayama also) and it improve my abilities(hear the spirits and also its improved my life energy).

My experience with demons was 2 weeks ago, I tryed to invocated Bune (just meditated on Sigil in trance) and it was interesting:) When I feel the contacted I said what I want and the demon says Good.
After that I have lucid dream . In this dream i had see a large room and a pitcher in the center, with the many treasures at the bottom. Bune was more likely as a Egyptian priestess. But resalt that I had was strange( the information came not through a dream, as I asked, but through a trance. Boone said she couldn’t come to my dream)

So thats all , i tryed text shortly:)

I really like you guys , its great community here. Thank you!
I will be really happy to share my experience and knowledge . I will be happy to learn new things and make friends here.


Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome friend.


Nice intro and welcome to the forums.

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Buona sera a tutti mi chiamo Roberta

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Welcome @Roberta. Please properly introduce yourself in the correct place. Click the link below and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick. Please be aware that it is a rule of this forum that all posts must be in English:


Benvenuto, Roberta.

Acá parliamo solo Inglés. Presentate in questo link provisto por DarkestKnight.

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Welcome @Ingwina :blush:

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Ciao a tutti sono una strega di nascita , da due anni seguo il percorso luciferiano .

As stated above, please introduce yourself properly, and in English. Failure to do so will result in the removal of your posts.

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Ok sorry

Hello everyone i m luciferian

Hi there @Roberta :slightly_smiling_face:

Where you from?

Do you have any experience with magick? If so what type of magick?

How long are you practicing magick?

What you want to learn?

@Roberta As I asked you a year ago, please properly introduce yourself in the correct place by clicking on the link below. Tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick, such as what you you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


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