Hello everyone

hey everyone, I’m eurus and 18. I’ve taken up interest in yoga, basic meditation and herbal teas/remedies (in which I’m not very knowledgeable- I just make up mixes that pleases me spiritually and aesthetically and VERY BASIC ones) etc not very long ago and my relationship with religions have never been strong enough to make a devotee of any. So with that interest I started to take up I also started to drift towards Magick and this wide deep world. I’m not really experienced, nor have I done many things about it, but as I found this place I think it’s time for me to start learning adequately. oh and one last thing to mention is I guess… I had a friend who was interested in more… systematic(?) branches of Magick and she used to find spells she wanted to write down and I would translate them for her. that’s probably the biggest reason I’m into this. hope you guys can accept me here and help me out


Welcome to the forum. :smiley::+1:

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Welcome :slight_smile:
To get you started, check out the basics here:

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thanks a lot :slight_smile:

hey Eurus im new too and have questioned all religions, i was raised christian but i feel like im too young for that and left the religion as i didnt get anything out of it, but i am starting my journey in magick and reality speaking, just wanted to say hello.

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oh, hello there, it’s good to see people alike around. hopefully we will improve and/or find things that are helpful to us along this journey. what are the topics that catches your attention the most?

thanks :innocent:

Yes i agree and will keep an open mind :)as for the question hmm i would say speaking face to face with a daemon/djinn, astral projection, creating personal sigils, and successfully doing spells and seeing them come to reality. What about you?

that’s interesting, you’re on the braver side I suppose. at least braver than me… :blush:
I am, also, interested in being able to cast spells and seeing them work and creating sigils. What’s different for me than yours is probably herbalism and controlling of the energy inside and around me.