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I have a question…

I have sex too much and my wife wants me to masturbate more with her. I like porn but I f**k so much, I don’t love masturbating 3 times a day like I used to for years. What are some good lust demons besides Asmoday that i can write lust spells and put them on myself for? I know this is a funny question…Let me know.

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@Zmoan Lol :joy:

Yes, please make an introduction that tells us where you’re at in you magick OP. It will help us level our responses to your skills.

Lust obviously isn’t your issue. Talking to your wife and negotiating a compromise would be reasonable.


No, this isn’t a funny question, not if you’re a mature adult. People have sex, it’s natural. All questions are welcome here.

Instead of creating more lust, I would work with a spirit or use this method to influence your wife to see things your way, or for you to come to a middle ground so you both are happy and satisfied.

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