Hello again and a question re ceremonial LHP workings

Hello, i have been following the forum for 3 years now, reading about all your experiences and dialogues is very inspirind at times and eye opener at others. Now, my concern is the application of ceremonial magic to the Left Hand Path, i been exploring a while and i feels that ones job on this matter could be apapting names of archangels and holly names of Demiurge to ones pantheon? Its that a good idea. Its just that i personally dont feel attraccted to thos angels and names fro. Right Hand path rather apply my sinister touch in accordance to my personal taste. I am very interested in Ceremonial as well but not from an right hand angle.
Thank tou, by the way am Luis " Ashiram". From Florida , Miramar, i already indroduce my self to the forum but many years ago!

Welcome back. :slight_smile:

As this is not a question about book recommendations, I’ve moved it into it’s own topic.

LHP just means doing magick for personal reasons, working with angels is not what makes it RHP or LHP.

I think that’s not a good idea… I mean, why? What would you gain? They’re different beings and you stand a chance of just insulting both entities.

I wouldn’t play matchy matchy and confuse things unless I was very familiar with both currents and the entities felt and told me they were the same being. Work with each current as is until you understand it on it’s own merits. Or don’t bother with the pantheon at all and just work with the entities you are naming.

Lot’s of people here don’t work with so called “angels”. :person_shrugging:

I don’t entirely believe there is such a thing… I work with any entity on it’s own merits, which means I do work with entities that others label this way, because I don’t believe there is a difference between them and the “fallen angels” and I just don’t care about some death cult’s opinions and politics. I meet them myself and make my own mind up based on the one on one interaction.

There’s no rule that says you have to use the Solomonic method, which is what you are referring to when you talk of calling angel names to conjure. Most grimoires and especially modern ones don’t use this. Pick an evocation method and summon whoever you like.

There’s a few tutorials on here, this is one of them:

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Try this my friend


Hmmm ceremonial Goetia includes Hevhay and the normal circle Corson, Gaap, Amaymon and Zimimay, right? There are no personal changings, why change anything if the ceremonial method of HVHY functions?

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I understand exactly where you are coming from my friend. Is there valid, powerful methods of using ceremonial magick without a RHP flavor. Yes.

There are many LHP rituals that take the place of traditional right workings such as the LBRP.

There is a demonic version as @Rav was suggesting. There is also a demonic version of the middle pillar I practice I found here as well.

There are rituals that mimic the effect of the bornless Ritual too. In bornless a magician reaches out to thier God self and used this authority to command spirits.

In the kaballah it recognizes two souls of man. One is holy and the other impure. Kedusha or Sitra Ahra, kaballah or Qlippoth.

There is a method of accessing ones infernal divine self and using this for great strength in attuning to LHP Spirit or to empower workings or take command in the spirit world.

If You need help finding these resources ask @Rav or myself for a link.

Good luck

Hail Sitrah Ahra!!