Hekaltor question

“Hekaltor is a mischievous demon, Hekaltor does not manifest in any solid form, but rather comes to the call of the magician as a culminating darkness, an oily black shapeless mass. His voice may first take the form of electrostatic popping sounds, eventually causing the formation of words. Hekaltor causes disputes and turmoil among people, nations, churches and even planes of existence. He can effortlessly bring chaos to any situation or life”

What would be an example of causing turmoil on entire planes of existence. Like entire planes? I don’t know what that would look like.

[For people wondering, Hekaltor is from the book Kingdoms of Flame by E.A. Koetting, co-owner of this forum.]

Based on a quick forum search and my memory, this hasn’t been tried by anyone posting here, though it’s interesting to speculate.

Personally I’m moving away in my philosophy from using the concept of “planes” as a meaningful or helpful tool. It was actually your other post about planes recently that got me to thinking about it. :slight_smile:

I think planes are all in the same universe, and multiverses and probability aside, there’s only one you’re experiencing (at the level of being a single incarnate human consciousness) at any one time. So planes becomes a matter of perception rather than separated “levels”.
So anything affecting one happens in the same reality all exist in, but whether you notice depends on what is affected and where your level of perception is set.

We’d really have to ask E.A. what he was interpreting from his sessions with his discovery of the entity Hekaltor via one of his livestreams or something, or ask Hekaltor and go with that UPG, but 2nd best we can make a guess.

As a wordsmith you may have noticed E.A. seems rather careful with his choice of nouns, so starting there, “turmoil” means “a state or condition of extreme confusion, agitation, or commotion.” [Merriam Webster] and it’s usually applied to masses of things that can be mixed up. You can’t put a rock into turmoil but you can with your mind, a crowd or a liquid. Energy is added and raised so that the calm state is replaced with more movement, but movement that is chaotic and unorganised.

Now apply that increase in chaotic energy to the universe. I guess it depends how much, but if there’s enough, as organization in the universe has increased over the trillions of years, this would be winding it back to fewer collected organized astral bodies such as star systems. The whole thing would be hotter as that’s what increasing kinetic energy does, everything moves faster and more randomly, planets that could support like my start failing to be hospitable enough, mass extinctions and adaptations would accelerate, a new balance would have to be found and there would be a mess for everyone needing the status quo to survive. Probably not pretty.

I don’t personally believe this entity or a human is allowed quite that much influence though. There’s a point where other beings wanting different goals might have something to say about such things.

More likely an effect would be localised and you’d end up with a lot of random events, some good some bad, bad “luck” and good. You might feel kind of out of it, like you’re on shaky ground and can’t quite trust your surroundings to stay stable, like when an earthquake runs through and the ground you’ve relied on to be solid shakes and there’s nothing you can hold on to as it’s all shaking too. Grounding is harder or gone, the weather is more changeable and bio materials rot faster. Also not pleasant and in itself disorienting and uncomfortable even at a low effect.

If you keep if off the “physical plane” so it’s more mental say, everybody goes a bit mad don’t they? Trains of logical thought are harder to keep straight.
If you keep it to affecting only emotional energy or the “emotional plane” everybody gets volatile. touchy and overreacts quickly.