Heavy metal intoxication and magick

I read it somewhere around here on the forums that some people around here managed to transmute some heavy metals in their bodies into more beneficial ones, such as stated on this thread over here, however, in this case, he was working to get rid of lead, whereas I have some excess of copper on my blood, and I’m aware that having copper is good since it makes the heartbeat and all, but having a lot of it really makes life a living hell, yes I’m undergoing some medical procedures regarding this, but since they’re super expensive for me (remember, I don’t earn in dollars), I’ve been looking for alternatives, like that one post I’ve linked above.

Any suggestions?

For cleaning you can try root from artctium lappa. There are many herbs. About “transformation” I don’t believe it is possible. Yeah there are too many evocation kings but for your personal health you must be smart. :slight_smile:


Artctium lappa, where can I find that?

Edit: only reason why I mentioned evocations is because apparently somebody managed to do it

Do you know why your copper is high? Maybe check you’re not consuming a lot of copper through your diet, or drinking water from copper pipes.

Diet with zinc and molybdenum supplements seem to have helped this guy.

Try Raphael for more suggestions and healing, he’s an expert with physiology.


Chlorine dioxide and/or asparagus get rid of heavy metals in the body, not sure about copper.


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It’s because of a thyroid issue according to my doctor, still I’m considering having that double checked

There is a product called TRS-zeolite. It detoxes heavy metals from your body. Very potent. One spray.

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THATS the kind of magic I want, I’ll have to import it but it does look promising

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Just search in Google for arctium lappa root extract. Dandelion tea can also be useful and you can find it everywhere.

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Facebook groups talking about TRS and detoxing. Stuff is great!