Heartbreak Problems

The Moon says, “Don’t let your illusions blind you” but what is an illusion? Do I trust the incorporeal angel mom or do I trust what I can see? What can I trust? What do I stick to if nothing? Do I believe in blind hope, or can I not see the hope because the moon is blinding?

Is my illusion the illusion that I will see a judgement day?

Why am I so calm!? Why am I so content!? I feel it ever so lightly in my stomach, but my body has gone soft!

I want to die. I feel so trapped. Please what the fuck do I do

I’m in hell.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fucking hell fuck

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I’m fucking STUCK HERE.

TOday is going to be a good day. TOday is going to be a good day? Are you sure? Are you fucking positive? Are you? Who are you? Who are you to say what the day will be? Who am I to trust you? What the FUCK

What do I do? Wait? She says wait. Is that it? I want to ask, I really do, how it could possibly result in anything like how she described.

I’ll wait this week out. This week they told me about. If it truly doesn’t happen by the end? I will legitimately consider plans to leave.

Four days left.

I feel like under different circumstances, I would see the moon in a more positive light. I am beginning to see it is not my enemy.

Max… Do what you feel is right by all means, but let me just ask: If you honestly were considering destroying your soul over Sam, is this truly worth it anymore? Think about that.

Not just him. I asked myself that same question. The pain was blinding. I wasn’t going to do it, but I was desperate.

But yes, I was considering it.

I feel less pained now, but only because I have hope. It’s honestly sad.

I myself have been through pain that made it seem like non-existence would be more pleasant than what I was facing. I don’t know what you’re going through aside from Sam, but no matter what happens, you always should remember that your soul is forever, this life is not. I’m not demeaning you at all in saying that, but sometimes it’s better to simply detach yourself from certain situations rather than fight to fix them (again I don’t want to make assumptions, I don’t know your circumstances, this is just my two cents).


The soul can be destroyable, like converting the energy into something weak and there be modified changing the previous form, it’s another way of destruction

I agree. But I’m going to wait things out like I said. This is all more painful than this should be allowed to be. I think this is a bit of an event.

Listen. Tomorrow is important. It will decide my state of mind for a bit. I was told, by the cards, by Gabrielle, by a LOT of people. Tomorrow. It’s something big, tomorrow. Maybe I’m losing it, but I understand that much.

Are you referring to the entirety of a person’s being, or the astral double? Because as far as I understand it (which I may be incorrect) there’re many parts to the soul.

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