Heartbreak Problems

So I’m getting pissed. My heart apparently is convinced me and Sam still have a chance. I somehow managed to talk to it. I don’t know how this is going to work, but I basically told them I would give them all the resources they needed to actually manifest what they were so sure of and prove it, and as a result, they cannot hurt anymore or interfere.

They agreed?

this doesn’t make any sense, but it basically had the same invocation voice. And I no longer hurt. I feel like I’m completely emotionally detached from the situation


You are losing control my dude

You sound like you dissocated :thinking:

I would be okay with that. Like, fuck it. I dunno if it’s true, though.

But I’m 100% sure i actually talked to… something. Besides me. Like, a part of myself.

Not like another personality

I just feel nothing about it. I know if I looked into it I would probably unearth some feelings, the same feelings that made me cry like a lunatic just a bit earlier. But like, I don’t want to. I don’t want to feel that. and I will do this as much as I can until whatever the problem is has finally just come out of my view

So you had no character change or anything related right?

No. I pretty much just told it to stop and I gave it leverage and it just did. I feel a little physical pain for some reason, but I’m going to be taking it up with it. This is way better than all of the crying I did

Are you sure you arent being vamped right now? It might come off bad in long run.

There’s no reason why I would be being vamped then of all times. Be reasonable.

How did all of your emotions ended just like that reasoning man???

I dunno, how is any of this website reasonable?I would say that my emotions just ending is pretty reasonable. I mean, I still have them, I’m just not feeling them right now. At least in relation to this incident.


Look you should consider possibility of your emotions, which is a powerful fuel, being vamped.But it might be just a blunt moment after all that crying too.

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I have no idea who would be vamping them, and I genuinely do not give a shit. I have had so muchturmoil over literally every fear in the book and now you’re trying to hit me with a tinfoil hat scare for vampirism. I literally asked my self to stop feeling and it did.


I am just giving you possibilities dude wtf. Listen I dont give a flying fuck about if you are listening my advices or not if I am being honest.

I am just trying to help newbies here and you my friend, created some nasty parasites before, how do you think they feed lmao.

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Considering I can feel feelings if I want to, it just makes me wonder.

I am just saying consider a possibility.I know it feels hard to do that in such state.I had a break up two weeks ago too,getting up and working is really hard trust me.But there is a long run.Pussy is temporary (dick for you I guess).My path is eternal.


It’s not just dick. It’s a heart. It’s a home. It’s a twin flame. It’s love.

Still temporary.