Thoughts on buying servitors

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of people selling servitors and magick in general on fiverr, Etsy and etc…

What are your thoughts on this? Is it even possible to make a servitor for someone?


Yes. I’ve done it, and @Keteriya has a servitor posted to the forum that is free for anyone to use.


There’s a few make available for free on here, @Keteriya is our resident expert and has also provided tutorials so you can create your own. Luna is quite popular but there are others.

We just recently talked about this as well, some links are in this post:

You will see plenty of people selling not just servitors by also Djinn bound to rings and all sorts online. It’s a good idea to read the reviews, and do a divination to see if it’s a good idea for you. A lot of these are just scams, while others are legit, but there’s no guarantee it will work for you, especially if you don’t have any skills to talk to the servitor anyway.

Chances are, if you can talk to a servitor, you might as well make your own, it’s really easy.

Here’s servitors as protective wards, super easy walkthrough tutorial:


Yep I made one for someone else. Admittedly they don’t know about it (its a secret gift) and I’m gestating another for someone else right now.


What kind of skills would I need to sense them?

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Depends on how you usually communicate with spirits. I like to use shamanic journeying to meet them in their spaces, you can use pendulums, taro cards, developer clairsenses to hear them, use clairsentience to have the ideas come to you like memories.

We have a few tutorials on developing the astral or psychic senses that might be interesting.

You want something, or what happens is people come to this forum and go “oh I bought a servitor, can someone scan me to see if it worked”, and that’s not a fun position to be in.


Yeah for sure, if I do plan on buying a servitor I want to make sure to my senses are at least good.


I’m not sure what would cause me to buy a servitor when I could just make one very easily. Servitor magick is probably about as well-known on the internet as chaos magick sigils. I have the book Magickal Servitors, so I paid for that, and now I can have infinite servitors. I imagine most all fiverr servitors are scams. It’s one thing to know for a fact magick was done and to be involved in that sacred process, but dipshits on etsy selling crap that doesn’t even work for them should be avoided.

I agree.

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