Have angels invited you back to God or Christianity?

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A more interesting question might be, has anyone ever worked with a Roman, Norse, or Egyptian deity which encouraged you to slay your male neighbours, steal their property, and take the women and children as slaves.

Slavery was the engine of those societies.

If not, that would tend to suggest that what spirits do and want, and what humans do and want, exist in different realms and that the “morality” they promote tends to drift with the times.

Nice meme, btw.


You all are giving some great feedback to what ‘I think’ is a very interesting topic. I will definitely reply to this when I get the chance later.



If you’re ignoring christian humans well enough you can ignore the angel too. Just remember why you chose this path in the first place


I mean, I’ve never been xtian and that energy never rubbed off on me, but I’ve worked with many entities that xtians claim to identify as “angels”, and to be honest, ime, none of them are xtians either.

Xtianity is a human mind invention, it’s not real in the higher realms.

So why any entity - that isn’t an ex-human belonging to that cult - would have any interest in what you believe, is highly suspicious to me.

My first feeling is it’s not an angel at all, it’s some sort of lesser entity or a dead human with all the attendant lower vibrations bs that comes with that level of ego.

This confirms my feeling on this - It’s a classic hallmark of lesser entities to try to persuade people by telling them things they think they want to hear. Higher beings like the daemons who may be labeled both angels and demons don’t need to do that.

So no, this would never be a thing for me, and if it would I’d know I was dealing with an impostor instantly and I’d probably kill it on principle. I have enough of my own ego I don’t need to deal with a 5th dimensional nobody telling me what to do. :smiley:


Depends some beings “higher” or “lesser” will do what they want and aren’t above telling someone what they want to hear. The concept of higher and lesser beings is an occultist invention with no real merit imo unless you want to call parasites lesser entities but there are parasites who are pretty intense and far from lesser.

Even Odin will do what he can to keep people from leaving his pantheon, I haven’t heard of him threatening anyone as of yet but he’s a sweet talker when he wants to be. It’s just one tactic among many any entity will try even humans.


I dont like jesus. I dont like theyr system of slavery. Michahel never said anything about god other that hes very strict and focused with his ways.


Angels are…so complicated. Whenever I am aware of real angels, they are never very friendly, and sometimes quite aggressive (different tribes?). I get invited back to the light, but lately the powers that be have just started taking me ‘home for a visit,’ where they feed me light and love (“nourishment”) and then send me back into the abyss. This kind of light seems to be different from The Light, which always feels icky to me. I was working with the Qliphothic tree, and the entities there, for whatever reason, suddenly got interested in a Kundalini awakening technique I learned in the Hindu cult I was in for many years. Surprised, I quickly taught it to them, and then both the tree of night and tree of day opened up into each other, with Satan and Moloch exploding into the tree of life, and the angels then getting angry and descending into the tree of night to establish some kind of rehab for spirits with severe PTSD. Then they came and snatched me and stuck me in their rehab centre, and the Qliphothic entities were just like, LOL. (My posts always sound completely nuts. Maybe they are.)


I’d have to agree, you can learn something from different religions without actually being devote to it. Some beings know this, but many people are too caught up in bias to be able to see that.


I hear ya on this. I had questioned as to whether or not it was an angel and questioned those other concepts too. What it did do to try to convince me that it was an angel was to make my room look brighter, a LoT brighter. I’m sure some evocators will understand what I am talking about. Evoke a dark entity and there are periods where you can turn on every light in your house but it still looks like the lights were never turned on. This one made it look like my room was too bright for a moment, like when you accidentally catch a glimpse of the sun. Could that still be an Imposter? A lesser ranking angel? Faye? Regardless…it was trying to put me ‘in a group’ to find friendship and comrades, not to make me a slave of Jehovah (as far as I could tell).

True. I have enjoyed some of the angels out of Kingdoms of Flame…Deggal, Enkidorat, Sakatos, Lotir, others…

Although I question as to whether or not there is more than one Yahweh, I have toyed with the idea of Yahweh being a collective conscious, a pantheon, from which entities have joined and left for one reason or another.

I wouldn’t be surprised!

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You wouldn’t be moralising there would you Koneko? :wink: That would be against the rules and we don’t do that here.

I have plenty of warning signs, wards and barriers out there that impostors know VERY well where the line is and what to expect if they think they can dick with my boundaries.

That very fact that they decided my boundaries didn’t apply to them is an offense that means I WILL go for them with extreme prejudice. My temple is NOT a safe space, if they come into it uninvited, they get what’s coming, and I use them to set the example for anything else watching.


That’s fine, but so what? In the context of this thread, we had a conniving entity trying to use manipulation and emotional persuasion to get the OP to overturn a clear decision he made for unknown ends - it certainly didn’t come accross as benign to me.

The key is in the word ‘pretender’ - I detest lying and manipulation, and if it can’t come as itself and be honest then the first question you should be asking is why? WHY would it pretend to be something it’s not?

There’s no good answer for that. It’s already proved itself low integrity and untrustworthy by definition. There’s no point trying to talk to it, you already know everything you need to know just from the fact that it opened the conversation with a lie.


The purpose of this thread was just to see who all out there has had entities try to bring them back to an old path, particularly, angels and Christianity.

I was not attacked. It made sure that I knew it was there and that it was giving me memories and trying to present a case. It was more of a ‘hey…wasn’t this better for you personally back when you were still ThiS compared to NoW’ sort of a thing. It left of its own accord. I didn’t have to do a formal banishment. I was just like ‘no…this is still my happiest life…I’m not interested.’ That was that.

I will say one thing though…what Amaymon told me once rings true “Hold on to the black, do not let go. It is your life”. Anyway…

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In my experience the angels do not care what your beliefs are, pagan, Satanist, or Christian, they are there. I refuse to work with them, because I found out how hard they are to deal with, and they can be downright stern to put it lightly. The spirits I work with are much easier to contact etc. I am a Satanist, and there is no reason for me to go back to that, because there’s really nothing to go back to that appeals to me. It’s a big hype and masquerade. I’d rather go to Mardi gras and summon my demons lol

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I’m saying, I’m completely OK with this. I’m not sure how to make this clearer: I DON’T WANT THEM IN MY SPACE. Get in my space, they die. It’s that easy.

I don’t believe in evil, I do believe actions have consequences. If they don’t want to get killed, they need to stay away from me, easy. Don’t ignore the line. It’s not rocket science.

Yes exactly. If they want to walk past the ‘beware of the dog sign’, they will get bitten. I’d prefer it if they chose not to, that’s the point of the sign.


I think this is the premise that I think we’re passing each other on - .
The scenario here is similar to a person that broke in to my house, and then lied about who they are when I find them standing in my living room. And you seem to want me to give them the benefit of the doubt that they are a good person?

A good person would have knocked on the door, waited for me to answer and been truthful about who they are. And I would have a nice conversation.

The first person gets shot.


That moment when: People on this thread decide to no longer discuss if Angels have invited them back to Christianity…but what to do with angels instead…

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I work with angels a fair amount, probably more than demons currently, and I have never had them try to convert me to Christianity.

However, I also have never been religious. I have never gone to church, and I have never been a believer in the Christian Gawd.

I get the feeling though, if this was truly an angel, and not an impostor, that the angel felt there is something in the Christian current the OP might benefit from. If you read EA Koetting’s work, particularly Questing After Visions and Ipsissimus, when he was burned out on black magick he was guided back to the Mormon Church of his childhood to restore balance (and it did) so it is not unheard of, nor is it necessarily a bad thing. Guidance is just that, guidance. It isn’t a demand, and the OP doesn’t have to take the advice.


That’s very interesting!


I live in the Bible Belt and I have very recently been contacted by angels. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the LHP and Christianity and I wonder if you should consider that the work you are doing and Christianity are not mutually exclusive. Could it be that a type of synergy is open to take place within your work, due to your past experiences with Christianity and your current pathwork?

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