Have a Christian family, raised as a Christian. Now Having a guilt when I call only one demon I work with, Astarte/Ashtaroth

I’m from Philippines, currently in Japan. I worked with Angels and only one demon I make a ritual “Astarte/Ashtaroth”. I just meditating on her Sigil. When I sense paranormal I stopped because she’s a demon. And I asked before about Possession here. But now I’m really having a christian guiltiness and i want to work only to Astarte/Ashtaroth for demon…

And I felt her more than the Angels during the ritual. I’m afraid about Torture in Hell, burning and drowning at the same time. I cant get out that in my head


I was raised as a christain & with a christain family too. I never thought demons were bad & I always liked them but the toturing in hell, or at least to me, is fake & will not happen. You could read some of E.A.'s books, they will change your mind on all this completely from a Christain point of view to what it should be. You should start with Belial since he can break your chains against Yahweh & free your self of those ideas & beliefs. There’s also a ritual you could do here

& a experience here

Don’t be afraid of demons & respect them. They won’t harm you unless you piss them off or do something really stupid. & don’t worship them as they are trying to help you in ascending not making you a slave. Just don’t summon/evoke/invoke them with the Christian idea set of them being evil.

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It seems like you have some internal work to do. A question to ask may be this: do you actually feel guilty, or is it the indoctrination that has conditioned you to feel guilt? Christian rituals are magick, only with different names (prayer ect). It seems like you have a lot of deep rooted fears.
As a hint, isn’t it interesting how there are 72 Shem angels and 72 demons?
Additionally, isn’t it interesting how humans like to categorize things that may be the same?


Check out gnosticism point of view about the general understanding about JCI dogmas… it is what gave me answers when I was feeling what you feel now…


Astarte is not Astaroth first of all

As to your conundrum, you have 2 choices:

either stop working with demons and stick with Jesus

or get the Christian dogma out of your head


You’ll have this the first couple of times if you do not banish.

Astaroth (also Ashtaroth, Astarot and Asteroth), in demonology, is the Great Duke of Hell in the first hierarchy with Beelzebub and Lucifer; he is part of the evil trinity. He is a male figure most likely named after the Near Eastern goddess Astarte.

Maybe try invoking them together. Or one at a time.


In my experience, Astaroth is a demon, in whose presence you feel masculine energy, coldness, restraint, and the abyss. There is no feeling of female energy at all. It feels like you are next to a very serious, busy and rather secretive man. As he himself says, “I am not Astarte,” so do not mix them up. According to my unconfirmed gnosis, he has a fiery nature and his other name is Mannatar (black fire).

In terms of his origin, I would say that he is either the ancient deity Astar, which in very, very ancient times was the embodiment of the morning star of Venus (and the evening embodiment had a female hypostasis) and was independent from Astarte. Or it has Indo-European “roots”. But on this part, I can not say anything with accuracy, since I am in the process of my own research on the appearance of Astaroth in the life of ancient civilizations.

If talk about Astarte, then I felt her energy as the energy of a serious and knowledgeable “matron”.
But in fact, her energy is multifaceted and complex and, apparently, it depends only on her who and what aspect she decides to show. In general, I would characterize this energy as “multi-faceted femininity”.

As for Hell and stay in it, it really was one of the ways of limiting people from worshiping other deities and spirits in ancient times, since they, with the advent of monotheistic religions, were gradually demonized.

P.S. And if you want to “dig” deeper, either ask Astaroth himself, or study mythology.

Theonym goes back to ˈAstar, which in pre-Semitic time meant the planet Venus in one of two aspects, transmitted, respectively, as ˈAs̱tar (morning star, male character) and ˈAs̱tart (evening star, female character). In West Semitic and South Arabian mythology, this division has been preserved; in the East Semitic environment (the ancestors of the Akkadians), both aspects merged into a single deity that retained the characteristics of both sexes (see androgyny): on the one hand, Ishtar is the deity of war, on the other, sex and procreation; while the word ˈasˈtar among the Eastern Semites meant a goddess in general.

Some information for thought. So the story with Astaroth may be “much more interesting.”


You have to remember that it’s all just mythology. A long time ago there were many religions with many gods and goddesses. Let’s say some culture had a goddess and we will call her Astarte and that culture was at war with another culture who worshiped another god called Ya and since the worshipers of Ya didn’t like the worshipers of Astarte and wanted to make themselves look good and their enemies look bad so they would say that Astarte was a demon or a bad god and that their enemies were devil worshipers. Even though they also had the same goddess only that called her Ashera. But to them Ashera was good and the wife of their god Ya. But don’t tell the common people that because then your propaganda loses it’s credibility. (True story which you can read about here…

One man’s god is another man’s devil.
The christians today do the same thing as the religions of old times. They don’t want you converting to some other religion and putting money in that collection plate they want your money in their collection plate. You always have to remember that all these religions have gone through many changes and reforms over the thousands of years they have been in practice. The goetia’s Astaroth is none other than The Babylonian Ishtar the cannanite Astarte, the Greek Aphrodite and the Egyptian Isis all tge same as the Hebrew Ashera. Yahweh is, Ya, El, Baal, etc they are all different names for the same universal aspect. It was humans who decided to call it a demon or angel according to what suited them and their propaganda of the time.

I really love that.

For the OP, read up about the history of the Bible and it’s countless, truly countless errors that are never discussed by Christians as it would send most into an immediate crisis of faith. One if these many, many cases is the fact that “Demons” never appear in the Old Testament, there is absolutely no concept of them anywhere in there, and that is because the idea of Demons only came into Judaism much later after they were conquered by the Romans, and the concept of Demons were a Roman Pagan influence onto the Jews as they wanted to reform the faith into a Hellenic variant by adopting the Greek Septaugint translation, which made many errors and is the reason why they call “Hell” “Hades” (The Roman/Greek afterlife). Something else that is lost is that according to the Bible literally everyone goes to Hell, even Christ went to Hell for some time after he died. The Bible does not mention Hell as a place of torment, there’s only one or two passages that are loosely interpreted to refer to some kind of suffering experienced in Hell, and even that is a bit of a stretch.

Another thing is that the New Testament once refers to a place called “Tartarus” in 2nd Peter 2:4. Tartarus in Greek Paganism is a place where the gods imprisoned the Titans, and here they say Tartarus is a place where the Christian God imprisoned Angels who sinned. Obvious pagan influence onto Christianity and has it’s source in one of the countless errors of the pagan influenced Greek Septaugint translation.

So read up about it because it shows how Christianity is absolute hogwash, no one can question it.
But there was a time when I also felt guilt that stems back from the Christian days, despite the absurdity of Christianity and it’s absolute nonsense. Going into Norse Paganism actually helped me on that regard as well, as it further showed the impossibility and absurdity of Christianity. So look into the faith of your Ancestors, and educate yourself on the Bible. When you look at Christian resources, all they ever do is tell endless lies and leave out many things to fit their agenda, so learn the true history and no one will be able to question you.


Brilliant point Adam T on the ancient pairing of the Jewish god. The problems I listed were only for Christianity, but even on the Jewish side the issues are countless.

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Your own convictions about Hell will bring about that result, not working with demons themselves. You may need to do some shadow work to work through why you feel that guilt. I think shadow work is great for learning why you react to things the way you do and to also understand yourself better. Grounding yourself can also help maintain balance and peace. Also, if all things originated from God, wouldn’t all things have to at least be an aspect of God? Like rays of light emanating from a star, the ends of the rays are all at different angles with respect to each other, but they all come from the same source. Just some thoughts that may help, I hope you’re able to work through this


Well I have to say it’s quite cute for you to open yourself about this on this fórum. U need to have some balls to open yourself like this. I like it!
Well, it’s quite funny what I’m gonna say but I have to anyways. When you fell her, what do you fell?

So, you believe in a god who sent himself, to sacrifice himself to himself, in order to save humanity from himself?

That’s pretty fucked up!



yall are gonna make me get in of this aren’t you?

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To the Original Poster ,

Im similar in background. My question is … do you have a real need to call on these two spirits, or were you fed up and moved to the goetia or pagan polytheistic deities?

I too am trying to work through the fears, guilt and shame, but the only way out is through. :slight_smile:

You don’t have to abandon your religion. There is ceremonial magic, and several RHP and LHP groups.