Lucius Journal 22: I Fight Yahweh...And Win

Hello everyone…

Well…How can I begin?

I feel liberated. I feel like I am finally becoming free. For the first time in my life’s history I can peacefully say that I am taking my Divine power back…and it’s all thanks to the demonic kingdom.

Last night I had completed a banishing rite to rid myself of Yahweh, recommended to me by a fellow member of this forum. This needs to be documented. The effects…the events that happened, changed my entire being. Let’s just jump in.

I decided that I would do this rite in a separate astral temple that I would create, just for the ritual. I went into meditation and began to construct. The space that I chose to manifest was a giant, empty Japanese temple, with many candles scattered near the walls. It looked beautiful. It was incredibly peaceful and calm, proving to be a great asset to my ritual.

I envisioned Lilith’s sigil on the temple ground, thereby calling her to me. She arrived in seconds, along with my succubus Summer. I greeted them both with hugs and kisses.

Lilith: Are you ready, Lucius?
Me: Let’s do it.
Summer: You sure chose the perfect place!
Me: Ha, It’s one of the more peaceful atmospheres, I guess.

Now that I think of it, I’m sure Summer said that because she manifests as Japanese herself.

Me: Well, I shall begin the rite.
Lilith: Wait, Lucius.
Me: Sure. Something missing, mother?
Lilith: Take this.

She hands me, unexpectedly…a Holy Bible. I grab it.

Me: A bible? But why? I thought we were banishing him.
Lilith: Burn it.
Me: Won’t that just piss him off?
Summer: That’s the point. Pissing him off will allow you to break free from his chains. You have to get him completely out of your subconscious and your energy body. What better way to do that than blasphemy?
Me: A fair point…Well, I can incorporate it. I will burn it at the end.

I begin the rite. A simple one…saying my “fuck you’s” to Yahweh and his subordinates. Thank you to @C.S and @Robert for the rituals and tips.

I manifest a small campfire in front of me, and kneel in a meditative position. I say the first line of the rite for the first time.

“Fuck Adonai Ha-Aretz”

And I say it again.

“Fuck Adonai Ha-Aretz”

I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect to feel anything. But…there was something there. Something was emerging from Within. I could feel myself becoming free. It was as if an energetic “cloud” was being lifted, slowly but surely. It’s really hard to explain…but I found myself becoming “energetically free” from something, and returning to my true self. And I started to feel genuine happiness. A feeling of liberation.

I proceed with the ritual and begin to say the second part.

“Fuck Shaddai El Chai”
“Fuck Shaddai El Chai”

Mysterious Voice: ENOUGH!!!

Me, Lilith and Summer turn around abruptly to see…Yahweh. In the distance. He was walking kind of quickly. I could tell that my rebellion hit him good.

Yahweh: This has gone too far!
Me: Well well well…If it isn’t the man himself.
Yahweh: Ignorant fool! You have no idea what you’re doing! This could have dire consequences! These beings are not your friends! They’re lying to you!
Me: Lying to me? They’ve helped me far more than you ever have. For once I have somebody I can count on in times of need. You were never there for me. Even when I was in tears. So what were you doing, huh? Laughing at my misery? Eating popcorn?
Yahweh: You’re making a huge mistake. You think this path will lead you to freedom, boy? You think these devils have your best interest at heart? You’re a blind fool! [To Lilith] And you, whore, your deviancy is beginning to tire me.
Lilith: Watch your mouth, pig.
Me: I’ve made up my mind. I’m not going back. This is the only thing that has progressed me forward in life. I’m done trying to be a “good person”.
Yahweh: The world doesn’t need more evil, boy!!


Me: You actually think this shit can be saved? You think that people want to be saved? You think this world has a chance? Better yet, you think its somehow my responsibility to save this shit? I’m not even from here! Name one thing this world has offered me in return for my help!


Me: A piss in a pot is what it’s offered me! I don’t owe anybody shit! I’m tired of this mediocre life! I am not leaving this place without leaving my mark. These people are going to know my fucking name. Mark my words!
Yahweh: You truly believe that “proving yourself” will somehow make all of this better, fool? What difference will it make?
Me: It’ll prove that despite the odds, and despite you, I was still able to survive even a place like Earth, and make it my bitch. To prove that after all of that, I’m still a fucking king.
Yahweh: So this is all to satisfy your already deadened ego, isn’t it Morningstar? You want to prove your worth so badly that you’d form a pact with the devil for it!
Me: You surely are one to talk about Ego, Yahweh. And yes… I would make a pact with him for it. I already did. And you know what? Even if your little uhh… “Hell”…existed? I would willingly choose to burn in it, right alongside Lucifer and the souls you’ve fucked over. Because I’d rather be defeated a king than be defeated a slave.
Yahweh: Then you are a lunatic, boy… but there is still a chance to bring you back.
Me: Not going to happen. Fuck you, asshole.

I turn back to complete the ritual, kneeling down.

Summer: Lucius!!

I hear a ‘whirling’ sound, and to my right, mere inches away from my energy body, a golden engraved spear pierced the ground. I turn back around abruptly.

Now Yahweh wasn’t alone. He had some angelic-like beings with him. The same ones that had been stalking me days before. These weren’t your average angels, however. They were absolutely armored out, from head to toe, and looked almost robotic. They seemed to be an elite squadron of some sorts. Like the Navy Seals of the angelic realm. And they had weapons…

Me: [To the angels] Wait! I have no beef with y’all!

One of the angels: Apologies, Morningstar, but we serve the Lord.
Yahweh: This is your final warning, child. Leave Lilith and the demonic kingdom, and bow to me. Refuse, and I destroy you here, and I make sure that your physical life is a living Hell.
Me: You think I’m scared of you, bitch? You think I’m scared of you motherfuckers?

I still had the bible in my hand. I throw it into the campfire. It burns up.

Me: My destiny lies with the demonic.

Yahweh: Hm. I see. As I said…think with your emotions and your phallice, but not your mind…Shame.

Yahweh and the angels draw their weapons.
Summer: That’s not good…
Lilith: (sigh) I was hoping to avoid yet another fight…

Behind us, I hear what sounds like fire. I look behind me to see…Lucifer and Azazel.

Me: Father! Teacher!
Azazel: Wonderful. We weren’t too late.
Lucifer: Hi, Lucius!
Me: But how did you know!?
Lucifer: Well, I have a long history with this gentleman. I know how terrible his little temper tantrums can get. Someone as valuable as you performing a banishing rite was destined to call him up.
Yahweh: Well well well, a family fucking reunion. No matter. If I can’t completely destroy you all, I will most definitely make your battle a crushing defeat.
Me: We’re really going to fight this guy?
Lilith: It seems we have no choice…
Azazel: I want to. He needs to be taught a lesson.
Lilith: Lucius. Do you remember when you and Rikota were “play fighting”?

Years ago, when I had a spirit pose as an imaginary friend, he would often take me to astral temples just to spar. He taught me everything about combat in his realm, training me and sometimes spawning enemies for me to defeat. Even taking me to “nightmare” dimensions in order to fight nasty beings.

Me: That? He said it was just a game we were playing! Make-believe!
Lilith: It was not make-believe, Lucius. He was training you, especially for moments like these. This is all happening live. You are a God and always were!
Me: So that wasn’t fake!?
Lilith: No! You are in the astral right now! You always are, only now you are conscious of it!
Me: So I can actually do some super-saiyan shit!?
Lilith: That and more! Treat it like a real battle!
Summer: You can do it, Lucius.
Me: You know, Old Man, before I get rid of you for good, I gotta kick your sorry ass at least once. You give me a shitty life, lie to me, then call my mother a whore? You need your ass rocked.
Yahweh: Ah, I’m sure we are both looking forward to it. Destroy them!

Yahweh and his angels charged, albeit quite fast. We were toe-to-toe within seconds, the demonic realm fighting the angels, and me going face to face with Yahweh. He held a golden heaven-like sword with engravings fused into it, a language I had never seen before.

He moved incredibly fast… I found myself having to keep up with him. While he was a tyrant, he definitely was an experienced fighter. The fluidity in his swipes was unbelievable. I found myself not so much on the offensive, but more on the defensive of “trying not to die”.

I couldn’t see the demonic and angels in the background, I was too caught up with Yahweh. But I heard the clanking of swords and what sounded like explosions. In this realm of existence, beings from both sides were surely powerful.

One of Yahweh’s swipes got me good. But surprisingly I didn’t instantly die from it. It only knocked me back. Hard and far. So hard, in fact, that I felt pain manifest in my physical body. That was my “oh shit” moment.

Me: Ah, god damn!
Yahweh: [walking towards me] Foolish peon!

Lilith must of saw me struggling. I heard her in the distance.

Lilith: Lucius! You are a god!

Something clicked in me when Lilith told me that. Something awoken. I suppose I finally had the chance to prove my worth. Or perhaps it was my soul essence that had awoken.

While I was down, Yahweh decided to take one finishing blow with his sword. To my power, I grab it with my bare hand, and snap it in half. I grab Yahweh by the neck and throw him to the roof. He breaks through the ceiling and flies miles into the air.

I jump up incredibly high through the ceiling hole he created, and skyrocket toward him. Outside the temple was an open rainy field surrounded by forest. Your typical Japanese setting. We were both in the sky now, and upon meeting his immobilized body, I kick it down to the earth with all my might. He flies down and lands in the ground, exactly like a missile would if you shot it to the ground. I skyrocket down to give him another blow, but he rolls, dodging my fist. I create an entire cloud of dirt and grass. Yahweh got up, grunting.

Me: All-powerful, my ass!

He manifests a sword made of light now, and charges at me. This time his attacks grow faster, but I still somehow manage to dodge and block them. I manage to weave just at the right time to hit him in the abdomen. It felt and sounded like a small explosion, and he dropped his sword and curled to the ground. I proceed to stomp on him at lightning, inhuman speed. And then I realize, “damn… I’m beating this guy with my bare hands.”

Soon, I hear a whistling sound. An arrow barely grazes my shoulder. I look back to see one of the angels, who must of been hiding. He wielded a bow and arrow made from a golden light. It was pointing right at me.

I decide to fight back by manifesting pistols, and shooting them at him. To my surprise this angel can also teleport, and dodges all of my bullets. “Shit,” I thought. He now wielded two short daggers, making him very fast. I begin to have a hard time dodging his attacks. Then out of nowhere, I see (and feel) a fist hit me right in the jaw and send me flying backwards. Yahweh had gotten up. They both stood by each other now. I quickly get up.

Me: You wanna cheat? Let’s cheat!

I decide to make clones of myself. Dozens aimed at beating them. We all charge and meet Yahweh and his guard. We overwhelmed them, and I dealt with the guard by stealing one of his daggers and slitting his throat. Golden and white light, which I assumed was his blood…spurred out.

My clones were piling on Yahweh, who then emitted a giant bright explosion, knocking me back and destroying my clones. I get up quickly and see him in the distance. This time he mean’t business…his hands glowed with a golden light. I assumed this time he was using energy as a fighting tactic against me.

Yahweh: I will NOT lose to a child!!

He began to shoot these disc-like energy balls at me. I dodge them and they explode in the distance, as if he was throwing grenades. He then throws them faster and faster. They absolutely destroy the forest behind me. Soon, I see him charging up with both hands. “Oh fuck…” I think to myself. I improvise by manifesting a powerful shield to block the incoming attack. He shoots one of the largest laser beams I have ever seen at me. Thankfully, the shield was enough to block it. As he shoots, I move in closer and closer to get toe-to-toe with him. The energy from his beam pushes him back. I use this to my advantage.

As he gets up, I come in quickly and just pummel the shit out of him, at lightning fast speed. He begins to get dizzy and bleeds a glowing white substance. I knew I was beating him. I go in for one final punch to his face, and this sends him flying backwards. He stays down after that, coughing up this substance.

I beat him. I walk slowly to him to finish the battle. I am joined by the demonic, all in one piece.

Lucifer: Well…that was one of the more easier ones.
Azazel: I didn’t break a sweat. Pity. Finish him, boy.

Yahweh: [coughing] Well, you’ve bested me, Lucius. You’ve bested a god. How does it feel? How is your ego? Are you satisfied?

I say nothing, and keep walking.

Yahweh: You now know who you really are. Nothing else that I do will get you back to me at this point. You’ve won. And for what!? For money? For power? For women? For glory? Why do such lowly desires motivate you so much? Why do you insist on coming back to the physical plane, over…and over!? Have you not proven your point over thousands of lifetimes!?

At this point I am inches away from his body. I manifest the same sword he uses at the beginning of the fight.

Me: I told you, Old Man. I’m here to make a fucking name for myself.

I push the sword through his chest, then through his face. He is defeated.

I kneel down, both my physical and astral body tired from fighting. Lilith arrives by my side.

Lilith: You’ve done it, Lucius. Words can not express how proud I am of you right now.
Azazel: You have earned this victory.
Summer: I’ve never seen fighting like that before! That was amazing, dude!
Me: Haha, well…I suppose it was enough to stop him for good.
Azazel: Don’t count on it, my student. He will surely be back. This victory only delays him.
Lucifer: He’s right, Lucius. He can’t really be killed. As long as there are those who acknowledge his existence across the multiverse, he remains alive.
Me: Does that mean he will come back to hit me harder?
Azazel: Not if you continue your blasphemy.
Me: But how would mere blasphemy stop him?
Lilith: Words and actions are powerful, Lucius. They have their own energies. You blaspheming his name and everything he stands for energetically weakens his influence over you and your life. As long as you reject him, he will no longer have power over you. It may take time, but it will be what truly frees you, and makes you officially “one of us”.
Me: How will I know if I have freed myself from him?
Summer: You’ll know. Its intuitive. You will feel like a fog has been lifted. Like…you are finally free from deep within.
Azazel: I will help you in this objective, Lucius.
Me: But what about your previous working?
Azazel: It will have to be postponed until the meantime. This is a crucial moment of your life. If you allow Yahweh’s influence to dominate your subconscious mind, he will continue to have power. And seeing as how badly you’ve defeated him today, he may choose more…physical means of getting back at you.
Me: Okay. So what should I do?
Azazel: Tomorrow, buy a holy bible. The King James variant. Once you have it, draw a sigil on a page or more per day. Any demonic sigil will do. You can also write any holy name backwards for the same effect. You need to absolutely defile his holy book. He hates this. Use black ink, the thicker the better. Once you feel as though you are ready, and you will most surely know, burn it. To ash.
Me: Will this and the rituals on the forum be enough?
Azazel: If you do them with great care, and most importantly time, then yes.
Lucifer: Best of fate, Lucius. I know you’ve got this. Oh, and, if you ever need a sparring partner, give me a call okay?
Me: Sure thing. Thank you, Father. Thank you all.

And thank you to all of the BALG community for showing me that I was not crazy. I now have the power to move my life in the direction that I want it to be moved in. I don’t need to live in pity, dependence and weakness. My soul is one of strength, bad-assery and domination. I am fully capable of getting the best there is in all regards. And with the infernal realm’s help, I will surely get it. I will be completing more blasphemy with Azazel’s help. As much as it takes. The stuff truly works. Thanks for reading!

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nice good job

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For goodness sake stop with that already.


Stop with what? :smiley:

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I wasn’t expecting a fight. I thought you would just say the the words and he would stay away s you were using your intent to get him away.

My bad someone was spamming bullshit valentines memes when I was reading this and got confused, I am sorry man :joy:


I wasn’t expecting one either. I suppose these rituals were the one thing he didn’t want me to complete. Good news is i did complete the ritual fully. Hopefully this and the others will be enough to get him away for good.

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All good! :+1:t5:

And it was really him? Not a clone/bilocation?


Holy shit, epic story!


Not entirely sure, tbh…the demonic said he can’t fully be killed, so I would not be surprised if he sent a sort of “clone” to deal with me. They say thought energy acts as a battery for him.


Sounds like something out of DBZ, lol. Seriously though, well done, brother. Cheers! To eternal prosperity and freedom. Leave your mark!


If he can’t fully be killed it might of been a projection. As to do so would mean reincarnation unless you disassembled the soul then oblivion. But based on what was said most likely a projection. But thought energy sounds pretty egregore-like.


Your experiences are pretty fucking lit, you could right a book series with some of these experiences man. I totally read something like that, I’m glad you won the fight, your a lot stronger than me and you make me want to be stronger, and not be such a damn wuss. You are an inspiration man!


It was my pleasure to help you Lucius.

Glad to read your story brother and that you came over on top.

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Excellent work! You sir, are really badass! It’s about time that rat bastard got his bell wrung! It’s an honor that you opted to use the Rite I created for this purpose! I look forward to hearing of the completion of the Rite! You ought to make a video of it and post it here, if you want! Keep up the awesome work, friend!




ive just gotten back from a crazy 2 days with rituals, towards the end i think i been fucked with by impostors, my brain feels a bit fried so to speak, very tired, some crazy shit i read here :fearful::fearful:

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Blasphemy can be very useful if a Magickian has been brainwashed at some point in their life, this blasphemy can deprogram the mind and soul of the Magickian from whatever spirit was blasphemed.

I’ve met Yahweh before, he’s not an egregore, very unpleasant to be around, he only left me alone when I blasphemed him thoroughly. However, Yahweh and Tetragrammaton are two VERY different things.

True, the angels (as a species) are not the enemy, there are different types that serve different beings, the ones that ARE the enemies, are the ones under Yahweh. This does NOT include Michael and Raphael, as these two are not associated with Yahweh; only in bullshit stories.

While these names are connected to alchemical expressions, there are actual beings by these names as well, that have little, if anything to do with true alchemy. For the true alchemical expressions, it doesn’t matter what they’re called, and are only named after the entities bearing the same names, so that they can appear to have a monopoly on the alchemical process.

It’s all a very nuanced concept, and is very complex to explain, I hope this makes sense!


True, Yahweh is the Greek transliteration of YHVH, however, Jehovah is literally the Latin transcription of the same name. I’ve found that YHVH (Tetragrammaton) and Yahweh/Jehovah are two very different things, as YHVH represents the four elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth, in that order), an expression of the macrocosm itself. Yahweh/Jehovah on the other hand, is the tribal war god of Israel, that was somehow chosen by them as the supreme god, and disregarded the rest. Yahweh was originally in Egypt, under the name of Yah, a minor moon god, (think of Islam), who was eventually replaced in the pantheon by Ptah, who was WAY cooler.

Names do matter to a degree, but the intent trumps all others. Gematria is a thing too, and just because Yahweh/Jehovah and Chavajoth are both spelled with the same four letters (YHVH and HVHY), and both names have a value of 26, it doesn’t mean we’re talking about the same being.

Think of it like this, the Tetragrammaton existed prior to Yahweh, as YHVH was considered to be the unpronounceable name, yet if it’s supposed to be unpronounceable, why do people say “Yahweh” or “Jehovah”, for the simple fact that they are not speaking of YHVH the esoteric concept, but of the false, liar god, who pretends that he is the esoteric concept. Just look at the Old Testament, none of those stories are original Jewish concepts, as they are all a bunch of ancient stories, plagiarized from older cultures, and the Gods all renamed to Yahweh/Jehovah; for example, the story of Noah’s Ark, that came from ancient Sumer, and there were two Gods in that story, Enki and Enlil, (neither are Yahweh), but when the Jews got ahold of it, they changed both Gods names to Yahweh/Jehovah. Same for the story of Baal fighting Yam, originating in Canaan, the Jews changed Baal to Yahweh and Yam to Leviathan. Given the fact that Enki, Enlil, and Baal are very different entities, with their own intelligences, it’s absurd to say they’re all Jehovah; who has a totally different intelligence, and is separate from all of them.

The thing about the Old Testament, is that although it is true esoterically speaking, it is, for the most part, not true historically or morally speaking. These esoteric truths were written in such a way, as to not only hide their value, but to push a political and spiritual agenda on those who believe it. All to elevate Yahweh/Jehovah to make it seem like he’s God, when it’s not even true, and to make his agendas pervert the minds of those who read it, instead of the true wisdom. They took the true wisdom and twisted it into despicably false doctrines. Yahweh didn’t create Satan or any Demon, nor did he create Michael, Raphael, and many other angels. They don’t work for him either.

I hope my stance is clear and makes sense.

You probably did hear about Michael and Raphael before, as I heard about it from watching VK Jehannum’s YouTube. I did some divination on it, to verify, and found that it’s true.


I can see the title now. The Adventures of Lucius: A Son of Lilith.