Has pestilence himself finally arrived? Serious answers only

Not only covid19, but the rest of the disease too. Dengue, anthrax, bleeding eye fever, all of it

A “righteous” claim of land/nations/whatever kind of soil in a decent manner that includes military operations and controlled economical actions in order to force this claim.
Thats the difference to the “war” rider which would include ANY kind of messy involvements, like civil wars or fights about ressources between the population and everything else that is less pretty. (no politics, just trying to explain the difference between Conquest and War rider and why I don’t support the more new “Pestilence” approach.)


Well if it’s interpreted like that, then all the signs have arrived thousands of times before. It’s just war and famine that are much more uncommon than they used to be. But either way, I guess we’ll see in the future how everything turns out, eventually we will find treatment for this disease as well and hopefully work on more preventive measures to counteract another global pandemic, so I’d say it’s unlikely that Pestilence has arrived.

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It did not seem like you were interjecting politics at all do not worry (though everyone should be able to discuss every and any topic plausible maturely) thank you for the description I’ve always wondered how they differ

Thank you I’ve never thought about that prior

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In thier own time and in thier own space, I wouldn’t disagree. On a provided platform with rules for behaviour and speech, this is frequently not the case, and it’s not the case here.

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It’s been here since the first animal got sick and it’ll be here until the last animal dies of sickness.

It’s a metaphor, personified, and pretty encompassing. I don’t see any use in trying to narrowly confine it into just one particular human pathogen.

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Actually as the economy crashes there will be famine and there will be war. Just watch. The virus was the first step.

If we are talking about the four horsemen mentioned in the bible, pestilence being considered one of them has only been around since 1900s. Originally, the first horseman (also known as the White Rider) was symbolized as Conquest, as in what we consider “normal war” where one state defeats and occupies another (The Red Horseman on the other hand represents civil war, where brother kills brother).

If we are talking about a spirit behind all diseases, I believe it has been here for a very long time.

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Why would you assume any of the four horsemen from the, uh, Bible, are real? lmao

Leave that fairytale behind, man.

I mean to be fair this could be said about anyone who thinks this is some kind of spiritual end of the world, act of demons helping, end of the world (no matter the mythology calls it) etc. The bible mythology is no different from the "this is a wave of [insert something spiritual here] "


I tend to lean towards Revelations being a poetic retelling of the turmoil going on in the Roman empire with the last emperor of the Favian dynasty, granted that I am not a believer myself. The order of the horseman in particular fit pretty well with what was going on during his 15 year reign, which ended around the time Revelations was written.

But Futurism is still a pretty strong belief as revelations goes. which is what is really been spread with the whole end of days talk as far as Christianity goes. Although @Velenos brings up a great point with many mythologies having an end of the world event and Revelations fulfills that for Christianity.

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Every hundred years (1720; 1820; 1920; 2020) humanity has faced a new disease. What is different this time? Ways of travel available and people who can actually aford it.

The real question is why the fuck every 100 years?!

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The corona virus was first discovered in 1930s then in the 1940s it was found again in two more animals, then 2003, 2004, 2005, 2012, 2019, I believe it peaked in 2016 (could be wrong, this is the 1st time it was discovered in china, correct me if you know) 2020 is the 2nd time it’s been made a pandemic compared to the 1st time it hit china. People now a days are just unaware how far the virus goes back and latching to spiritual pseudo ideas of why it’s happening.

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I wasn’t really talking about coronavirus specifically.

1720 Marsella
1820 Cholera
1920 Spanish flu.

Now that I think about it… didn’t the black plague started in 1520?


Look astrology.

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Oh no I know, I’m just saying some have a idea that the corona virus is the first wave of something like the end of the world or a big spiritual change, etc. However, the corona virus cannot be a first wave of anything because it’s happened already lol.

Also the black plague was said to have started in 1347-1353

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Not the black plague, then.

I don’t think anything but climate change will kill us. You see? Our own undoing.


There are Enochian rituals to bring about what is talked about in revelations.
You do the rituals and bind the enochian angels to Earth in order for them to cause these events.

Was in smallpox?