Has anyone here won the lottery from a money spell

Lol! Feel free to help me win the lottery any time! I’m sure I’ll manage. :rofl: (Let me know in advance though, I’d have to actually buy a ticket.)

Seriously, there’s no reason for anyone to sabotage their own life and goals with all that negative self-talk. Tarring yourself with the mistakes of strangers as told by statistics as if you’d automatically make the same errors… It’s like you’re underestimating yourself and cursing yourself at the same time… why would you do that? :confused:


Frumos :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: { beautiful }

:joy: Vad ca esti roman, tare. (I see that your romanian, cool.)

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i was thinking the same

I didn’t say that magick is bad, but everything is possible when you practice magick, it could take any twist, it could bring treasures this day and then the next day your homeless, it could fuck up some situations that you have done and then the next day it gets fixed. It can’t be controlled by anyone, it can bring to you joy and at the same time it could bring to someone’s pain and then the roles could switch and then another person has joy and then you have pain. It’s a force which can’t be controlled, everything could be possible, it doesn’t have any form so that means that it could take any form, the scientists can’t explain it… That makes magick being “evil” (not bad) because it can do whatever it wants to anyone and can’t be controlled.

I respect your opinion just like everyone else’s but if you really believe that then why do you practice any type of magic. that i dont understand. if you think you will gain and then lose what’s the point?

just my opinion.
I also think magic can bee controlled and the whole point of being a magician is controlling the magic around you and others.

if we didn’t control we wouldn’t have results. yes I understands things can come differently that the person who casted the specific magic thought but that is only because of the way they executed it.

if i shared the same view and belied as you i would of never gotten involved in any of his.

I recently used magic to get a great job under circumstances that really would bot jave happened without this intervention. now are you saying i will suffer or lose this job bc I used magic to get it or that someone else suffers because they didn’t get the job. I dont believe that one bit. but that’s the great thing about people we all habe our own minds to decide thib a for ourselves

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When your making such an operation chaos (and from that chaos appear chain reaction/s which then creates you circumstances to get what you wanted, I’ve seen that) happens in your surroundings. And I didn’t say exactly that you could lose that job, but what I was trying to say is that it happens frequently that as fast as you get what you wanted, as fast as that you’ll also lose it (I’ve observed and seen that) or you’ll lose other things in some way or another.

That question is like asking a smoker why the fuck he/she is smoking even if he/she knows that it’s not beneficial and that some day it might happen that this specific individual will die because of smoking.

Magic can indeed be controlled, if it was just a Willy-nilly balls to the wall gauntlet of 50-50 destruction or construction, then even the most experienced practitioners would have an equal amount of horror stories as they do success stories. A shield you make could turn into a curse on yourself. Healing someone could turn you and them and their aunt into cancer patients. It just doesn’t work like that.
And to OP, you don’t HAVE to give any to charity, you could buy a house then put the rest in savings if you wanted. But if you do want to then that’s cool :+1:

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once I read in some esoteric book that talked about the law of attraction that we are created convincing us that money is bad, materialistic and that “does not bring happiness”, that the subconscious, in taking that for truth, repels any chance of our own gain more than we need to survive, like a poor person who is only poor because he unconsciously thinks that every rich person is sullen. I respect your point of view, but what you said reminded me so much of it.


I didn’t tell that it’s a chance of 50% to get a bad experience, especially if your not trying to accomplish something to huge.

Ahahah, I was reffering to the fact that the results could come in any possible way and you can’t expect exactly what you have asked for, it happens frequently that other things will also happen besides what you have asked. But yeah…

What I said wasn’t inspired from any book.

Of course if you aren’t careful and specific about your intention, then you’re leaving it open ended to occur in any way. If you just ask for 500 bucks, who knows you could get kicked by a horse 500 times, or a family member could die and you inherit a measley $500. In this case though, doing magic to win a specifc lottery, that doesnt really leave too much open for interpretation. You buy a ticket, you win. What happens after is purely up to the winner and how well they handle the money; no force will be out to get them.
Ensuring you are clear and concise in your magic and “dummy proof” it so that the result will be as you intended, there won’t be any unforeseen or negative repercussions.

I wouldn’t try it. Even if you win, that amount can destroy your life.

You know, I think I might just give this a go :thinking:

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St expedite is supposed to be helpful with this

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so my big question for you is why do you practice magical arts thrn if that’s your view? unless you are referring to yourself as the smoker who knows it’s bad for u but continue anyways?

I wasn’t really reffering to that, magick has helped me, also I met some obstacles, I gained what I wanted and then I lost it and then I regained it again. I was reffering to the fact that I’m aware some day I will fuck up some things and it might be chances that I might done something which can’t reversible. And also magick is the single thing that fuels my hunger for wanting more and more knowledge.

oh ok. so you are speaking from personal experiences so I can understand your point of view. but that just seems like a bad way to think of it in my view because if you believe u will lose it then you probably will just because of that belief if that makes sense. I could be wrong though but i believe a certain mentality and belief can hold a lot of power to either help it hurt you. just a thought


Another reason why I don’t quit (as your telling/suggesting me that I should quit) at doing this rode/path it’s the fact that I promised to myself that I’ll never quit, even if it will have negative or positive influences over my life.