Has anyone here won the lottery from a money spell

I was thinking of using a money spell to win the lottery. Has it worked for anyone here?


Chaos will come in your way if you win such high amounts of money in unfair ways. As quick as you got the money, as quick as you lost the money. You will not be able to handle such high amounts of money. Did you hear/know the fact that to the people that win at lottery almost always bad things happen to them? (like suicide for example)


oh shit

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Ahahahahhah “I lost 87,000 uk pounds all within three weeks. (True story)” As I said.


we were gonna give most of it to charity

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That is crap. If people can win the lottery through the principles of the Law of Attraction, which is based on the Kybalion, which forms the bedrock of the modern Hermetic tradition, then they can do so through magick. It is not, in any way, “unfair.”

However, with magick, you are competing with the intentions of the thousands of other people who are striving for the same thing so the power required to overcome that is considerable.

In that thread @Verdo posted the OP was using prayer to “the Powers That Be.” In that method, the win was seen more as gift than anything else, and he lost it because he immediately asked for more, and wasn’t appreciative of what he was given.

The only part of what @Alex01 posted that was correct, is that 80% of lottery winners lose the money within 5 years. However, it is because they don’t know the proper way to manage the money and tend to blow it on frivolous things, what Law of Attraction practitioners refer to as a “scarcity mindset,” rather than because some mythical “chaos” got involved.

There are magicians that have won the lottery via magick. That is a statistical certainty. Don’t let fear mongering stop you from trying.


What are your sources? If winning the lottery (the jackpot, that is) is so wrong & evil, then it’s just as wrong & evil for the government that sells lottery tickets and markets all those lottery games (incl. casino games), and it’s just as wrong & evil for all retailers who sell lottery tickets, etc.

Some people have that sense of guilt when it comes to lottery (like it’s evil—undue, undeserved money, “bad for one’s soul”, etc.), but that reasoning doesn’t make sense! That’s a poverty mentality. If it’s so sinful for those who partake in lottery games, then it’s so sinful for the govt., all lottery retailers and any other party that sells/markets lotto/casino games of any kind.

There is nothing wrong with it. You purchase a ticket or you pay to enter a casino game, you lose, it’s fair. You purchase a ticket or you pay to enter a casino game, you win, it’s just as fair! If it’s okay for the govt. to make countless of millions of dollars via lottery, then it is just as fair for lotto players to get the money if they win!



All I’m gonna say is that doing anything with magick is kinda giving you an unfair advantage. Like if you get an ex back, make your crush want you or curse something, magick is giving you an advantage that someone who isn’t using it doesn’t have. Just saying.


Ok, ok, but I still think a way of cursing someone would be to help him win the lottery.

Why would you like something from the past to come to you again? That’s for losers, I’ll never bring an ex back again using magick

From what I’ve observed when I tried to do that, it will manipulate his/her thoughts and even he/she won’t be able to understand why he/she is attracted to you or in some cases why the fuck he/she is in a relationship with you.

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Also depending on how you use the money, so if i use sorcery to win a hundred million dollars say for example i have to consider the way in which to use it, invest 90 million, then what house to purchase, i have heard of people win major win the go to the casino and blow the lot on black jack, so even if do succeed remember live within you means, living at a much higher life style without going over board, million dollar home is okay also alow for bills cancel rates, still must be in control, loss weight fast put it back on just as quickly, invest in properties then 20 estates 300,000 a piece then rent properties for 300 to 400 dollars a week for responsible tenents.


Go for it. If you know how to manage money and don’t go crazy, nothing bad at all will happen to you. Be smart and you have nothing to worry about.



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I was gonna do sensible stuff like spend it on a house and give it to charity

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I can agree with @Alex01 I think the only way that wouldnt happen is if you occasionally got money from scratch off tickets using magic.

Quite frankly, though, I know somebody at one point had won the lottery about 7 times (I think) and I have no idea how he didnt go insane from that. Or why he even had kept trying to win more after.

Most people dont even make more than 1-3 million dollars in 50 years of working. So I have no clue how people can be so flagrant either when they win.

Start with scratch offs, bingo, or maybe gambling. Sometimes winning doesn’t always come in the form of currency. Sometimes it’s goods or services or something else opening a path to a win.

Honestly, 2 free hours at a library each day netted me an untold among of songs, movies, PDFs, games, books, reading material, and resources to fill up free time for decades.

Unfortunately, I doubt I’ll ever read, play, peruse most of it becoming a digital hoarder of sorts. And digital… easy to go poof. Still good times finding it and uh… “seeding” it to others.

To be fair, recorded YouTube movies or shows tends to suck ass in quality. Eh…

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I think it depends on the person for sure. yes things like that have happened but if you are strong willed and not emotionally fucked then you shouldn’t have a problem. I know i wouldn’t. I truly thibk it’s pathetic how those that go from nothing to having all the money they wpuld ever need decide to kill themselves or they go broke within a year. very pathetic

I tend to see you and Alex disagreeing on a few posts and have to agree with you 100% on all the posts I have seen so far. I don’t understand why Alex is really even here or does magic at all since the way I interpret his/her posts is that magic is bad and will screw you over.

logically speaking i would have to agree with you on these matters and the whole fear mongering thing definitely seems to be taking place from his/her side