Has anyone heard about the entity Kak?

I’ve heard about this entity called Kak in astral projection, he is extremely powerful (he called himself omnipotent), and claims to have created even Yahweh (which I’m having difficulties believing.) Kak was created by someone named Ahn. So I was wondering if anyone here had heard of him and if any of you had evoked or summoned him.

Is he related to the Egyptian god of darkness Kek?

Nah, he is way different than any normal god as per his claims. I dont know which language it is, but Kak means Rock, Light. So quite the opposite to darkness.

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Do you mean you were in the astral and some entity introduced itself as “Kak”.

I would be cautious. Not only because this sounds like a piss take, as “kak” means shit in English and also South African slang, but the activity is suspect, entities claiming to be super powerful are usually full of it :smiley: :joy:

Seriously when astral traveling it’s best to ignore randoms that just think they can intrude on your space.

Get better wards up, ignore opportunists and only bother with entities you call personally by name, or that your trusted contacts introduce you to. There are a lot of things out there ready to parasitise off you if you let them, and grandiosity is a huge red flag. Banish and cleanse and get rid of it.

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