Harnessing Qlippothic Powers

I am proud to say that no matter how much trash people talk about Become a Living God, we influence the ENTIRETY of occult practice within this current Aeon. No other publishing company in existence has as much influence upon the world. Not only has @Timothy and @E.A. Koetting built an empire to influence world change but each author and individual contributor is also commanding legions to create a new world. This is why it matters not what opposition I face… I will always work for BALG.

Through @Asenath_Mason’s work on the Qlippoth I have seen a huge interest regarding the harnessing of Qlippothic forces and many people ask about the correlation between the Path of Smoke and the Qlippoth. To touch on that question first I have to say people should allow these things to stand alone. I say this because within Zarathustrian lore the “two” trees is not acknowledged though the forces can indeed be placed on these two different reality maps. This is the irony because though the Mobed’s and Priest of Ahura Mazda preached a message of good and evil they themselves harnessed the powers of light and darkness as a consolidated force to maintain political rule over the people and effect every religious cage which was built from their laid foundation.

The reality map which the Path of Smoke is based on deals with the Fires of creation and the shadows they cast which are presented within the Mandala called the Circle of Counter Creation which is a mandala representing the Mouth of Arezura. These Fires are as Follows…

Barezi-Savangh (ultimate purpose): Such as that found in the material creation other than life such as the materials of the earth (today called inorganic materials). This energy or ‘fire’ is the energy of the original creation. It is self-sustaining.
Vohu-Frayan (good propagator): Such as that found within the bodies of humans and animals. This energy or ‘fire’ requires both food and water in order to be sustained.
Urvazisht (most useful): Such as that found in plants. This energy or ‘fire’ requires water but no food in order to be sustained.
Vazisht (most supporting): Such as that found in clouds (manifest as lightning). This energy or ‘fire’ requires neither water nor food in order to be sustained.
Spenisht (most brilliant and beneficent): Such as that found in a flame - the temporal fires. This energy or ‘fire’ requires ‘food’ (fuel) but no water in order to be sustained.

By studying these fires we can come to understand how they can be compelled through sorcery upon the Path of DoMar which has its primary focus on creating change within the world. So the “SHADOW” these fires cast is not necessarily about inverting the powers, but rather understanding them so that the underlying potential can be compelled according to will in order to Counter Create. The Five Fires would represent the Right pillar of the one tree, while the shadows or potentials of these fires would represent the Left Pillar. The Five Fires + The Five Shadows cast = 10, and when these are combined they make the ONE. 10+1=11, which are the two pillars upholding the gate toward the unlimited potential of the void. This would be the middle pillar upon which Daath is found traditionally. The Three Heads of the Dragon Zohak? Hmmmm…

Now with that being out of the way I feel obligated to remind people that though the symbolism may differ it is unwise to favor one or the other as much is learned by looking outside ones own box. The harnessing of Qlippothic forces is a wonderful path of personal alchemy. That is my main issue though. I receive many questions regarding this and just about everyone is interested in a PHYSICAL manifestation of Nahemah for sexual congress and other such petty desires. Look… ask someone out on a date and get laid. Black Magickians aint got no game? WTF?

The goal of harnessing the powers of the Nightside despite the path should be geared more toward breaking the limits of Sephirotic bondage. To ME this is the left hand path. The right hand path is about understanding the nature of reality to get to the potential beneath it. Both are needed. That’s right. I said it. This does not mean you must work with Lucifer as well as Michael. It just means that the exoteric must be observed to perceive the esoteric knowledge which leads to empowerment. Learn the numerological associations, colors, tarot correspondences and ruling Deities and Gods from various cultures. Learn which animals correspond with each sphere and meditate upon the common threads which join all these together. Then learn to compel these threads of potential toward Counter Creation through the Demonic rulers of the Qlippoth to break the shackles of limitation which are both imposed by religious ideologies and the laziness of the profane which essentially impose the limits upon themselves.

At any rate… my rant is OVER! Kurtis Joseph signing out. Devour, destroy, become or be crushed!


Finally, someone from BALG has come around to saying this. Thank you.


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