Handling imposters

Hello so i messed up. I have been researching doing soul retrieval. I was not planning to do anything any time soon as i have never done it befor. I was going to do a dive and see what was going on to see what i would need to learn to do for this task. Just so we understand my husband has multiple personalitys and lots of his past lives pop up and my husband is the one i was wanting to work on. So with that out the way back to what i was sayong. As i started to work a being came out and offered to lind me some energy as i would need it if i got in to trouble so i excepted and offered what it asked for in return thin before i could get in to a full meditative state i started getting attacked they said this being was pushing thim out and at that point i had to remove thim as me and my family was in danger. I did this the next day me and my husband are having fun while the kids are down for a nap and he started acting really strange and said there was something attached to me he was going to remove i felt like i new this personality as i deal with it quite often. But things got a bit much and when it stoped the sperit i thought was out popped its head out asking who the impostor is. So thin i was confused come to find out this being wasn’t taking anything off me but was trying to claim me. With my husband’s help he got removed. But now im in a predicament as i was not planing to do a soul retrieval and am new to this now i have to so nothing else gets in those slots. I feel like an idiot for believing random sperits it ended up being a shap shifter and all the difrent sperits i delt with where actually just one lying ass hole. Rant over sorry for the long poste


I think this happens to a lot of us, and it ends up being a valuable learning experience.

It sounds like you’ve got it sorted out though, so well done on the win! :+1: :smiley:


Actually now that I’m going back through some of my notes, since you asked specifically about healing holes left by parasites and I’d assume you mean in your energetic body, perhaps this could help you and your husband:

Sorry this was the top thread when I searched for your previous post, and since they are all around the same basic problem, I figured it was okay so I didn’t have to hunt the other conversation:)

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@Keteriya is right the angelic mantras and meditation can help restore your energy body again.

I also recommend a ritual called the middle pillar. There are two versions of this rite, one is geared more towards RHP and middle pillar magicians and the other is geared more towards LHP practioners.

Honestly it doesn’t matter which you chose they will both recharge, energize and end your energy body in no time.

If you’re interested in learning about it, let me know on this thread and I’ll send you a link to it. Good luck.


Im interested thanks