Hail Prince Seere!

I would like to publicly thank Prince Seere for bringing my best friend back into my life.

It took longer than expected for him to appear but he actually stayed longer than I had originally asked for and my best friend ended up bringing another former friend into my life as well. I thought this other friend hated it but it turns out that I was wrong.

I really don’t that I would’ve been able to rekindle that friendship on my own so I’m very grateful to Seere for his help.

All Hail Prince Seere !


Nice ! Can you please elaborate what u did for reconciliation

I didn’t do much. We just talked and he’d forgotten that we used to be friends and was under the impression we’d never be friends because of how mean he had been in the past but after I jogged his memory, we turned out to be ok after all.

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…what did you do to get help from Prince Seere?

I just evoked and asked for help

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Pls show me how you envoked prince seere .im a beginner and new here.
thank you

Dude, you need to start listening to what you are being told. We will not hold your hand here. There is a search function on the upper right of your screen. If you type in “how to evoke” you will get tons of information, like this:

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Thanks darkestknight

thats so nice of him. Can you please send me prince seers sigil, and can i ask how many days it took him to bring your friend bck.


Hello members.

I would like to share my most recent experience with Prince Seere in this thread.

Yesterday was a very crucial day for me since I had to face something very difficult and something that waa bound to go wrong in any number of ways. I have been working with PS(Prince Seere) for a while now and he has always come through. This time as well I have been praying to him for this situation to go in my favour Nd eliminate all possible threats.
He came through. It worked like a miracle and I knew it was all because of him. Working with him makes me so confident and happy that someone has your back. Thank you PS . You are remarkable

Hail Prince Seere!