Get someone to contact me

So I’m doing some manipulation on this person that involves a different assortment of spells catered to different aspects of what I want done. I’m looking for a spell or ritual that will get someone to contact me out of their own want.

Just to say this, I’ve tried those “call me” or “text me spells” where you write like a letter of sorts and put it by your phone (not for this person but others in the past) with no results so I’m looking for something more potent that will break down any stubbornness or blockages that might stop them from contacting me as well as getting them to contact me.

And I’d want it an on going effect, meaning if they contact me and I contact back we will have conversations and they’ll want to have more.

So not a simple I want to hear from them once for something but an on going “I love talking to this person type of thing”

Don’t suggest me love spells since that’s already apart of my plan but hasn’t done anything for communication.

Yes I do text them still, but the conversations don’t last long and aren’t as engaged as I like. There’s probably some mundane things I need to work on like talking about things they like but tne conversations don’t seem to last that long.

It’s odd, this is just a side note, I’ve sensed that they have been interested in me and when we talk in person they sometimes express that but it also feels conflicted and confusion. Some of that could be my paranoid self but Still.

Anyways I would love some help and if you need more info I’ll tell you probably.

Thank you for reading!

I evoked Seere and he did this for me🌸

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Ooo, how so? May I have details on how it worked or is it private?

I can tell you after class

I’m in class too so I should probably pay attention cx

I’d love that as well! :see_no_evil:


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