Had a person I did a sex spell on almost attack me!

Not getting into detail. Don’t want to get flagged. But anyway did a sex spell on lady. Made her cum over and over when we had sex. She kept thanking me and saying she loved it. But telling me she hates me. Last night I saw her she kept getting a crazed look and telling me she was going to hurt me then she would be nice and then randomly get crazy like a horror movie. Long story short I ve never seen that happen. So be careful who you cast on.


Love spells have their onerous reputation for results like this as much as for their ethical dubiousness. Doesn’t matter who you cast on, they’re liable to go batshit because that’s the core of how love magic works.


I’m here once. I’m here to use magic to take advantage of life. I don’t care about any of that.


I don’t believe in karma. I believe your consequences comes from Lucifer or the Christian God. Whom ever you serve but thats just my belief.


There is no Christian God no offence there is a God just not the one you speak of annnnnnyway…you can try and cast another spell after you release that one cause it seems as though it’s not working correctly or back firing on you or cast a obssion spell instead
Any spell you use come with a warning and also side effect just becareful


Lol I worship Lucifer… Quit getting upset about other peoples beliefs… Everytime I get into this argument I get flagged. If there wasnt a Christian God excorcisms wouldnt work using the name of Christ… But either way I still worship Lucifer. Lol


A lot of people here have a problem when it comes to sex / lust spells and magick.
Somehow it’s more acceptable to hex people to their -painful- death and make them loose everything they have :woman_shrugging:
Anyway, @CharlieP7 be careful, maybe if you see this girl again, cast a protection spell on yourself before :slight_smile:


Lol magick is manipulating life. It’s all wrong if you start thinking of it as forcing things. Let people manipulate life the way they want and quit judging.



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This why I don’t even use black magic a lot , half the time the back lash is worse than achieving the desired outcome


Well, imo, love spells are curses in “disguise”. They can backfire or have unpleasant effects on the person that you cast it on.
So if you’re around that person, expect to be affected by the negative things that come with it.
Obsession, madness, aggression etc.


For the record, my above post was an empirical remark from experience, not a moralistic evaluation.

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Oye mate I’m not mad I’m just saying lmao chill I won’t Flagg you

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@John_Wick U don’t need magick. U kick ass without it. haha.

@CharlieP7 I don’t think it’s the magick. She probably was already crazy. =o) don’t blame the magick for the extra craziness. U got your spell working. congrats…

Everything is influencing and manipulation. U looking like a stud is manipulation. U dressing nice is manipulation. U having money is manipulation. U talking to person is manipulation. IT’s all the same. no double standards. Influencing through magick is the same as you talking to someone. THey are both manipulation. Your attractive looks is manipulation.


@dusk I wish someone would go batshit over me. :laughing: then i can send joker over. hehe

I feel kind of sad for anyone actually named John Wick at this point :joy:

Very true @anon37593562, we influence other people without magick all the time, the only way to not influence others is to live the life of a hermit.


@Dankquanicus I know right? he lost his best friend doggy. don’t worry. he’ll get back his mojo in john wick 4. lol =o)


That sounds like my past relationships minus the sex spell.
I have a bad feeling that if I tried a sex spell on someone, I would end up in a casket.


This kind of result is quite common tbh. Particularly when working to increase a target’s passion. Passion can very quickly turn into anger.