Guardian demon

Hi. I’m trying to get my ex back. Many sources say to put a guardian demon next to this person. Does anyone know how to do this and which demon to ask for it? I assume it must be a lower rank demon, but it might be wrong

Be thankful you have an ex to attempt to get back. I don’t.

If you have a preferred demon, probably use that one, but from the Goetia, I would say President Buer because they are a politician.

Moved to the relationships category - there are many ways, and they’ve all been touted here, and some of these have feedback on the methods:

Paimon, Dantalion, Sitri and Asmoday are popular, depending on exactly what kind of relationship you want to encourage here. Paimon and Dantalion are more about the LTRs, Sitri and Asmoday if it’s really the sex you wanted back. Browse this category and you’ll get a lot of opinions - go with what calls to you.

Tip: Don’t call them lower rank, they’re not, and that’s just rude. Don’t even bother with anything “lower rank”, unless you want an incubus, but if that info about rank comes from religion, you can ignore it anyway, most religion is wrong about the occult.

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Martyna…this is like, the third time in a month that you’ve made a thread asking about how to get your ex back. We’ve given ya a lot of tools and options already. You don’t need to summon every spirit there is to get one guy back. I think the problem here, as i told you before is that you are lusting for results. I wasn’t totally sure before, but im definitely sure now. It seems after a few days of inaction, you get restless and go looking for a new demon/spirit to try. You’ve gotta actually give the magick time to work. Your magick isn’t working for one of a few reasons 1) lust for results 2) your ability to perform magick is not at a good level yet 3) the will of the person you’re casting on is too strong for you to overcome.

But before anyone answers this, you should probably outline what magick you’ve done up to this point to bring him back, because if all the other things haven’t worked, whatever is posted for you in here probably wont either. Given that you’re a beginner, its possible that you aren’t using proper methods

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I haven’t actually done anything yet. I’m collecting information

Okay, but at some point you’ve gotta actually act on the info? I mean…If you use the search function, you’ll find all the info you need for this. Its really not that complicated a matter to be frank. Getting an ex back is one of the most common, ordinary things in magick. I say this because this is your third thread on the matter…but you really only need one, if that. Try something, give it time, and see how it plays out


@Verdo has made a very good point. There’s countless times on this thread I see so many young magicians, magick seekers, and witches attempt to petition, act or begin a working with spirits for a specific goal and then move with the wind to another before anything is given time to gestate. It’s best to see workings through and let the entities do their work so that they don’t feel your devaluing their energy.
Sorry was typing this long before the last two comments. Didn’t realize their hasn’t been a working yet


@Martyna_Wenelczyk please don’t keep asking the same question, not doing any work at all, then asking for more. :+1: