Gremory pendant activation

Hello friends,

can someone please tell me if you feel anything when you look at this pendant? And how do I activate it? Thank you

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how long have you practiced magic?

Not that much, but I can feel myself well into things and need your opinion

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Just look at the symbol and use your intention to send energy to it


Can I do this to increase the attraction to girls?

yes just ask to increase their attraction to you

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and keep it with you

Okey thank you bro. Can you possibly feel something when you look at this pendant? I’m interested.

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my abilities are not developed enough to feel energy around me

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okey bro last question, so if I ask gremory to fulfill my wish with the attraction then it will work too or? So meditate through the seal and the intention counts and thank you in the end or?

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It’s just a pendant. why people always asking do you feel energy when it’s a picture online? It’s a sigil pendant. that’s it. how you use it depends on your purpose and your request to the said demon gremory while using the sigil to contact the demon. Magick is about your spell intention not carrying objects around.
Just get a magick book on the 72 goetia. it will explain foundation instead of pieces here and there about casting magick spells on the forum. U still need foundation explain in them magick books anyways
You don’t dabble in magick. u learn or you don’t. U put the time in. And that require you study up on basics. A good book should get you started.

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@anon48079295 can help you more

That’s a really awesome pendant!!

First thing you’ll want to do is concentrate it, then what I do is gaze at the sigil & chant her enn, & tell her that you’re charging it with your energy & hers. Then you can also tell her what you want the pendant to help you with.

I personally don’t feel any energy from the pendant through the picture yet. Most likely because you haven’t charged it yet, which is okay!! After you charge it then it’ll begin to radiate.

I chant her enn Everytime I put on & take off her pendant. Same with all my other pendants & talismans. It keeps it charged, & adds charge to it as well. It also connects me more with them, & with the spirits around me!!

Best of luck!!


Can you feel it now bro ?

I can now yes!!

Actually in turn, my pendant as well begin to power up funnily enough also


Okey bro then feel the others even when I am close to other people?

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Well you should bless the ritual water and bath it to clean it of past energies, west,
The candle with the flame where you pass it once quickly without deterioration, south
The incense, you pass it through the smoke, east
The salt for the ritual to bless it and empower it with earthly vibes, north
And then meditation on Gremory chanting his enn and asking for infernal blessings

Hello there, OP! Welcome to the forum. Could you please introduce yourself first to the forum though? Fellow posters have already told you that and even included a link for you to do so. Just a brief but clear intro would do fine. :slight_smile:

I agree with Wisepup about it being more of your intention over the tools. Tools are only used to focus/center/ground your mind and energy in doing magick and I think that’s sometimes overlooked. You know, that you YOURSELF are the most essential tool in making magick work and actually PRODUCING results.

Hippyhair also posted something useful and I’ve been doing the same. In addition to that, may I also advise OP to do a bit more studying and getting to know Gremory? For example, is she more of a day or night spirit? Tarot card correspondences? Number correspondences? Any scents/offerings she might prefer? How about any hand-drawn sigil or anything you first created for her by yourself? Stuff like that really helps you in charging the pendant with her energy.

For example, with mine, since he is associated with the sun, I left the pendant by my window to absorb sunlight. While meditating, I put the necklace on my very-first sigil of him, the one I used for previous successful workings. And of course, enn chanting and visualizing the pendant being filled with his energy + goals for the pendant. I gathered all of his tarot card correspondences and surrounded the necklace with it as well.

It’s not some fancy ritual, but I have noticed that spirits tend to come much faster and easier when we make them feel welcome and actually pay attention to the things they like. Even more so when we make an effort to provide them with such to the best of our abilities.

Goodluck, OP! Do keep us updated on how your work with Gremory goes.:slightly_smiling_face: