Greetings to my brothers and sisters

The name I’ll use here is SOLIMAR. I’ve been involved with the occult and the spirit world most of my life. For example, for my first paper writing assignment in 2nd grade, I wrote a short paper on the SALEM WITCH TRIALS, being sympathetic to the witches of course. It was a parochial school and that paper caused a big stir; the teacher gave me an A for the paper and wrote ‘Interesting topic!’
Nearly 14 years ago I went through my initiation (Ocha) to Orisha Oshun, and
I’ve been studying diloggun (cowrie shell divination and Odu) for many years. Due to years of social conditioning, I always hesitated to delve into the ‘dark’ Gods, but then I realized that as a santera and a spiritist that I’ve been doing this for years.
I came here to find a place that’s free of judgement and open to sharing thoughts and ideas.



And please look over the other rules as well.

And Welcome.

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Hi, I’m SoliMar and I’m a santera initiated to and crowned to Orisha Oshun. I’ve worked with spirits for most of my life, but I’ve only just begun to work with the ‘darker’ realm. Before I was too intimidated to even try, but King Paimon captured my attention and I’ve been searching for others who have experience with these arts.

That’s sad, but things like that have ruined many forums with the Lucumi/Palo community. I’m here to learn and get to know others who don’t conform to the normal, like me. In IFA, my Odu (sign) is the one where Abita, the Mother of Lucifer was born–so of course folks are freaked out when they come across me or anyone else with that Odu. So I suppose it’s natural that eventually I would find my way here.