Good evening here is my introduction you’ve all been asking for

Hi I’m dave. When I was 18 I inadvertently underwent initial changes that permanently pushed my consciousness into the underlying current of infinity. I understand the all-being origin of this universe as if it is my own. I’m eager to have opinionaters who would’ve told me to write this very intro deny it. I’m 21. I have not practiced any magick, nor will I until the time is right. I’m here to make connections and have discussions aimed to spark thoughts, not as an individual, and not with individuals, but of a certain underlying reality. I am not a “troll”.

Okay take 7 days out from posting and just read the forum if you decide you like some of us as people and can relate to us as people and - above all follow the forum rules, below, you’ll be welcome.

But you’ve not got off to a very good start, probably as a resault of youth and an over-abundance of certainty, so a little cool-doiwn time will be helpful.

You will be able to post again next Saturday.