Goetic Ritual - Step by step

Hi. This is an old ritual I came across some time ago. It has a step by step instruction, so its good for those who have reached this level with misc knowledge.If anyone has already tried this, would you mind letting me know what the results were please as part of my research. I have a few, it’s just typing them out.

Goetic ritual step by step.


  • Circle
  • Magick triangle with black mirror.
  • Altar.
  • Magick robe
  • Marmon pentacle of Solomon for the conjuror.
  • Hexagram of Solomon for conjurors waist.
  • Magic rod
  • Magick sword
  • Holy oil and vessel
  • Incense and sensor. (mugwort and wormwood)
  • Water and vessel
  • Candles
  • More seals of the spirit for the back of the conjuror and alter.
  • Black cloth to wrap the seal on the alter
  • The conjurations


  • Each magician should wash themselves and robe. Purify yourselves to transgress from daily reality to ritual.
  • As you enter the temple of your Goetic operation, stand in the middle of the magick circle. Clear your mind from all of the days events. Group chant. Place the seal in the circle.
  • Perform your banishing ritual to clear unwanted energies and balance astral forces.
  • Temple should be purified and consecrated with water and fire respectively. Sprinkle water in the cardinal directions, and use sensing in the cardinal directions with incense. Movements in the circle should be clockwise, starting and ending in the east.
  • The conjuror should now perform a ritual invoking the genius, higher self, or angel. All involved should participate energetically in this process, silently invoking their own universal consciousness. You may also like to further open the gateways, by requesting guardians, elemental or otherwise.
  • A statement of intent should be made. All participants should imagine the atmosphere filling with an aura of the appropriate colour to the spirit being called. This colour should also be imagined in the triangle.
  • The seal of the spirit should be purified and consecrated. Project the energy of the spirit into the seal.
  • The seal is them placed in the magick triangle on the end of the magic sword.
  • The sigil of the spirit is traced with oil or blood on the magick mirror with the magick rod.
  • The conjuration or conjurations of the spirit are then recited. The seer slips fully into trance state. Conjurations should be repeated until the seer reports that contact has been made.
  • The spirit appears in the magick mirror and is questioned, and given any necessary commands.
  • The spirit is dismissed. Participants should imagine the colour of the spirit fading from the temple.
  • Another banishing ritual is performed.
  • Results are recorded or corroborated. Add any details that were left out at the time.

The 72 seals can found anywhere on line as a PDF: The Lesser Key of Solomon


The Circle - It is said that the circle should be nine feet across. Many people do not have this much room. Basically, there should be enough room to move about and to keep your implements in. The designs for circles given in the Goetia are very complex and are designed to be drawn or painted onto the ground. Crowley further complicated matters by providing instruction on the colours which the circle should be. None of this is necessary. The circle can easily be made of string or masking tape. If you wish to protect the circle further, then appealing to holy or protective names and words can be written on the tape or placed around the circle on pieces of card.

The Triangle - It is said the triangle should be three feet long each side and placed two feet away from the circle. As with the circle the triangle can be made from string or tape and adorned with holy names. If you are not using a spirit’s seal in the triangle then the inside of the triangle should be of a dark colour, to aid the ‘seeing’ process. Point the triangle to the East. More recently people have been mounting the triangle on an easel and using a ‘black mirror’ (or magic mirror) and hypnosis techniques to call the spirit to visible appearance.

Would love to hear any feedback on this. Or maybe some of you have already tried it.



You don’t need most, if any of those ingredients, that’s all fluff and blinds. But that’s ceremonial magic for you, if you enjoy props and they help you, use them, but it will still work if you don’t wear a robe.

Otherwise that;s a standard high magik ceremony. Did you try it yet?


Hi Maulbeere,

I’m not trying it, at least not yet anyway. I’m only just getting back into my cards :grinning:

I didn’t know if anyone else had tried it… Like, is it a yawn in the magick World or a good ritual. I’ve often found the robes 'n so forth they wear to be a bit over the top, but it was explained to me that it helps the mindset. I now think of it as a psychological switch. Day job to ritual type-a-thing. But like you say, some won’t need that if they have a good ability.

Have you done many rituals, or magick along those lines?

I think a lot of people have tried at least some variant of this, like I said, it’s very standard.

Yes, I do a lot of rituals, and you find out pretty quickly the bits you want to keep and the parts that don’t matter to you. I think it’s best to edit a ritual to suit and make it personal, the magik works better that way.

E.g., for me personally, I feel the ritual can go kinda dead if I forget to call in the 7 directions (I add above, below and center to the usual 4, because I like to focus myself in 3D). I don’t know anyone else who cares about that. Or they do the watchtowers instead, or call 4 angels etc.

But I’m a low magick person, I’m just as happy working lying in the bath, out sitting on a rock, or making poppets in my kitchen, or sending intentions out while I’m driving. Ritual is fun, and works well for Goetic entities that are used to being contacted with a certain mindset, but it’s really the mindset that counts, not how you get there.


I’m interested. What minimum items do u need?

It makes sense. Everybody’s different. I guess that particular ritual is best seen as a foundation then to build your own variations on.

Thank you!

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Hi Darkmoon, they’re listed at the top, but you may not need some of them.

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So, I guess I do two main kinds of what I call workings. The ritual style and the shamanistic style. (I say shamanistic, because the methods are inspired by shamanism, but I’m not “A Shaman”.)

If I’m doing a ‘ritual’ as opposed to a journey (although you can combine the two) then I have things I just like to use. I usually use rituals for evoking specifically.

  • A circle, which is on cloth and portable for travel, I painted it in black on a burgundy queen bed sheet and cut it around
  • at least one candle, probably black but that’s because I make my own candles and black’s my fave color,
  • inscense,
    my grimoire(s),
  • a hypodermic needle for bloodletting and scratching sigils in my skin, which I almost always do, mostly because we both like it (I like 20 gauge it makes good holes that bleed decently well)
  • paper for writing sigils on,
  • a pen - possibly a quill with ink I added blood to
  • Music - dark ambient at Theta frequency (4-8Hz), shamanic journey drumming, maybe shakuhachi or Native American flutes to set a mood

If I’m traveling, I just have the circle, maybe a tealight and nothing else.
For a journey, just nothing, I sit on the sofa not the floor and have headphones not a speaker if I’m doing music.


oh ty so much.

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I am going to experiment with a new minimal version I’m going to preform banishing ritual then invocation listen and then talk to the spirit with respect and petition it blood offering and listen and chant the enn.

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What’s the best demon or place you’ve seen Maulbeere? Best as in most clear.

The most clear is my ‘waystation’, it’s a sort of passing through point I get to on coming out of the well after I’ve climbed the world tree in the up direction.

The most clear evocation was Dra’talon, who manipulated the incense smoke to form part of a face.
I usually see them anywhere except in the smoke, as a heat haze or darkening of the room sort of thing. They often come up behind me in the South.


You could just use adrinochrome and DMT while starring into a black mirror, cut you left middle finger and draw the sigil before taking the DMT and take the adrinochrome first; so the order is sigil, meditation, adrinochrome, DMT.


No. I have zero interest in drugs and I don’t encourage thier use.

Herbs, sure, these are helper spirits and are happy to work with humanity. Man made drugs are a bad idea, they fuck up your energy body, let in shit you can’t control, attract parasites and make you feel like you can’t attain spiritual insights without them - that’s not helping me ascend, it’s limiting me to a technique.


I believe that the dogmatic/traditionalist approach (fulfilling all requirements and following all instructions in the library) is not the best for everyone. In my case it was a fruitless experience.

Only experimentation with a focus on getting results can tell you what works (or works best) for you. Thus, it is much more advantageous to start from the simplest approaches, as it can save you time and money. I went the other way and now the jewelry, liturgical instruments and clothing I bought are all left in the closet.

I’m getting good results using only candles, sigils, incantations and chants.


Black Obsidian mirrors helped me a lot, have you tried out adding Scrying mirrors to your ritual?


I’m not inclined to think so. Fluff, maybe. Blinds, probably not. I think the author of the original text most likely used all of that stuff. That isn’t to say that all of that stuff is necessary. But you can see how the grimoires evolved from the simple to the more complex over time in terms of ritual paraphernalia. I lean more towards the simple myself.

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I’m working on my ability to scrying with a black mirror, following Koetting’s instructions in Works of Darkness. I can feel the presence of some spirits strongly, but I still can’t see them in the mirror (I see only bright stars and blue spots).

Do you think obsidian is better than glass? I didn’t find any obsidian balls of satisfactory size here where I live. I’ll have to import one.

It isn’t. I have worked with scrying for years and yet I have never actually seen anything appearing on the surface of the glass. What happens for me is that my vision turns inward and this is where the visions begin. In Questing After Visions, E.A. tells us that visions happen internally first. My own experience confirms that. So if you are expecting to see clouds of mist or anything else on the glass, drop that expectation and just let things unfold as they will.


Yep you have to exercise your third eye with a capital I. Imagination, Intuition, and Initiation. Everyone experiences the higher realms or ether differently. I personally view the experiences as discovering a new dimension in spacetime I called emotional closeness; and people on the right hand path are looking towards the light source and people on the left hand path are trying to create their own light within the darkness like the white dot in a ying&yang symbol. I found it very hard to utilize any of my abilities before experiencing ego death; it was the key to opening my abilities.