Goetic Ritual - Step by step

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too much fluff. here’s the basic steps. you just need yourself, sigil and enn if you like.
1.purify self,prepare for casting
2. call great angel and angels of shem if you like for protection.
3. chant enn/demon name looking at sigil
4 make request
5.state gift/offering
6 dismiss.

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I agree on that I have been doing a lot of ceremonial work some big so they had to be perform outside due to the circle size. But at home I have never used a robe nor a magic mirror. To any of my ceremonies I uselessly use
sword ,
And for most ceremonies only
And sigil

And the item that symbolizes the entity that I’m performing the ritual to.
And they have worked it would be interesting though to take part of a ceremony like the one described above to feel the different which is obviously is.

Well giving the topic of ancient ceremonies in some cases it’s a must to achieve that objective the ceremonie was written for. But you can get a long way on the power of intent if you can’t get a hold of all ingredients that were used in the original ceremony.

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Joe Lisiewski was pretty smart with his idea of preparatory immersion. I think it’s a mistake to start modifying old rituals if you don’t understand what all of the elements were meant to do in the first place.


That is very true substitutes are not always good in some cases it could lead to fatal mistakes.

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That’s why I don’t assume that everything is just a blind. Some people will assume that the brain of a black cat is a blind on no other basis than it’s just gross, for example. But Agrippa tells us exactly how to determine the occult properties of things, including animal parts. And so you will know exactly what the ingredient was meant to do and are then in a better position to make a substitution.

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Oh yeah lemme just harvest some fresh adrinochrome. Oh and batch cook some DMT.

Adrinochrome is hard to come by, and the good stuff is harvest in unsettling ways.

But to each their own. Ganja works fine for me. :call_me_hand:

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