Do you use the triangle and circle in your goetic rituals? How can you explain this? Do you use canonical texts or do you interpret for yourself? I can’t make out even half of spells.
In my theory, the circle is the world of the occultist, and the triangle is the world of essence. And spells are needed to connect these two worlds, but they are individual for everyone.

We are discussing.

i never use a triangle to summon, just, the enn and sigil


So are you invoking an entity into your premises? And if they want to hurt you?
Here is the circle and triangle that I found here and the grimoire version above. Is someone using them?

you suck up your fears and try without triangle, as i find the triangle to be offensive


Why? How do you communicate with the entity?

Hmm, a connection… Indeed in the circle there is the magician and in the triangle there is the spirit. For sure the circle isn’t necessarily coercitive as people sometimes think, but it reproduces Universe in a smaller space. Aside from all of this, generally I summon right away without circle nor triangle; on occasion I visualize them.

How do you communicate with the entity?
Do you put a sigil on paper and call out with enn?

because i personally find the method with the triangle to feel like youre imprisoning them, although it may not mean to do so


yes, while gazing the sigil

Isn’t the sigil a prison of essence?

Can you describe it? The type of thought that comes to your mind in your voice or what?
I just want to understand how to invoke an entity and how to contact it.

Sometimes I’ve drawn sigils on paper, but I also look at them on PC screen. Similarly I use enns or instead repeat the entity’s name, possibly along with “I call you, come” etc. I made use of the 5 questions exercise by E. A. where once the magician feels to have contacted the spirit reads each question and everytime writes down what pops up in mind.

By the way, do you apply a sigil without circles with a name, a clean central drawing?
Can you describe your contact, if it’s not a secret? What do entities say and what do they charge for their services?


they speak to my mind

invocation and evocation are 2 different things

In some cases I’ve drawn sigils with circles around them and/or adding the spirit names. I go along with EA Koetting’s paradigm that an entity is power, power wants to act and so they’re satisfied with doing the job; although for example I also imagined to send a bit of my energy.
About the messages, they range from reminding me the advice about knowing myself, to say that I’m one of the people who like E. A. contribute to the dawn of a new age, and moreover also that I have to light a fire and the fuel is my soul.

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Have you ever had a case when an entity wants to harm? What to do in this case? If there is no circle.

Why do entities need it?

I don’t use a triangle, unless it is the Triangle del Arte of S Ben Quayin’s system.

This image posted is from the Solomonic method, which similar to @MagickVigilante and Demonolaters in general, although I’m not a Demonolater, I find unnecessary and rude. I do not use material from the Golden Dawn,

I am not xtian, I do not use judeo/xtain/muslim terms, techniques or philosophy in my practice at all. I find them kind of fake re dogma and unintelligent.

I use a circle in the shamanic sense of providing a focus on me for the energies I want to concentrate in my space.