Goetia Question

Hello All! I have a question for those who are experienced with the Goetia.

I just bought a copy of the book shown, and read through it. I read through the requisites and conjurations and I’m wondering….

Obviously it is unlikely that anyone has been able to replicate these requisites exactly, so…how close CAN one come and still have results…also….the conjurations seem to be quite sadistic…has anyone used them? What were your experiences?

Thank you.


Most people here do not use the original method described within the Lesser Key of Solomon. The members of this forum tend more towards the religion of demonolatry than traditional ceremonial magick (and will get offended if you even hint at compelling demons). If you are interested in the traditional approach, I recommend you look into the work of modern authors such as Stephen Skinner and Rawn Clark. There are still traditional Goetic magicians around, though they are rare.

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The first and second conjuration may, each one, be repeated and probably suffice. Some practicioners manage to work “by the book” but a simpler system consists in gazing at the sigil then call the entity until it appears in a scrying device or in the smoke of incense.

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Thank you both. I see, that makes so much more sense. I’ve worked with some demons through the sigil method, but has never actually purchased the book and read it.

When I did I was like… hmm I don’t really wanna do all that lol

Thank you

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What is your understading of the word “Goetia”? It’s not just the first book of the Lemegeton, it’s an art, every grimoire has different instructions that were developed by a practitioner who wrote it and that is giving you the tools to do the work.

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This far this is my only understanding of it. I’m not familiar with other versions or grimoirs on these spirits

And Poke Runyon, the Gallery of Magick (GoM), etc.


I can’t believe I forgot to mention Poke. He’s a highly respected traditional Goetic magician. The Gallery of Magick, however, are not.

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I’d look into one of these books. The old grimoires are usually deliberately confusing and there has been centuries of development of the methods since the ancient times. Same spirits, but better methods.

Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield
The Magick of Angels and Demons by Henry Archer
Goetia Pathworking by Corwin Hargrove

I’m not really a Goetia magician but I’ve worked with the first book, with good results.


Thank you all. I will search for these books!

As worshippers of primordials, daemons and the like, we do not use the Judeo Christian Solomonic methods of evocation that constrain the daemons to set out on tasks or perform your ego’s will with ease and force.

Naturally if you want to be a peon of Ialdabaoth and emulate him be my guest and throw archontic names at them, go be my guest!

-Lotan Vovin


If you have a good relationship with certain demons, you can use them to call upon other ones. I don’t really recommend threatening them. Sometimes people want to prove they are god and all of that, but really lack the wisdom to give commands that make sense.

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