Godnames In OAA

In the fifth lesson of the first flame their is an exercise involving chanting the names of God. To the best of my knowledge @E.A does not believe in the Abrahamic God, so why do the OAA practices involve the vibrating of names associated with him?


Just because we don’t follow Yahweh, doesn’t mean the names don’t have power. Also, the names don’t necessarily refer to thr abrahamic god, they’ve just become associated.

Adonai is Lord in Hebrew
Yod He Vah He is the 4 letter revelation of yahweh
El shaddai is almighty.

Think of them more from the perspective of what they do rather than WHO they work for

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@Azael Thank you, but that still makes me feel really uncomfortable. It seems treasonous to the extreme if you understand what I mean.


I think this topic needs @ashtkerr - lo, I do summon him forth. :smiley:

I posted my own theory on this here:


Please bare with me until the end- You see guys, and this is through gnosis - as we ultimately are the one in all and the all in one, the source as the supreme self experiencing ourselves as all that is, we are both the darkness of the mother as the light of the father, our chakras for example do work with both these polarities, what we are made of.
The Cosmic Father comes forth from the Cosmic ‘I’ and the Cosmic Mother out of the Cosmic ‘AM’ as in I AM/

Now the problem is that most religions got corrupted, even Yeshua Christ as I met him multidimensionally isn’t too happy about mainstream christianity’s absolute lack of gnosis\sense of total delusion created on purpose by people that sought to control humanity.
He also states that even islam should have evolved to it’s gnostic version, suffism.

Hebrew names are like mantras, or like sanskrit, they are multidimensional in origin. With such names you can call forth certain parts of the Godmind, you ultimately being the God-Mind, (in oneness and equality with all life).
Dark and light are in reality not enemies, they are complementary, as functions. Only the beings within that play decide their own fate. Baphomet is a good symbolic example of the unity of dark and light, feminine and masculine forces both present in the living 'divine human\living god that is a microcosmic version of the macrocosm.

So, I would try not to assosciate such names with false religions that are messing up the original context of anything that has to do with the actual reality. Try not to see false religion without gnosis as any valid authority at all, for only reality itself has it’s own validity, and that is something all people have to learn equally. Speaking from true wisdom\gnosis is the stage beyond the mere theorist. ; and for gnosis, you are on the right spot.
at BALG. :slight_smile:

The Cosmic Father, Cosmic Mother, angels and demons, Yeshua Christ, can all be called forth together without there being a fight, but all equally working with you as a soul-consciouness. All of them know in pure truth that people especially those inveated mainstream religion have a lot to learn. 'Example: Yeshua Christ once said (from one of the phew non-corrupted parts of the bible:

Verily I say unto you that you will be able to do the same things then I did and even greater things.
(Which I can affirm is true as he did temporary empowered me to enter into the same level of consciousness than he is, in which we are equal in the eyes of the one source, where I did realize it was so. (Speaking of personal divinity\godhood and awakening to it) this is one of the lines that most if not all mainstream christians don’t get; So no need to see someone that claims to know Yeshua Christ but does not has a bit of personal gnosis, be it in the smallest sense to be any ‘authority’ such as indeed most dogmatic mainstream religious people. :wink: You be the primary source of your own gnosis, and only gnosis, and what leads towards it, (be it also through that of others understood from the perspective of you being the all, the One) in general can be seen as a trustworthy piece of the puzzle towards remembering who you are as the All\the nature of reality. If anything is true or not true, it can all be spiritually verified through direct experience\contact with x or y.


One thing that i learned when doing Golden Dawn magic roughly 15 years ago is to not take the names literally, but rather as symbols for aspects of reality and function. The names have power, as previously mentioned, and it is important to be abke to usr anything that has power, and make it your own, without being sucked into any religious connotations.


Just like with Sanskrit and the Runes, there is inherent power in the letters of the Hebrew language. Each letter was originally a pictograph and if you understand the pictograph you can understand a deeper meaning to the word.


The OAA practices are not “black magick” per se. They were designed to enable one to call forth and work with any entity. As ashkerr stated, there is inherent power in the God names, and the exercise is to learn how to vibrate the names properly, not to work with any religious conception of God. There are as many words for God as there are people, and the majority of the Western Ceremonial Tradition is based on the work of the Golden Dawn.

@DarkestKnight Of course as can be inferred from my posts on other threads I don’t work with “Western Ceremonial Tradition”. No clue who the Golden Dawn are really. I understand what you are saying, but anything associated with a monotheistic God gives me pause. I don’t strictly speaking work exclusively with Paths that are openly of the Black Arts (I have found power in those traditions of a more neutral outlook. Most of the non Western traditions I work with couldn’t care less about the whole Black magick vs White magick thing), but I don’t do Angels and Hebrew god names.

Really??? I thought everything on BALG was black magick.

Nope. Think of the OAA stuff as similar to the Abremelin Operation. You work with both angels and demons, and must command both to be complete. As for the Hebrew Godnames, they aren’t necessarily associated with a monotheistic god. In my opinion, your intent matters. When you vibrate them, you are simply unlocking the energy already within them. Part of the exercise is also to vibrate your own name, and I don’t know any monotheistic religion that would allow that.

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What is the Abramelin Operation? I’ve been walking a completely different Path from most here (a lot of which isn’t even Western). I am not familiar with a lot of material on that side of things.

I only work with demons, and other dark or at least neutral entities though. The very idea of working with angels fills me with revulsion. Angels just do not have a place in my religious or Spiritual outlook.

That’s cool, brother. To each their own. EA works with both and so his work shows it. In the later Flames, you get to make the choice of working with either angels, demons, or both.

The Abremelin Operation is the biggest thing in the Western Ceremonial Tradition. It is also known as the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. It is a 6 month operation (or can take upwards of a year) where you come to know your Angel, though there is disagreement on what exactly the Angel is. Most speculations centre around it being your higher self or some aspect thereof. It tends to require a retreat from the world until its conclusion.

EA details his work with it in his book Ipsissimus.

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How about you? Which forces do you work with?

I usually work with demons, but my intuition has currently led me to the angelic pathworking in EA’s book Evoking Eternity. I will work with whatever forces seem the best for a task. I’ve dipped into planetary as well as elemental forces in my quest for power.

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@DarkestKnight Actually I think this is an interesting topic for it’s own thread. I will make one right now.

@DarkestKnight What currents are you not willing to work with?