I’d like to hear about your views and definitions on godforms.

What exactly is a godform?
How exactly do they differ from samsaric self, higher self, and such?
Can a person have more than one godform? Can a person have none?
What exactly does it mean to merge with your godform(s)? What changes can such operation bring about? Can it effect the process of death and afterlife? How does one merge and what are the requirements?
How can one go about finding out about one’s godform(s)?
What relationship with one’s godform usually looks/feels like if conscious contact was to be made?
Which godform is most prevalent among humans at this point in time?


First before saying anythings i would like to share my Point of view that the Interpretation of what a GodForm is may vary from a Magician to another, Being a Strong Believer in the Subjectivity of reality.

So here my answer to your Question
1-What is a GodForm :

For me a GodForm(A Personal One) is your GodSelf that come after your HigherSelf or HGA or Daemon etc… This Part of yourself is even more Powerful then your Higherself, it is a Part of yourself yet a Individual Entity. This entity is often connected to specific Kind of Magick such as Healing, Cursing etc… or Certain Magickal Discipline such as Vampirism, Astral Working , Shamanism etc… And those Connection most of the time reflect the True Will of the Magician.

2-What is the Difference between a Godform , the samsaric Self etc…

For me the Difference is that the GodForm is a Part Higher(More Developped) then the Higher Self and the Samsaric Self.

3-Can a Person have more then one GodForm or none

A Person can definitly have more then one GodForm, in Fact even the GodForm have a HigherSelf, then a GodForm and it go on and on, eternally. I dont think people can have no Godform, they most probably can never meet and Merge with it in many Life time but i think that ultimately, a Meeting and a Reunion will Happen.

4-What does the Merging with your GodForm

I believe this answer will Change from Person to Person, but for me, my Merging with my GodForm provided me a Greater Acces to More ''Esoteric Knowledge, a strong Boost in my Own Personal Power, an Great Increase in my Capcity such as Soul Travel, Healing and Also a greater facililty to teach. among other things.
It is hard to Describe it in Words since it is what i call an Experience you must have by yourself to fully Understand, it is like describing what being burned by Fire to someone Feel, you can describe it as much as you want, a Person have to actually experienced it to really Understand it

6-Can it affects the process of Death and the After Life
I think so but since i’m not dead yet i can’t confirm :stuck_out_tongue:

7-How to Merge :
Personally Merging with my GodForm was a Step i was Ready for and During the Part of my Angelic Pathworking where i needed to Evoke the Archangel Raziel, i was Directly guided to a Another Magician that Helped me along the Process. (Arcane) The Process can vary from person to Person but here how i did it :

1-Meet your GodForm in a Shamanic Core Journeying and receive instruction from him about the Merging
2-Meet your GodForm astrally and receive Instruction from him about the Merging
3-Evoke your GodForm essence (Not a Full Physical Manifestation)
4-Evoke it Physicly
5-Receive a Sigil of your GodForm and Charge it and create a Strong Connection with it
6-Invoke your GodForm
7-Be Possessed by your GodForm
8-Merge with it (The Merging process is hardly descriptible in words)
9-Let him settle for a couple of day or weeks, then Construct another Sigil with the Guidance of your GodForm and use it as a Power Object and as one of your Personal Symbol of Power.

8-How do you find your GodForm :
I think it Happen when your ready to do so

9-What the Relationship looks Like
If you have ever been Possessed by an Entity Fully (The Actual Merging) it is very Similar, the Entity and you are one but two at the same time, You always feel its Energy and essence in you, You can Take its Form(Astrally) and use its Power etc…

10- What GodForms is the most prevalent?

Each Human have a Different GodForm so none imo

I hope this answered your Question!

Best regards!


Thanks for your answer.

[quote=“Mephistor, post:2, topic:8327”]10- What GodForms is the most prevalent?

Each Human have a Different GodForm so none imo[/quote]
Can anyone confirm this? I was under impression that most godforms are usually a godform of many humans.

[quote=“Kil, post:3, topic:8327”]Thanks for your answer.

[quote=“Mephistor, post:2, topic:8327”]10- What GodForms is the most prevalent?

Each Human have a Different GodForm so none imo[/quote]
Can anyone confirm this? I was under impression that most godforms are usually a godform of many humans.[/quote]

Sometimes, two, or more people can have the same personal godform. These people, in turn, are what can be called ‘‘soulmates’’, ‘‘twin flames’’ or something else. Any number of things can happen when such soulmates meet, though generally speaking, the magic of either is amplified around the other.

Sexual contact between the two automatically merges both with their godform, doubles them in power, and can be pushed to focus on any number of goals. Despite this, soulmates does NOT denote a romantic partner. Some may be lovers, spouses, etc. strange things do happen but most, from what I’ve seen are just friends, allies, acquaintances, even enemies.

Nor is it always just to people of opposite genders. Oftentimes, it can be several people, and even to people of the same sex, and their ‘‘union’’ would produce the same effects.

Since the samsarics are to the godforms what egregores are to us, it makes sense that one of them can make several.

However, until I meet MY soulmate(s), all I can talk about is UPG, stories, and other unconfirmed fluff, which is hardly helpful.


Excellent questions and answers!! I feel like i should be taking notes, for the quiz! :slight_smile:

Also, to answer your questions:

  1. The word godform is simply another word for a deity, divinity, or a god. However, the concept of a personal godform simply refers to a spirit that created us, our soul that is.

  2. Samsaric= the soul. It’s the part of you that’s been reincarnating. The Atman, as it is referred to in Hinduism. The Higher Self is the overseer of the Atman, and a step above it. Both the Atman and the Higher Self, however, are products of the godform, which acts just like any other god.

  3. The above answer, as well as all people’s souls having something to come from, though in some cases it isn’t a godform, but something else. A current, a force, an element, a planet, etc. either way, we are also all from the All, which means we all have SOME power in us that we can tap into.

4.Merging with normal spirits is the process through which all bounds between you and the spirit are removed. In this sense, the spirit has full control of you, while you have full control of it. All its power is yours, all its knowledge is yours. I say spirits but this can also apply to other things. MErging with your godform essentially means learning to embody it. Becoming its avatar.

  1. Yup. How it affects death and the afterlife varies from person to person. Technically, though doesn’t any kind of magic affect the afterlife in some way?

  2. Mephistor said it well. However, a mastery of magic, in the whole divination, energy manipulation, evocation, soul travel shindig is pretty important. Ever notice how gods seldom perform rituals? Learning to live as a god and use that power is a lot harder than actually acquiring it. Getting there is easy, coming back here and using it to do things and to enjoy life, and have fun, and help others, and do weird things, and do not-so-weird things, there’s a challenge.

  3. Shamanic Core Journeying, Evocation, Soul Travel… it depends on the individual and their preferred method of using magic. I discovered mine through shamanic core journeying. Others I know have done it differently.

  4. If conscious contact was/is to be made, then the godform goes from being barely aware of you, or whatever, to actually being just like any other spirit guide. In fact, sometimes the godforms are already spirits that you’re close with. I know a guy who’s godform is Thoth, and he’s had contact with THoth long before the godform nonsense came into view.

Assuming the godform can lead to some pretty crazy things, I’ve already described merging, and living as your godform, means you’ve basically apotheosized. Not as ‘‘something else’’, you did NOT have to sacrifice yourself, and everything you are to merge with ‘‘something greater’’ like in the RHP. In this case, you’ve only just tapped into the greatest version of yourself.

  1. Earthbound ones, belonging to specific pantheons like the Egyptians, Greeks, Norse, Hindu, etc. I am more than positive there are extraterrestrial godforms, as well as other things like incarnated elementals, and currents, and I’ve met some belonging to a variety of groups, but the most common ones are from those pantheons. Some are well-known gods, but most are anonymous. The pantheons stretch past what has been recorded in history. The Egyptian gods you know aren’t all the gods there are. Just some of the super stars.

What’s the best way to contact with my godform … It’s to hard to me to do it … But i need it … Feeling that it’s trying to reach me and blocked or jammed so need help

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i need to do this. if I merge do you think i can project easily like you?

I always thought it was the opposite.