Goddess of the Sun Amaterasu Sigil

Here is the sigil for Amaterasu. I’ve promised it to a lot of people on this forum so I wanted to create a new thread, because I’m interested in your experiences too.

Anyway, she gave it to me tonight as I asked for it in that Yahweh keeps attacking another member of this forum so I passed it to him to call on her for assistance and to make the attacks stop. She also shared with me the following:

Evoke Amaterasu to learn how to use the sun as an energy conduit throughout all of your workings. This includes spiritual and physical as she will also teach you how to use the suns rays to absorb energy. She likens this to energy vampirism, but in comparison to utilizing the eternal sun, this ability in her eyes is obsolete.

In times of spiritual crisis or attack, call on her to banish any and all spiritual threats either demonic or angelic, light or dark, as her only philosophicy in these matters is who is right and who is wrong. She will deliver divine judgement on those who have or intend to maliciously harm you.

Deeply respected within the spiritual realms, she is an Empress, bearer and bringer of light. She is keeper of Universal knowledge of such a great extent, she rivals even the great Metatron.

Her sigil is thus;


I love how diverse we are as magicians, exploring the unconventional spirits across cultures that we’ve only heard of in myth.

Keep up the good work, I hear she has a lot to teach you. For some reason I have the random urge to tell you all not to underestimate the power of the solar plexus and the divine fire it can generate.

So I have no idea where that came from but a piece of imagery came along with it.


Beautiful sigil.

Beautiful design and thanks for contributing such a sigil, If I may ask, the lines around the circle and dots, to me seem to have planetary and celestial significance, like in Chinese sorcery and Taoism. So are those lines related to the celestial bodies? or they are something else?

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This is a beautiful sigil im glad its here

I’ve been looking into shintoism, i haven’t found anything that will help me, only mythology (and that’s fine i love mythology) and not how to work with the spirits, do you just “tune up” to there energy like the hindu gods or do you have to do something different?

Anyways thanks for the sigil it truly is beautiful, and keep up the good work :grinning:

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Looks like a scythe held by the sun. Very beautiful like her and the sun as a whole.

This is rad. Thanks for sharing!

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Since this has been revived.

Thank you for sharing this sigil.Its been quite beneficial to me in my workings with her. Amaterasu is a wonderful teacher. I’ve learned a lot from her and still have much to learn.

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Sadly, this user is banned until 2092 LOL

That SUCKS. I really wanted to ask them about Amaterasu.

I get the feeling she wants to work with me… I wanted to confirm.