Go Fund me

My family has started a go fund me page for my sister’s concussion we had tried everything else. I’m working behind the scenes trying to help by doing magick and research on how to find a real Shaman.

Sorry to hear about your sister, have you tried CBD, I hear its good for concussions.

We talked about it. But that does not mean she will try it. She is a stubborn Gemini and I am a stubborn Aquarius. We will see who wins when the time comes.

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If you are looking for money help:

Lucifuge Rofacale
King Paimon
Bune - in my experience this entity works by opening up opportunities where money is concerned.

Calling on Marbas for help with your sister’s health certainly can’t hurt anything.

Best of luck


Here is a few threads that might help you.

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So in those threads it’s about making money and fucking bitches at the same time?

I was just being cute with my thread titles.
This is probably what you are looking for.

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Money and or healing in general.

But Healing like alot would be much appreciated.

Satan & Sons has a few practitioners that swear Mammon is a great one for money and more. In the past before I got into the occult and was still listening to bible thumping I always thought Mammon was bad but some absolutely swear by it. I hope health comes your way. Concussions can be pretty bad. I’ve only had light one (if you can call any concussion light) and the light sensitivity and migraines were horrible.

It’s not about money it’s about Healing. Magick. Actual magick.