Giving Vedic astrology readings to only 3 people

Hey everyone, I am giving Vedic astrology chart reading to three people. DM me your birth details meaning date, place of birth and the exact time of your birth ( Hour and minutes).

And please only to three people, It takes time to do the reading. I will post the reading here on this topic.

I am using Vedic astrology, it’s different from western’s

Let’s see what Jyotish will tell about you if you up


First! I’m very curious about how Vedic astrology is different. Thank you!

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Awesome, I am still waiting for your details guys @Epsilon_The_Imperial, @Post_lux_tenebrae

Seems like I lost my change. Will you be offering other readings anytime in the near future? I would love to participate next time

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Ah this would have been and useful.

If there’s still an open slot, im up for it!

@Post_lux_tenebrae you are a Leo ascendant meaning you value self expression, achieving success in life and being on the limelight. This is what you want internally. You want to be at the center of the stage. Leo is the sign that shows your power, your ego

Now Sun the lord of your body and personality is in the 7th house of Aquarius, its enemy sign. It means that your power is given away to other people. You developed your self esteem through the active interaction with other people. You need to be in a relationship to nurture your ego. You want people to appreciate who you are. But you get frustrated because you cannot do it naturally, so you rely on other people, your partnership and marriage to show them your light.

And this is frustrating because the king cannot ask for attention, he naturally has that but in your case you need to go other people to get acknowledged.

And you have that inclination when you are in a social setting, you want to take over that group, to impose your authority on them but it’s still difficult because that group want to take over you too, their authority and there is that ego battle with them.

There’s ego battle with your spouse or partner, you want to show your authority on her but she is also egoistic, eccentric. She will not tolerate to be dominated.

So if your Sun is weaker than I expect, your spouse can even dominate you. Fortunately Jupiter aspect your 7th house, it adds judgement and criticism in your relationship but eventually things always work out for the better between the 2 of you.

It is better for you to do business alone or being self employed because of ego battle with partners.

People perceive you as an eccentric, a strange guy, strange outlook, your personality is out of the box. One minute your mood is great, one
Minute you lose it. Your personality is hard to understand.

You too have hard times to understand social settings, social interactions.

Your moon in the 9th house: show tremendous desires to attain higher education like your master or PhD in a foreign country. Your thinking and beliefs are rigid.

Either you want to implement what you learnt spirituality to people or you are the one that being influenced a lot by occult knowledge especially by foreigners. This makes me think of Balg forum. You love traveling.

This one is a bit funny your father either has that reputation or outlook of a gangster, preacher or a prankster. Maybe he used to prank you a lot when you were a kid or he has or had that priestly way of communicating. If gangster he might have that attitude of a tough guy.

Here I saw a career that makes you use your body a lot, it is a technical job and this is also what you studied at university or college.

I am seing a service job: medical, army or any type of combat government job ( police, firefighter, technicians or pilot. but it needs to have technical skills where you use your hands.

If it’s medical, you are interested in alternative medicine like acupuncture etc…

You gain money through the emergency of people.

Mars with Saturn in the second house: here it shows that you grew up in a family where money was restricted, sometimes this can show poverty. It was a struggle to survive. Even food eating sometimes was difficult. This was because of Saturn teaching you the true value of money.

Mars here gives you the urge to spend money quickly, as soon as money comes, as soon as it goes. That creates financial distress.

Either you, your brother or father indulge in gambling and conflicts with brother and father occurs because of financial issues if you have a brother. But with Jupiter in 3rd you may have many younger siblings. The relationship is not so balanced but it tends to harmonize.

You made Mistakes in checks and balance, money management is hard for you.

Saturn mars here can show that you miss a lot of opportunities regarding making money either you are too impatient or too patient. The opportunity goes away.

The advice i would give is please use some accounting app to manage your assets.

You have tendencies to really save your money, taking care of your finance because Saturn helps you in that. You are scared of poverty that’s why you save a lot especially after 35-36 years old you started accumulating money in your bank accounts.

But be aware of mars cause it can give you the excitement of spending quickly your money that you acquired hardly.

There are some karma to pay off the debt :money_with_wings: of your family or of your father.

Jupiter in the 3rd house retrograde here saves from time to time to savings. So you might lacking money and when you put extra effort into skills, the money comes. Your siblings are a great support of you regarding your business. When you are short of money, they easily help you.

You had conflict with your 2 parents, and

The career you chose is strongly related to your father or a mentor.

You are currently in your Rahu main period. It started from 2011 and will end in January 2028.

This when you started to get very confused regarding your earnings and out of the box friends or network circle. You became obsessed with success and earning money. Are you thinking of doing business ? I think you started doing business that help you made gains but rahu here comes with the package of cunning.

You probably got cheated by your friends or you cheated on your friends. Even though your friends are not that much trustful but you are still drown to them somehow.

When something happens regarding your friends or not even the success or money you wanted, you retreat within yourself.

You want to be alone looking inside you the creative way to solve your problem and you are confortable with that but you think it is not enough, you want to be part of a large organization or large circle of friend so they can see how creative you are. How different you are.

There’s that dance between self expression and be collective. But with Rahu is gonna push you towards large organizations. You need to express yourself in a large group. Don’t be by yourself, You have already experienced it in your past life now it’s to be in a collective group. Having many friends that will help you gain in life.

And if you are currently doing business then potential customers must see your face. Put some picture of you on prospectus, business card. Here the trick to let people see your face and naturally gains will increase due to your career. People must no only know your name but see your face too. Advertise yourself and gains will quickly increase and your career too.

Jupiter main period will start in 2028 this is when your business skills will explode and your earning too. The period will last for 16 years from 2028. That will be the time to do business.
Jupiter will expand your business qualities,. Your network circle and your gains.

I forgot to say you probably get married late in life, probably in your 30s, around 34. If you got married earlier then some problems relating to the ego battle likely occurred but Jupiter blessed your relationship so it doesn’t cause that much pain. If it was in your mid thirties then you were much more wiser when dealing with relationship.

I will appreciate your feedback Bro. So better my interpretation for your planets. Cause I don’t really know you so I can’t tell 100% how a planetary placement may play out cause it depends on different persons.



I’m sorry. I have to ask my Mom to show me my birth certificate to get the details, so I have to wait until tomorrow to know the rest of it. Is that okay?

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I would cherish one

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It’s 50/50 to be honest. There are a lot of unjustified assumptions in this. I’ll do more detail later.

So the desire to go into business is not accurate. The aspects of the father is not accurate. The inability to read social cues is inaccurate, the career I chose is currently not related to my father or a mentor, I am not a fan of traveling. No one in my family gambles.

I DO like learning about the occult and practicing and sharing and comparing experiences. I DO wish my occult practice COULD be a business, I DO value my time to myself as opposed to with others, unless we are sharing one of my interests, I DO have a job as an electrician, and electricity provides a lot of useful ANALOGIES for magickal energy work (though not perfectly).

So it’s about 50:50.

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@Post_lux_tenebrae when you are online, tell me. I will need to recalibrate my prediction according to your persona.

@Epsilon_The_Imperial i will give you the foundation of the life path according to your ascendant which is Capricorn. I won’t add the planetary placement for now because I will need you to confirm the foundation I gave you so I won’t make mistakes. Planets will alter the foundation to an extent or sometimes even modify it completely.

As Capricorn ascendant: you are a serious person, you have that outlook serious person. If you are a man then I can assume that you prefer or you will prefer to shave your beard, your jaw will be well built and pronounce.

You are internally shy even though you want people to see you as tough. You always felt like your have some burden on your shoulders. Life is asking you to do things, it like it never your own passion rather than karma

Your family is academically and scientifically oriented, a family that science and logic is usually discussed. Parents encourages you to have good marks at school or college. Frugal with money

Relationship with siblings is good, spiritual bonds with your siblings but at the same time you can act like: if for eg your sibling does something bad to you, you like yeah it’s fine, I don’t care if you love or not. But deep bound between you

Disciplined home life, soldier mentally in the home. Sometimes weapons are in your house or family house. If you are still in your house then your father could carry it, if not you will be the one having a gun in your house.

energy of Taurus here shows stable love and romantic relationships. And spending money to please your lover

Difficulties and obstacles comes here in with your communication. Either you solve a problem using your communication or create a problem. Because the persons you usually interact with when you are out there are sensible, heavily emotional.

Partnership and marriage: a cancer personality. Soft wife or husband, emotional and sometimes insecure. You may want your wife or husband to nurture you, be there for you like your mother. You lacked it when growing up

Death and rebirth: the ego fluctuates a lot, you may have experienced or felt that you were disrespected when growing up, that’s why you seek rank in life or emotional stability in life to kinda hide that self esteem problem

20 to 21 years old was a terrible year for you. It humbles you. And you are probably in a period where you ego is going through a lot.

You are very selective and critical, logical, calculative to your spirituality or mystical life. If I give you 10 spiritual knowledge for eg, you may choose what to keep and what to leave.

Career mostly working behind the scenes but related to beauty, entertainment, law or government. And usually not always its rags to riches. You start low levels in the company then climbing up to the top.

Gains are secretive, you may hide your gains, cash from your spouse or partner. And secretive about who you letting in your friends circle.

You are very spiritual and it’s mostly related to religion, understanding the deeper meaning or researching relating religion. Like to donate.

You look very strong from the outside but soft inside. You need to be pushed to get things done in your life. You will probably have a spiritual person that will instill you the spiritual knowledge. You will that a magician or priest that will help you. And you kinda need that.


This is the life path of a general Capricorn Ascendant, I am waiting from your feedback to analyse further your planets because I need a solid foundation to make prediction and you to trust me

In what exact way do you mean this? Am I soft but still strong, or am I weak?

The rest of it seems to resonate deeply with me. I will write more about each part so you understand.

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@Post_lux_tenebrae let me check your background without adding your planetary placement. This will be like what’s natural attached to you and I will need your confirmation.

Leo Ascendant: personality of being a leader, an entertainer or a romantic person. Very confident persona, your presence already show your confidence. When you get into the room, you automatically gets attention. Don’t do too much to gets attention but people still notice you.

Very intelligent and calculative regarding relationship in your family. You knew how to behave with each member of your family. Calculative regarding your finance, how to allocate finances. Very healthy oriented family, you select what you wanna eat or not, if it’s not healthy or not.

Very good communication and empowering. Pleasing and articulate way of communicating. Dynamic personality.

Protective of your home, like a lion, deeply attached to your home and family life. Deep connection with the money, but here it will depend on mars, if mars is not well placed. This can show possessive mother

Regarding your creativity and children, it’s very philosophical and laws and regulations meaning you teach your children way of life, you tell them what to do or not to do in life. Kinda of preaching way. Instilling your values to your children. A lion teaching his kids how to reign in life basically.

You faces a lot of obstacle in life, it’s like it’s karmic meaning something coming from past life. You face a lot of opposition in life because Saturn rules your 6th house. And it’s the enemy of the sun. You may have people that do you like your sunny personality. They may see you as arrogant. Especially managers at work. They are scared of you even though they look so confident and strict but they are scared internally of you cause you may outpower them.

You may marry someone who is not warm or heartily as you, and you may not even realise it. They can be business minded. Spouse may be in marriage for the security or your money or business opportunity so the partner here is there because she sees benefits in marrying you. (Please take this not as bad as I may portray cause you are the only one knowing).

Very mystical abilities in you and psychic. Great intuition and you possess a lot of knowledge regarding spirituality

You take religion or higher belief to the blood. You can be extremist about what you know in life regarding spirituality. Once you believe in something, you believe it to the blood.

In your career, you want to enjoy your work, pick a career that will bring you joy and pleasure or you may bring yourself the joy and pleasure at work, you may bring nice food, eating candy or pleasurable food at work.

You are very communicative with friends, social network, you become like a chat box with your friends. And for your gains in life, you need to communicate in life to fulfill your wishes and ambitions in life. You may also have many different sources of income. Or you can use social media for your advantage. You need to be good speaker to make money. When you speak, people listen to you.

You are very attached and emotional to be help needy people, to donate. Sometimes you feel very spiritual, sometime you feel like that fuck it.

This is the basic of Leo ascendant. You can confirm certain aspect so I can have my foundation and interpret planetary placements

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You hide or suppress your emotions, you don’t want to look emotional or soft in front of people but inside you may want to release your emotion. It can be in a very very private life. Someone who really know you will say that you are shy at times but the people that do not know you will say that you are strong.

You are strong because the things that happen to you, for some people it’s not bearable but you carry it without even complain.

You may have difficulties in knowing what is exactly your path because Saturn takes its time to build your image

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I’m up for a reading, please. If that’s still a possibility :stuck_out_tongue:

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I will share with you @Epsilon_The_Imperial what planets are doing

Sun is your 8th house lord, it rules the house of renunciation, occultism, hidden wealth, hidden knowledge, lottery, insurance etc.

It’s now sit in your 9th house, house of father or mentor, religion, luck and higher studies which can be philosophical knowledge or university or college type of studies.

Sun here either makes you abandon religion or college because of the criticism of your father. You may abandon your religion because your critical thinking showed it was right for you, so you chose a more occultist, ritualistic religion. Or sun made you abandon your college because of excess of criticism from your father. This can show self esteem being hurt because of college. But mercury is also sitting with sun, it can just mean that at one point you wanted to quit college but you kept going. But the quitting occurs and it’s was either between your higher studies or religion. This period started when you were about 18-19 years old and it ends this year 2024

I have also seen with this position someone leaving their father because of clash of views regarding philosophy or way of life

Bro you will meet your spouse in foreign land. You will travel to her. If not a foreign country, it gonna be a land very very far from where you were born, where the culture is very much different from you. Prepare your luggage Bro, you will travel soon either regarding your business if you are doing it or getting married “abroad”

The period will fully start in March 2024 and ends in 2033-2034.

It can start on the virtual media like Instagram, Facebook etc… and you will share the same spiritual interest. It will be like a perfect match for you. Through your mariage your intuition will develop, you might become more psychic.

Jupiter is the blessing of god in your life, it shows where you luck is. Jupiter is sitting with Saturn in your 4th house.

This is a tricky one because these energies are opposite to each other. Jupite is in good dignity because it is in Aries, Saturn is not in good dignity because it get weak in Aries.

This is a mix of both hardship and opportunities regarding home life or happiness.

But as you are still young they are initial difficulties with being assertive to your family life. There is a lot of restriction in your family. Lots of discipline is put on you. You can be helping a lot your mother without getting anything return.

Saturn here put karma in your family life, you could have tendencies of not following what you are being told to do. You have hard time to understand the discipline in your family. You may just want to leave.

Jupiter here with time give happiness in family life, but this time it can be your own family. Opportunity to live in a big home but you need to always be assertive and pay attention to your family. The more you may want to run away from your responsibility, the more problem may arise.

Rahu in the 7th house and ketu in the 1st house.

First pay attention to your health, you may have frequent small disease, it can be bones pain or just being skinny. And also do not idealize a partner, a girlfriend or wife. Also rahu with time May give you tendencies to overindulge in relationships. You can have many relationships or cheating on your partner.

Now as you are still young. It can be the opposite you may be the faithful one, you may want to be in a relationship but the opportunities are not coming. Rahu here wants you to crave for relationship or sexual intercourse so that when it releases the blockage, you are now obsessed with relationship.

You may have partner who cheated on you with different guys, then after that you are like fuck it, I will do the same. I will also cheat, and you can indulge in it.

I am still not done, I will modify this post

Oups i can no longer edit my previous post. @Epsilon_The_Imperial

I am continuing with mars in the 11th house, this shows that your mother faced a lot of pressure or difficulties in life, she might even faced death like scenario, but she’s a fighter. She doesn’t give up easily. Through her situation you are transformed. You should really pay attention to your mother from 2034 to 2040, she can face hardships. Even though the situation is difficult regarding her. She’s always there for you, she helps you with planning your desire and success in life.

She fought for you and did everything to provide for you in your family.

I am seing with Mars you can gain in life with Real Estates, Government related jobs or selling insurance. Your own family may help you a lot in gaining in life.

Be careful of deceitful people, especially girls or partners.

Your wealth zodiac sign is Capricorn, meaning Saturn itself, the lord of your life path is your wealth giving planets and its conjunct Jupiter in the 4th house and Mars rules your 4th house is in the 11th house of gains. Definitely you will gain a lot of money in matters related to the 4th house which is: property, giving comfort to people or peace of mind ( it can be a psychiatrist or psychologist), working for the government or insurance relating to homes.