Giving Vedic astrology readings to only 3 people

@DDE1920 i am doing yours tomorrow, it’s 1 AM on my side. I am getting tired

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No problem, take your time and rest. Thank you!

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@DDE1920 here is my analysis, as always I will give you the foundation of your life path. I want to check your personality first before giving you some predictions. I will need your feedback please. This foundation is given regardless of any planetary placement. It is like a general path for a Gemini ascendant.

You are a Gemini ascendant, a sign ruled by Mercury. Gemini is the master of communication and act as the little prince or princess of the zodiac. Gemini will show your life path. Every planet in the zodiac will act to fulfill your 1st house which is Gemini.

Gemini makes you quick thinking, it seems you cannot stop thinking, you become like a ChatBox, small talk. This make you comfortable at communicating. You are multitasking, you have hands on many different projects and you want to succeed at each one of them.

Your accumulated wealth or wealth of your family is not stable meaning there are some period where you got money in your bank account and some period where you struggle with money. It’s like a cycle.
It also shows that your mother has or had a lot of assets, she may have many jewelry, nice car. You mother has great abilities to make money.

Your communication is bright, this is why you can speak broadly, to many people and it’s so interesting when you talk to people.

In your family life or at home you like to calculate, budgeting everything regarding your home. A fridge needs to be paid in the house? You start calculating how it gonna cost, the pros and cons and if it’s too expensive, then fuck it.

You become kindof annoying in the house.

If you got kids, you want to do everything right related to their education. You don’t want to overdo it or underdo it. You want that relationship to be balanced but as usual for you to find balance, you must first make mistakes. So you may make mistake regarding your children early on and then after you balance it.

One thing for Gemini asc is they face a lot of enemies and opposition in life,. Your enemies could be quite agressive, brutal and jealous of you. You will need to pay attention to that. In an extreme form they can use hidden ways to come after you especially at work environment

You tend to contract debts quite often and also pay attention to your health.

The relationship can be a bit tense here because you want to communicate a lot with your partner but the partner wants to show that is wiser than you, at least this is how they look. Partner is more idealistic and faithfulness and doesn’t want to talk much. He only want to speak on things that he believes in higher knowledge.

You know sometimes that kind of couple where the girl is more on social media, gossiping and just talking and the husband wants to watch the news, the Russians Ukraine war. Partner here may have tendencies to lecture you and thinking that his knowledge his higher than yours

Saturn rules your 8th house of death and rebirth, transformation and this shows that you will a long life. Saturn will suppress any events that may cause you harm.

Your beliefs are not stable meaning that you just won’t to be only a christian or Muslim or Hindu, here you want to explore every religion and occult

At work you are very emotional linked to the people you work with, you try to teach them life. You may want to communicate about philosophy

You are very intelligent and calculative about how to gain in life, and it can be aggressive. Here you may have network circle or friends who teaches you how to be assertive regarding getting the cash :dollar: and you yourself will embrace that quality.

You have a very stable imagination, you are able to visualize things quite vividly.

  1. Part i will share with you my thoughts on how the planetary placements will modify the foundation above.

When I first saw your chart, I immediately saw that you have problems in your relationships. Some problem at work but your gains :dollar: is always good and somehow you always end up fulfilling your desires

Let me start by your first house, you have Ketu in your 1st house makes you very very introspective, this is the planet that gave you psychic abilities and capacity to focus inwards. So remember in my foundation I told you that you love to talk, to report things. Here ketu with time gives you less interest in doing that, the communication is no longer outwards but inwards. You may great capacities to her spirit and talk with them.

But ketu can split a personality in two, so you may have tendencies to have 2 personalities.

But ketu shows the past life, here it tells that in your past life you focused a lot on you and building up your personality and you forgot about your relationship with other people, especially your partner in life.

So in this life time first it is difficult to know who you really are, what career should you choose, with time you start slowly who you are etc… and in this life time you need to work on building good relationship with people, to put extra effort, and you are not familiar with relationships, Rahu the twin of ketu is in the 7th house and it shows where you focus must be

So these planets gives usually problems in relationship cause you won’t know how to handle. Something will always push you to be in a relationship and when you break up or having difficulties you retreat to yourself.

Ketu and rahu daemonic planet so what would happen is they will be a lot of magic happening here or use of magic, you can be the one cause I saw that you Are you magical person so you can be the one that uses magic to attract partner or try to fix your relationship.

Initially you got partners that cheated on you because you were kinda naive but when rahu will mature you’ll be the one that will always outsmart people in terms of relationships. You will be the one having many partners to explore love. If you are still introverted and partners play with you then it means your Rahu is not yet fully activated.

Rahu is in Sagittarius, you will have partner who will have lot of faith, optimism. Sagittarius is the sign of God Jupiter. A powerful sign, difficult to break a man with a lot of faith or optimism in life especially if you are trying to use magic on them.

Rahu is sitting with moon in the 7th house of your relationship, this can show a dramatic partner or you using your acting abilities to get what you want. But I will lean more on the dramatic husband.

Moon is the lord of your 2nd house of wealth and it is in the 7th house, it shows that you have to go far away from your birthplace to earn money and the ability to accumulate money comes because of your husband. Husband will help you in accumulate money. And here moon does quite the opposite of what I told you in the foundation, moon can make you married to a partner much younger than you.

And I think you are spending a lot of money on your relationship or there was a time when you spent a lot on him.

And your peace of mind comes when you are in relationship and when it’s doing well.

Saturn is in the 8th house in Capricorn, it own House, this shows me that you will have long life and karmic interest in magic, occult. With hard work you can be one of the best magicians out there. This creates one of the most trustful magician and you consider magic as your higher knowledge too because 9th house is also ruled by Aquarius. Sometimes this can show a person interested in researching like a journalist.

Mercury the lord of the ascendant is sitting in the 10th house in Pisces. Mercury in Pisces loses its strength, its ability to think logically so here you become of a dreamer or idealistic on your career, you may be the one that closes her eyes and start visualize or imagining things in your career, you dream of how your career will be great, and yet you make something irrational decision regarding your career.

Mercury gives you problem with memory, you forget a lot! And you are interested in writing novels but this can be like an hobby.

You may not be able to fully grasp what is the path of your career but mercury is still your ascendant lord , like your God so it won’t harm your career. It will be give you great career and gets you well respected by authorities, government too.

Your 31 to 32 years old will be quite interesting regarding your career, they might a change in career path. Somehow your career will involve a body of water like river, ocean. You may work for a company that does business across the sea or makes you travel across the sea. This also shows that you will end in another country for work.

Mercury conjunct Venus.

Venus is exalted in Pisces in the 10th house, Venus is quite strong here! Even though they were doubt and confusion regarding your career, Venus will always somehow or mysteriously fulfill your desires regarding your career! This is a fortunate position. You may notice that your visualization comes true somehow in your work place. Practice a lot visualization in your career , you will see miracles. Venus will give you opportunities to connect with foreign people because if your work. And your education, what you studied at college or university usually leads to your height in career. You do as work what you studies at university.

Sun in also exalted in Aries in the 11th house, this is too a fortunate placement dear, Sun will give you authoritative position in life and help you gain in life through your skills and I check your 3rd is also ruled by sun, it represents your skills and Jupiter, the most benefic planet and the blessing of god is in your 3rd house. Please :pray: I repeat again please you skills will make you gain a lot in life. Jupiter blessed you with skills. You probably a special skill, it can be your communication, your writing abilities and through that you achieve higher position in life and gives you cash :moneybag:.

This a very very good position for you. Please let go of your introvert if you are still introverted and chose to be extrovert

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I am a quick thinker and I talk a lot with myself, I don’t talk to other people much though. I’m very introspective. But, if I have to talk to people, I tend to “give a speech”. I usually multitask, yes, I like to do and study about a lot of different things.

All true. I just inherited a small amount from my father, and my mother has indeed a lot of assets and jewelry that will be mine one day (hopefully NOT soon, I want her alive and well).

As I said, I’m introverted, introspected, and I usually don’t talk much, but when I do I can make a speech about a large variety of things and people tend to enjoy it.

I like to calculate, that’s true. I don’t know if I’m annoying since it’s only my mother and I in our house (I lived alone in my own apartment, but when my father died some months ago I moved in with my mother to keep her company for now). I don’t have kids so I’ll skeep this.

That happened, I was physically assaulted 8 months ago.

Yeah, I’m having trouble with student loans and my depression got worse.

Yes, communication is super very important to me. Social sciences have a huge impact on our day to day lives and I wish he would talk to me more about political science, anthropology, linguistics, but he does this to other people, not me, even though I have the knowledge to carry on a conversation about those topics and more.

I do know, but I’m not like that. I don’t even have social media and I could talk to him about any war. Or art. Or cinema. Or sociology, philosophy, psicology, the occult. Or mundane things like soap operas, culinary, tv shows, pop culture. It kills me when he just doesn’t talk or when there is something I wanna have a conversation about but he is having that conversation with someone else who is not even into what he is talking about. It makes me think that he is not talking because he is afraid to seem dumb to me.

This is great and makes sense. I never broke any bone in my body, never been in an accident, never got sick (only common colds), never went through surgery of any kind. I feel fortunate.


I work with my special person, so… yeah… true.

True, but sometimes after an aggressive fase I feel very stagnant.

Very true!

All true.

This very on par with I already said. I’m very introspective and I talk a lot with myself.

Very interisting, yes I’m not familiar with relationships.

It could be both of us, my special person is also into magick, cerimonial magick, etc.

Never had a relationship before, I’ve been single my whole life. I don’t know how I feel about having many partners to explore love. I’m more of a “one and only” kind of person, I guess.

That’s exactly how he is. Very dramatic, has a lot of faith. But if he is strong, my will is stronger.

This was our plan from the begining. My special person, who is my business partner, want us to move from here to start our business abroad. He is not younger than me but he sure looks like a very young person with his optimistic view of life. He has a younger demeanor, I could say.

Yes, on January this year I put a lot of money on our relationship (he doesn’t know that).

Yes, I feel amazing when things are going great between us.

This is great! My interest in magick, the occult and all that, comes from a very young age. It sure feels like it could be karmic.

Funny of you to say that because my partner wants us to move our business to a city located on the shore of a huge river. This city is not in our country.

Thank you so much for this, I will for sure practice a lot of visualization. I’m so ready for a miracle!

I’m not sure what my skills are or if I can simply chose not to be an introverted person, but I will for sure work on myself more from now on, use my knowledge in magick to better myself, to grow my abilities and bring myself more opportunities.

I would like to thank you @mth_yesco, you are very very gifted and gave me a lot to think about, especially in regards to my business. I’ve been in denial, delaying the day I would move to another country but now it’s clear that my chances there are way better, as I saw it myself through divination, but was in denial because of the fear of failure. I have a lot of work to do on myself, I know that, but now I have one more confirmation that my path leads me to success. Thank you!

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@DDE1920 thanks to you for trusting me and I am also very happy because the planetary energies are working as they should for you. What I will add is you will not have a normal life. Your planets are very strong, as time will pass by you will see how things are going to work very well for you. You have a strong chart

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Is this good or bad? Should I do something? I mean, if there is anything to do

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Good period to do it now because your moon great period will end in 2026

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I think you should move out before moon energy vanishes in 2026 but you only know all the parameters of your current situation.

It’s very good :joy::white_check_mark: when I see charts of famous or influential people, they got strong planets like yours.

You have 2 exalted planets
Saturn in its own house
Jupiter in Leo which is considered very good too.

For now I think you should really work out on the travel you have been thinking for quite some time.

After 2026, Mars great period will start for 7 years and this will activate your sun too, meaning gains, authoritative position

After 2031, Rahu period will start, this is when extra care to your relationship and your extroverted side may come out like a big blow up.

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Understood. Thank you again, @mth_yesco!

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@truewerewolf , and @Muggie i may give buts not gonna so descriptive as others. If this is okay for you…? DM me your birth details and gender if possible

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Yes that um I’m really not positive with the timing but it was certainly between 2 am to 5am, April 15 year 2000 and I’m a Guy.
I truly hope that’s sufficient

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Hey Muggie, I am sorry it will not be sufficient because I wouldn’t know the ascendant and that make impossible for the prediction. Without the ascendant it’s difficult to work. Planets work differently for each ascendant

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ohh…it’s okay… thanks

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Hi, are you open to interpreting this? I am worried about her

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Oh hey hi thanks!

I am open to interpreting this but I have no idea how to go about it lol :joy:

I know it’s scary haha

can i have a reading please . i have pm my details to you. thanks

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Unfortunately Bro it’s closed but you are on the list for the next t reading I am planning to do

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thank you for your kind reply . look forward to your reading. have a nice day

Bro can i get a reading?:sweat_smile: