Giving instructions to spirits to carry out tasks

Ok so im gonna be honest, i need help. I need to know what words to say to spirits when i evoke them so they fullfill my desires/commands.

Lets not go all politically correct here and start talking wimpy stuff here. I can already see that happening.

What exactly do you say to a spirit when you evoke them during evocation for them to make something happen, listen, and to bring about what you want.

Im talking about the most extreme,taboo, unacheivable things an evocator can think of.

So?. What do you say for a spirit to make something happen once you evoke them,because to be honest i want demons to possess someone,but dont tell me it cant happen


I’m not sure what exactly it is you are asking. How to command spirits? There is a thread that addresses that question.


To give commands to a spirit to carry out a task. So many magi are hung up on “you cannot command any spirit”, but this is not the case either. Let me phrase it in a way that makes sense.

(Spirit xyz… i command you and call you to possess john/jane doe, and make them do “abc” for this is my desire"

Look at the thread I linked. I go over that exact thing, including examples of it.



You could piss some spirits off if i’m not mistaken… Is this some replacement for a blood pact?

In a blood pact agreement you also know 100% sure that your wishes will be granted.

Then information on how to perform a blood pact effectively would be most helpful

I just typed blood pact into the search feature. This is one of a big list.

I was just reading this. No lie

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Once you have evoked them and have their attention ask them to do your bidding. Remember that you are equals but always approach them respect. Speak to them like you what to being spoken to.