Commanding spirits

So I’ve heard EA discuss on his videos about commanding Spirits. I’ve also read some other post on here, and people using the term command when talking about spirits. So when I evoke a spirit, or ask for one to assist or bless a magical working I’m doing, should I say to them that I command them rather than ask them for assistance?
Like if I’m doing a love spell, or spell for knowledge, should I command Duke Sallos, or Astaroth, rather then ask them for assistance?


I think you are mistaking the use of the term. You do not command as in “if you don’t do this I will…” with threats if they don’t comply.

When you command a spirit, you do so as the Eternal God that you are, not as a man pulling an ego trip. You would say something like, “Duke Sallos, as you have said it is within your power to bring me a lover that fits my specifications, and as it is my will, I command you to go out and make it so.”

All that is meant by the term “command” is to infuse your words with your will and intent. You can’t be wishy washy. This is what you want and you have to make sure the spirit understands. You can’t say, “Duke Sallos, if you want to, could you please bring me a lover. It’s okay if you don’t want to though.” That is weak and not the Will of a God.

You still give thanks to the spirit upon dismissing it though. Commanding doesn’t mean you are not polite.


Okay. So it’s not a literal command in a threatening manner, it’s just basically acknowledging that you are the “god” and that you’re"commanding" the assistance of the spirit, according to your will.
Like a boss and an employee. You’re not forcing him to do it, but this is why I hired you, so make it happen.
Am I understanding correctly?


Yes. The spirits respect your Will. Once you have called them, and they have agreed to work with you towards your goal, then that is what they become, an employee. It is important to note though, that you are not superior to them, and they are not superior to you so politeness and respect are always necessary.

In his book Evoking Eternity, EA describes his first evocation of King Paimon, and he was trying to command him with godnames, but he was scared and shaking and the demon just laughed at him. When he called him again, and was angry, the King no longer laughed at him but listened to what he desired because EA was channeling his Will through the words. It wasn’t the godnames the King respected, but EA’s power when he said them.


I remember him talking about that. Great point. Awesome, thank you so much for this information. As always, @DarkestKnight, you have incredibe knowledge.
One last thing. How do you know, as the magician, if the spirit has infact agreed to work with you, rather then your ego tricking you I to thinking it has?


The spirit usually tells me that it agrees. I have worked to differentiate its voice from my own, and can usually tell based on syntax and tone.

If your clairaudience isn’t developed, then just assume the spirit has agreed. They very rarely say no, as it is part of their function to work for those that call upon them, but if they do, its usually because you have asked for something outside of their particular skill set. Some spirits are more specialized than others.


Unfortunately, I’m not that developed …yet.
I’m embracing the day I can hear or see spirits.
And yes, obviously you would turn to Duke Sallos for a love matter, rather then summoning a spirit of war for such a matter.
Alright, I’ll apply this knowledge and information to myself and make the proper adjustments. Again, thank you very much.
I greatly do appreciate it.


You’re welcome. Glad I could help.


That’s the trick of it, actually. If the spirit agrees, then there really is no need to command, is there? Then it is more a matter of asserting your will in your statement of intent.

Until that actualizes I would suggest learning to use a pendulum or equivalent. Yes or no can do just fine until you get more open communication. I really never get words, myself; just imagery and the occasional oddball sounds, or an ‘idea’ that clearly did not originate from me.


Very good point and interesting view.
I actually have a pendulum I’m trying to work with. I keep it on me at all times.
Although I think it tries to mess with me at times.
It can tell me if someone is trust worthy, or if someone had feelings for me, but it can’t tell me if a face down card is a heart, or a spade? So we need some work on that. :thinking:


Yeah, about the same with me. But the pendulum should get you a simple yes or no. This is actually what I feel is the best argument for the psychological model. Most people seem unable to get details like how you mentioned, or describe an unknown person. The only thing that keeps me hopeful is the few times someone has accurately gotten those answers when they should not have been able to. It does happen, but it is not common.

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What happens when you don’t respect spirit :slight_smile:


@Woodsman81 Yeah, same here. I appreciate the advice. I’ll keep trying with my pendulum.

@Trimorphis, I appreciate this information. I actually tried to command Lilith in a disrespectful manner, the first time I did a spell. It did not go well, however I’m greatful that she was merciful towards me. She could’ve been ALOT worse, and actually taught me some things along the way.
But I understand what you’re saying.
I feel like it’s not like commanding in a demanding manner, but more so commanding the powers of the spirits/universe according to your will.
And in a way, it’s a show of respect to them as well.
Example: I see you’re a spirit of wisdom. Therefore, I call upon you, (because I believe in you and trust in your power) and command your power, according to my will, to bring me the wisdom I need to become a better person in the world.
Of course giving thanks and appreciation. Possibly a formal offering too.

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Nice. Thanks for this post. I haven’t really framed stuff like that. I just ask, "can u plz do abc for me? Is that good too?

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Phrasing it like that sounds to me like a worshiper pleading rather than a god commanding, but if it works for you then who’s to say its wrong? As long as it is said in a way that your Will is respected by the spirit, I don’t see it being a problem :slight_smile:


So much for being polite in nature lol! Thanks for the heads up.

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Always be polite with spirits, but you have to be willing to put iron into your words as well because sometimes spirits will try to get away with asking for outrageous offerings or dragging their heels on your time frame and making excuses. In fact, some demons will do so just to test you to see if you have what it takes to wield power.

EA mentions this about Belial in the demonic pathworking in Evoking Eternity.

Think of the spirit like an unruly child or an employee not pulling their weight. You need to be polite but firm, making sure they know what is expected of them. Otherwise they will try to see just how much they can get away with (well, some more than others. King Paimon has never been anything but regal with me).


I may be learning that about King Belial. So I finally see him in smoke yesterday. He assures me I don’t have to worry about something. I’m trying to figure if he knew I’d have the money to take care of something is why he said not to worry. Well come to think about, one of the people that was to pay up could’ve easily defaulted. That didn’t happen.

Maybe he knew I waa stressing out cuz of this and reassured me about no need to be worked up. I’ll have to ask him.


I never command.I can’t command.Respect✌️

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Why not threaten? I mean. In the respect to parasites it forces them to act as in my recent findings

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