Getting Your Ex Back!

OK I see at least two a week now and it’s getting irritating. It seems like nothing brings people to magick like the sudden desperate need to get back together with whoever doesn’t want them anymore.
Stop it, just stop, did you ever think there could have been a good reason you broke up?
Well first of all, if you want to make sure a relationship fails make sure it’s monogamous. But that’s really beside the point. The two of you didn’t get along well enough to tolerate each other then what in the name of King Paimon makes you think doing the same exact thing will yeald completely different results?
Should your spell work and you get your ex back then what? You realize why they made you miserable in the first place. That’s what always happens to the few who succeed at it.

Now rather than give you a spell to get your ex back and ruin your life further I’m going to give you this instead.

Visualize the type of person you want to manifest in your life. Now keep in mind to have realistic expectations there’s no way in hell the 300lb pizza faced wierdo creep is going to get the supermodel no matter what kind of magick you got going on. You need lots of money if you are 300 lbs of pudding man. You need to work on making you better all around and set goals and meet them. Learn how to talk to people and more socially intelligent. Stop going back to what is familiar just because you think familiar is safe it wasn’t then and it isn’t going to be if you get your ex back.

Make yourself better, know your own worth realistically. Know your strengths and weaknesses, make your expectations accordingly realistic.
Choose battles you know you can win and you will be fine. Cheers!


What if its an ex you parted with because moving situations and couldnt make it work but are now at a point where you can get around that and just need a situational change?


Then it’s a convenient excuse to go back instead of forward.


I agree. Well said!


Well I value your opinion and I’ll agree to disagree with you on this one :slight_smile:


yeah i gotta admit…i too am getting kinda bored of the same old same old “get my ex back” magick in this section of the boards. Its like…a total lack of creativity in relationship styles on these boards, which i’ve often found to be disappointing, given the possibilities with magick. Its been a very long time since ive seen anything even close to resembling polygamy or polyamory on here.


I know you would think black magicians of all people would be a little more free love.


I have some issues about trying to get an ex back because people never works on what make them broke up in first place.

Also, love spells are very tricky and I already saw a lot of people getting huge collaterals because they did something wrong.

Well, trying to have an ex back is always an option, a lot of people start to work with magic because of this, but it’s a lot better to work on self improvement, on self growth. If people just stop to put all their energy on trying to get an ex back and spend their energy on their evolution…


I feel that the people saying how pathetic it is to want your ex back have either never gone through it, or somehow think that every breakup is the same… It’s not always about being incompatible, every situation is different and it fucking hurts when it’s something you had no control over

That being said, I do agree that seeing essentially the same thing posted again and again is getting a bit old… People seem to think that a solution is just going be handed to them with no research or effort on their part - search button is there for a reason!

Gotta say, though @AdamThoth- a clickbaity title like that won’t accomplish much if you just insult people that open it in hopes of finding an answer. It’s easy to tell people just to move on… Not so easy to actually do it. Maybe it would be better to let new people know that there are already hundreds of posts on this topic? Maybe link to something help them? People don’t like bring spoken down to, it creates a bit of a hostile environment for the site, don’t you think? No reason to drive new people away just because you don’t agree with what brought them here

Actually, now that I think about it… Hey @Lady_Eva, what do you think about a stickied thread at the start of the #love-sex-magick-relationships page telling people wanting an ex back to look through what’s already here instead of making new threads? It would cut down on spam and it might get some older topics flowing again


Ah, looks good, won’t work, as a wise man once said - people never read stickies, or we wouldn’t be chasing people to do an intro, also, forums that insist new members restrain their enthusiasm tend to start getting stagnant.

If you spot too many going on at once, drop a flag, and I can merge them, but people join wanting to be heard for themselves and not shoehorned into some old topic, or merged into someone else’s situation.

Always remember the same old question you saw 3 times this week is brand new and possibly (for heartbreak) the most important thing in the world right now to that person, who’s maybe taking a leap of faith anyway joining a forum like this. :+1:


Something like - “ATTENTION! Want an ex back? Look here first!”


Years ago, we had this pinned in that category: Share Your "Get My Ex Back" Spells That Actually Worked

1st post says, please no questions, just post successes. It’s very clear on that.

I spent more time splitting questions off it, from people who didn’t even READ the OP, let alone the whole topic… 32 in total. In the end it was driving me so crazy that I just gave up and closed it, I’ll add links to things or people can send me them, but no-one read it. :laughing:

So, if people won’t even READ the OP of a “these are things that actually WORKED” topic, I am pretty sure they won’t read a “Read this first” topic either, sticky-thread blindness is a real thing, hell I don’t read all the stickies on any forum I join. :smiley:


Some things in society are frowned upon mental laziness especially I’m the magick community. Endless posts about how to get an ex back when a simple search would yeald countless results is ridiculous and clogging up the forum. I’m not trying to be a dick it just comes naturally but sometimes it’s necessary.

Wait… I’m a LHP occultist and Devil Worshiper of course I’m a dick.


Don’t judge, especially if you don’t know another’s circumstances.
And if a lost love brings one to magic, so be it.
Everyone, you included, has a reason for starting on this path.


Ok, OK, fair enough for your perspective I respect that but honestly they don’t need to be clogging up the forum with this annoying posts two three sometimes 4 times a week. Especially when a simple search will give them years worth of advice in threads about this very topic.


Who are we to judge? “Desperate times call for desperate measures” and have you ever considered, they’re reaching out for help? Can we be so heartlesss and refuse, just because, thank goodness, we’re not in that situation?


Yeah, I’m all about compassion of course I believe in Lucifer but to be honest its really only about having some forum etiquette and not placing ones relationship insecurities in the way of other people’s ascent. It’s about having common courtesy for the forum. If somebody posts a thread asking about evocation everybody posts replies of links to previous threads explaining everything in detail. Why the same search function isn’t implemented is due to mental laziness and nobody respects that, until it seems to be about getting back an ex then for some odd reason it’s tolerated.


Its not so much about the content as it is the intent which is " hey all you people who have years of training and focus please solve my relationship problem for me so I don’t need to man up and accept my situation". Such victim lazy mentality can’t be tolerated. They have freedom of speach but so do I and my criticism sometimes is warranted. I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t.

Usually I don’t even take a look in posts with that headline anymore. Glad, I did it this time :smiley:
I wholeheartedly agree.


Thank you my dear, we are not alone. This mental laziness is only accepted when it’s about getting an ex back every other time its “hey, use the search function” Lol