Getting started with the Qliphoth - Kundalini Problem - & Experiences with Lilith's Throne Seal?

Hey there.

I want to start my qliphothic work but don’t have the Kundalini. I awoke it 2014. My Kundalini didn’t rise out of two times when I was in panic.
Then it rose but fell back again because I calmed down too fast.

My Kundalini serpent spoke to me.
It said: “I want to survive eternal death”.
I wanna use my Kundalini but don’t know how to reach it. It doesn’t answer me anymore, too.

Can anyone of you travel to my Kundalini astrally and ask it why it doesn’t rise or work with it?
Or what could I do?

My meditations become longer and longer.
I’m able to keep thought silence reliably.

If you can’t astralproject you could use
evocation for the qliphothic workings firstly, right? I wanna use a mirror.
What can you recommend from your experience?

For one of my first evocations I would use
Lilith’s Throne Seal from the Book of Sitra Achra.
Any experiences with this one?

Evocation would be my first way.
Any tip for my start with the Qliphoth is highly appreciated!



I doubt you can force the Kundalini to achieve whatever your goals are, it is an independent force. I also have similar issue


There are hundreds of excellent vids in YouTube with kundalini exercises. Normally it is needed a 40 days period of daily exercises from beginner Modus to moderate Level. Some say it’s spontaneous but that is bullshit it’s a process. Has to do with changes in the hole being. Kundalini is a holistic thing.

PS there is a great film i saw with a friend: The Last Shaman. It’s not about kundalini but about shamanic healing and stuff. The youngman in that film needed more than 110 days to achieve his goals


The only thing I can imagine to get contact to my serpent is void meditation deeply. What would you do?

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I’d like to ask a question on qliphot tunnels.Are we affecting the same sephirotic tunnel if we work with the archdemon of the qliphotic tunnel ? ?

No, the Tunnels of Set are independent to the Sephiroth and their tunnels. Why do you ask?
Any experiences with the tunnels?

Yeah.I was told to work on the 12 and 18 tunnel.Called on Lafcursiax and it was exhausting.I still can’t get used to the changes.Thinking of redoing it.idk.

Which changes?
I didn’t open a tunnel yet.
What is awaiting those who do?

I just started bro.Well I feel changes in my relation to people and my thinking patterns.It’s more of a personal thing and I need to go this way.

From what you tell us it seems like your kundalani is in dissaray.
Yes you can use invocations/evocations. Thomas Karlssons in “qabalah qliphoth and goetic magic” or Aserath Masons in "Draconian ritual book.

So you intend to work with 218? Otherwise just drop it.

My Kundalini does what ever he wants.
He spoke with me, saying “I wanna survive eternal death” and massaged my Anahata-Chakra. He told me I should call him ‘Ismael’.
But the serpent does not rise, nor he answers me anymore.

I found out my Higher Self is speaking to deities astrally when I sleep. Maybe my Higher Self controls him. I have no access.

It should be started from Lilith and Gamaliel so actually the first Tunnel is the one of Thantifaxath. Anyways Lafoursiax is a different energy and like in the Qliphot of A’Arab Zaraq the mage can die if he/she lacks protection.

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To expand on @Rav s post.
You will sometimes find the names Nahemoth or Malkuth Leilah instead of Lilith.

why do we have the kundalini at all if it isnt here to help us enforce our wishes. whats its purpose

Disclaimer: I ain’t no expert.

Kundalini is the energy of Shakti (divine feminine force) that when activated uncoils and rises up the spine burning through spiritual blockages as it makes its way up to the crown where it will meet Shiva (divine masculine force, some would call Logos).

Essentially, this process speeds up your spiritual evolution as it burns through your false ego, perceptions, and psychological and spiritual blockages of one form or another.

On the RHP the highest stated goal of this would be a dissolution of the ego and attachments, karma, etc.

(Edit: in so doing youll become more aware of what it is you really want and are driven to, which in turn you may move to manifest much better)

In Hinduism, this would lead to “moksha” (liberation).

This is just a basic answer.

There’s a lot of other thought on this.


Idk if anyone has issues like me, but when i call the kundalini forth… I am kind of dejected and unmotivated the day after. I am a lot more reactionary with peoplr.

Im not sure if im doing some process wrong, or not meditating enough.

It’s frustrating, but i want to keep doing this becaus

it sucks for me. I accidentally awoke my kundalini by doing meditation and deep breathing. I like my ego, who I am and the things I enjoy. im a left hand person and I hate the right hand path with a passion. i dont want to lose my ego or my attachments. why would any one want to get rid of attachments. I want to desire money so I can travel and have freedom. I dont want to merge with source or have liberation. I want to increase my individuality and maintain my sense of self and ego. is there a left hand path option for using kundalini.

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Alright, so…
The simple answer is, there’s not a simple quick answer to your questions.

That is to say, a concise thorough answer would quickly turn into a rather large essay of its own.

I can see that you’re not familiar with a lot of these things. That’s ok. You’re learning.

I’m assuming you’re young, so I’m going to tell you that you have time, enjoy the journey for what it is as you walk your path.

You’re gonna need to do a lot of legwork and research, plain and simple. Keep an open mind as you pour over things.

This displays very dualistic thinking.
This really doesn’t serve you. I would encourage you to drop this kind of thinking “this=good, this other one=bad”.

In the words of Bruce Lee, “Adapt what is useful, and discard what is useless”.

There’s also the chaos magick addage, “nothing is true, everything is permitted”.

I feel like you may have inferred something I didn’t intend you to from my post. (Though that may be because of your perceptions)

There’s nothing wrong with awakening your Kundalini. Just because you did, doesn’t mean you’re on some set path now. But you may have to buckle in for the ride…

Once it burns through all your blockages and spiritual and psychological blocks, and baggage (this is a good thing, though it may not be easy for you if you have a lot of unaddressed or unresolved issues, it ain’t all sunshine and rainbows) it’ll return back down the spine.

It’s not a one time process. Most sources will tell you this is a process that may be taken multiple times over your life.

This is its own topic. (As well as Ego which I won’t get into, but you may have a lot to research on that matter).

Loosening attachments creates it’s own mobility.

Not all attachments are bad, and not all are good. There’s often underlying psychological and spiritual factors as well. Some of your attachments may be based in past hurts, false lessons you learned from your environment, etc.

When you work through these issues, you may find the attachment changes or you drop it altogether.

There’s nothing wrong with that.
Money is a resource, tool and a means to an end, in this case a desire to travel (and whatever else you may wish to do).

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to gather the resources that lead to your ability to attain the things that lead you to happiness or fulfillment.

People can’t get far without adequate resources of some form or another.

There is, but I would encourage you to do research and become more familiar with all this first.

You can use the search bar and type in “Kundalini”. Read, read, and read some more.

You’re seeking, and that’s good. Keep seeking.

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What’s the point in raising your Kundalini if you’re already enlightened?

You need to have a burning desire to escape pain and suffering along with it’s trappings of the mundane world to raise your kundalini. This comes from a dualistic mindset. It’s only after you raise your kundalini and experience gnosis you start to see things the way you mentioned.

I went through a dark period in my life that lead me into believing that I wanted to escape everything.

I wanted to escape pain and suffering, the mundane with all of its bullshit and I didn’t want to come back in any way, shape or form. I literally wanted to be obliterated. Erased from time and return to a state of non-existing. Laid to rest if there is such a thing.

The only way I was able to fully awaken my kundalini and experience the gnosis of non-being was with the mask of satan - the opposer, adversary.

It’s about division. I am not my body, I am not the experience, I am not… Until I was beyond nothing.

It was in that moment, when I understood what it was like to not exist during meditation, my body was flooded with what felt like a stream of ice. And as I focused on the space in between the atoms that gave me shape and form this stream of ice turned into molten lava. The feeling was ecstatic. And it was in becoming nothing, I realized I was everything. Pure consciousness.