Getting Soul Travel Course

I’m new in here and I’m having plans to get the soul travel course by EA Koetting.
But before that I’ll like to get answers to some of my questions.

  1. How much time does it take to get into the state of soul travel and finally travel, after you already learned how to do that?

  2. Possession: I read that point of EA where he mentioned that he will teach you how to possess someone on the physical plane from your astral body, have you guys had any experience with that? If so, please share.

  3. How long will it take me to master soul travel?


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Welcome to the BALG forum, @Nomed, Please take a moment to post an introduction in our New Magician and Introductions area, and tell us a bit about yourself, what your interests are, and any magical experience you may have, It is a rule here.

As for your questions 1 & 3: No one can tell you that. It is entirely up to your individual abilities and work ethic.


Her there @Nomed , here are my answers, they likely won’t help you, but it should at least give you something to think about. Anyways;

  1. Like @DarkestKnight has said it depends, for some it may go faster, for some it may be slower. As a general rule I’d like to repeat one or two exercises for a 30-40 day period it usually should bring about some results by then, but if you need more time stick with it. The more time you spend developing the basics the better off you will be later on when you get to do the advanced stuff.

  2. No experience. Can’t help you there.

  3. No one can say, for E.A I believe it took him years to go through all planes and then come back down, I believe it was like 5 years. But we’ll see it all depends on your development and commitment to the material in the course. Souls travel is learning how to ride a bike in many ways once you know how you’ll never forget it.


Thank you @Teras390 for this precise answer. It helped me to understand some things better now.


Just to be sure though, if you get the course I think the info is gold, follow E.A’s directions and you shouldn’t be able to go wrong. His evocation material is really great. At any rate, good luck.



Ahh, got it!
Btw can you pm me?

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1 and 3 - what they said :fu: Could be a week, could be a year.

2 - I’ve only basic experience here, but the first thing I noticed was the perspective change - the person was teller than me, and I knew the location, so it was weird seeing it through their eyes at a different height. Sounds trivial I know.
Next thing you notice is energy and emotions, your auras are not overlapping so it stands to reason they start to affect you. If you’re open to it you can easily understand their feelings and attitudes to a situation by feeling them as your own temporarily. You can also feel how they think, if that makes any sense.
I was just riding for a moment though. I have not tried to take it further and deepen the possession to get any kind of control.


Done, you should’ve received a notification, a green one. ^___^

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Ah, I see.
Thanks for providing me with that answer.
So, you were basically able to control their movements, their actions, and perceive through their senses. right?

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I was just riding for a moment though. I have not tried to take it further and deepen the possession to get any kind of control.


Oh, okay.
Thanks for answering.