Getting help from a entity without getting played

I want to make a deal with an entity or an angel or assistance where would I start

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After hitting the link Dark posted, start using the search feature on this forum and look up any Spirit you have interest in and read, read, read.


Well, presumably, you would evoke the entity in question and ask it if it would be willing to make a pact with you and then negotiate your terms.

I’m a boxer and want to be a better boxer do you think there’s an spirit I could evoke to help me with fighting

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Off the top of my head without doing any research, I’d say Michael, Samael, Kamael, and Mars.

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Not to bother you too much but where would I start with getting in contact with these spirits

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Usually, just for a conversation, I get into a meditative trance state and repeat their name in my head over and over again until they show up.

For an evocation where I am utilizing their abilities, I’ll get an offering (for angels I offer a cup of regular water with a splash of holy water blessed by a Catholic Priest, it’s always worked) and I’ll ritually set the circle up with the LBRP (with altered God names) and then I evoke the spirit by intoning it’s name until I feel it’s presence or I see it with my spiritual sight.

P.S. you can get holy water at any Catholic Church. You may need the receptionist to open the doors to the location of the Font. Bring some object to fill with the holy water.

Also, on the week before Easter, call a local Catholic Church and ask if there will be baptisms at the Easter Vigil, if they say yes, then attend that Church for the Easter Vigil Mass, at the end, the large tub filled with Baptismal water is available for you to take with you in a container of some kind. I like fill two water bottles as it has to last me about a year.

If you’re really sneaky, you could try to steal some of the bread served at communion as that stuff is so powerful. It is the very body of Jesus Christ. You can break it in half for blasphemy rituals, or you can use pieces of it in magic.


Please make your next post an introduction in the thread I linked. It is not optional.


Taking the attitude that you will be played isn’t going to do you favours, it’s in line with “I want a beginners demon to work with”.

They are indifferent to humans, if you ask for something correctly - it’ll happen. It may happen in order to teach you a lesson so ensure you know what you are asking for and its consequences eg weightloss.

Last thing you want is to find that the weight loss is there but due to dysentry or worse still loss of a limb.

Therefore be specific.


Ohhh I’m weaak :sob::rofl: everytime I see you on posts you get them :((


Otherwise, I would recommand King Belial for your demand. He seems to help a lot people to surpass themselves. The only thing is I don’t know if you already have clairaudience or if you’re able to receive what spirits wants to tell you because otherwise I wouldn’t make a deal with any spirit if I can’t get the advices.

In order to become a better boxer you must hear them when they want you to do something specific for it.

If you have those abilities honestly go for King Belial and if you don’t, start to work on that and maybe evoke and bond with the spirit you’ve chosen.

Edit : In the same mind as @HermesHorse when you will contact the spirit please don’t get the attitude of “you better not play me” / hesitant regarding their powers / trust issues. Because this could piss them off easily and they will probably not take your demand seriously (maybe they will if they feel a little bit ‘concerning’ but otherwise…) It’s just like human you know, you don’t go ask somebody a service being like “I don’t trust you 100% on that but let’s still do it.”


Your right thank you do you think that these spirits could help me fight better by giving me ability’s or what like how would something like this work

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You need to keep in mind that spirits doesn’t do the job for you, in fact they help you by either giving opportunities that you have to take or they will give you advices on how to build things regarding your demands,… It’s like a “coach”.

In any demand they will NEVER do anything at your place. They support you but you have to do the most of the work by yourself otherwise we would never have to work hard and they would be some kind of employee payed by us to get whatever we want. You do know that it’s not the purpose of relationships with spirits who are more advanced than us right?

If I can let you know my vision of things a little bit more precisely, I think King Belial for exemple would reach to you during a training and talk to you / advice you on how to do better moves or will help you mentally to go further in your training,… He would also tell you what you must stop in your diet, give you advices regarding your daily life on when you must go to sleep, stop these or that,…

It’s really like a hard supportive coach who have the ability to create opportunities for you but they will not give you any super power like a little fairy and everything is okay after 1 week. No, it’s a long path of hard working but it is always worth it!


When you done deals with entity’s what did you have to do in return

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Those kinds of things are negotiated with the Spirit in question.

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I was told that it would be good to start off with a less powerful spirit and not to start off with a king what are you thoughts on that

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Some of us have gone straight for the top entities and either got a solid result or nothing. My first time I got nothing but that’s because I wasn’t serious enough. Make sure your heart and head is down for this act, these entities are “ride or die” and if you ain’t down to ride or die then get out of their car because they (the spirits) are bustin’ on fools at the stop light lmao


The higher Daemons are less likely to mess with you or harm you while lesser ones have no real care for you.
The Kings do want people to be serious so if you show this they will take you seriously and help you.

As for Sold Results or Nothing that’s more based on if you are strong enough to see, hear of feel them; if you use their sigil, they will come regardless of if you realize it or not.


Lol but i know they always want something in return so they tell you what they want or do you offer something

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