Gemstone thread


It was years of collecting, for moon stone or opal i hunted about 10 years, because it was so hard to find real one, and i didn’t buy stones from internet except one- pyrite sun.

And also for next mala i will use rose quartz and carnelian (not jade as i wrote in ealier post) and will see how it will work with love maters :smiling_imp:


I have a Moldavite necklace.
In every ritual I perform, I put it above a lodestone slab that I have on my altar


And as i said i did mala from rose quartz and carnelian. And also included hematite and one brown jasper. And now i have one problem- when I take mala in my hand and meditate, i feel light pain in fingers whit which i hold it. Don’t know if stones energies are not compatible which each other, or it is so powerfull. Someone can tell something about it or scan?


I’ve been collecting gems for a very long time, my collection has recently swelled now that I’ve discovered the local gem shop just a few city blocks away. I’ve used my garnets to increase healing, rose quartz to help with emotional outbursts, and malachite to keep other peoples negativity from clinging to me. Recently I’ve acquired a piece of Dream Quartz and a sizable piece of labradorite that I’m looking forward to working with. The top is my collection as it stands, the bottom is a large piece of Hematite that I found during a rock hunt, I love it’s natural triangular form and is a heavy bugger.


ähm, sorry, is that your scrying bowl?





Nice… I will have to show everyone my collection.
A lot of organizing lol…


Haha I hear that. It took me forever to get the stones back into their baggies. XD


This brown-red boulder one on left, what is that? It cach my eye in one moment. Garnet?


In the bottom picture near my thumb? Yes that’s my raw garnet, above that is Magnesium then Selenite and on the far left is my Shamanic Dream Quartz. :slight_smile:


I should be more specific, I mean photo on the top. :slight_smile:


Oh! The one next to the triangle that’s bigger than it? That’s Labradorite.


This one


Heart shaped polished amethyst. XD Sorry. Too many stones.


Amethyst? I would never guess because of this color. You use it in magic?


Not that one in particular @Seraph , it was a gift from my daughter. I have used other amethyst before in chakra work however. It’s good for soothing a throbbing headache I’ve found. Associated with the crown chakra also, good for connecting with one’s higher self.

It is a purple, and I swear I had it oriented to show the shape. The camera flash seems to have diluted some of the colors of the stones.


I know, it also give nice dreams. I have feeling this one is somehow… special


Moldavite from Czech Republic.


A lovely specimen!


Recently buyed shiva lingam stone. Someone have use it and can say something about this stone?


My little collection…or the part of it that I could find with next to no effort anyway.