Gemstone thread


Also even leaving them in sunlight can cause color change.


I’m pretty sure it doesn’t, I have a few and can say for sure water doesn’t affect them adversely.



Neat collection.


That is gorgeous, may I ask where you ordered it?


Been a while sense i ordered it.
It was on Etsy… The chain it original came with had worn-out.

But i suppose just search on Etsy for Aqua Aura quatz crystal necklaces and you should locate it pretty quickly.


Thanks, I just got an amethyst necklace from Etsy, I want a rose Quartz set in sterling silver next.


Ooo that sounds nice i might go for that too…


I prefer nicely cut stones and for metals I prefer coins in my work. Although I have plenty of rough rubys sapphire, and emerald I have more nicely cut ones though. I keep them taped up in plastic bags in an old day planner. I keep them categorized in alphabetical order the last two are a black pearl and gold.


Wonderful collection! That pearl is divine.


I love it… Great way of categorizing it.

I have some flakes of gold. Haven’t looked for a nugget of gold.


I have a couple more at home. I’ll post them once I get home.


Sweet gemstone necklace.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:Gorgeous! Is that Amethyst Druzy? I think I maybe was a crow in a past life, I’m so enamored with sparkly things.


This is a little of my bullion collection. All pennies nickels dimes and quarters are pre 1965 coins meaning they are worth their weight in metals. Unlike today’s coins which are worth nothing melt value.
And this is what real money used to look like.
This is a silver certificate which means there is one dollar worth of silver on hand in fort Knox that is represented by this bank note.


Wow very cool. I love it.

I bet there is no silver or gold in fort nox right now. Imo.


Oh hell no that fucker is empty as fuck Lol




A little embarrassing, I forgot what it was called. I have to look up my order and see… :joy:


Nice pic.