Gemstone thread


I thought i should start a topic where everyone can post pictures and talk about their gemstones that they use in magick and have lying around.
So i will start with a picture of ruby n’ zoisite, smoky quartz, clear quartz and orange calcite… And an egg made of a gemstone that starts with the letter R.


Me, a clear quartz crystal ball:


That’s very beautiful.
I really need to get one for myself so i can scry into it.


I not use stones in magic but i like collect them, so… here it is, to much to name it all, but somewere is saphire, opal, moon stones… Sauron’s eye is fire agate.


Very cool thanks for sharing.


Here is a gemstone i purchased online… Its an Aqua Aura quartz which is basically super heated quartz crystal with gold sprinkled of the hot quartz… And then cooled. The gemstone has many magickal properties (as gold and quartz crystal do).


Anybody wouldn´t know if Agate dissolves in alcohol of water?


I don’t think it would but i don’t know for sure.


Well, yeah, considering that I´m going to use agate in a ritual involving alcohol I juat hope that it doesn´t.


Agate isn’t a soft gemstone like say Calcite so i don’t think it will.
(Calcite dissolves in water).


Well, I can always hope.


Calcite and agate are soluble in dilute acids, not in water.


I must have read wrong about calcite.


Calcite, as stone, crystalized. Cacite powder can be well mixed with water under specific conitions.
Thanks :wink:


Thank you for the information. Always learning each day.


Np :slight_smile:
General advice is not to keep any crystal in tap water for a long period of time.
They can absorb impurites and chance color in some cases.


Makes sense with the water thing.

Thanks again.


I recently made mala for meditation from hematite, carnelian and red jasper to boost my lower chakras, and after meditation before sleep i am like :flushed: i just can’t sleep :rofl: this stuf gives energy like coffe but it’s last longer- next day on morning i had train- i traveled 8 hours and normally it makes me tired, but not this time and was sleeping 5 hours. This set of stones have only one issue- it will not calm you, the heart will beat faster (but you will not get apoplexy). Good stuff to boost energy. Now i will try rose quartz with jadeite :slight_smile:


Ooo that sounds really cool. Thanks for sharing.


I’m jealous of your collection, very cool.