Gemstone thread


Cool collection… Damn i need to show off my collection soon :wink:


Here is my entire collection (except for a few larger stones that i don’t have around me at the moment).

That Moment When 3

Absolutely gorgeous! So jelly!


They looks like candy :smiley:


I had to dig to find this photo, but pictured are a ceremonial cherry quartz knife which has many uses such as cord cutting, opening portals, psychic surgery, etc. A few opals, great for stimulating psychic senses. Very flashy stones. A large smokey quartz, great for repelling negative energy. Quartz pyramid, quartz is an amplifier, and the pyramid shape helps focus it, especially laid upon an energy center or used on a wand. Pyramid power is the best. There’s a labradorite up there as well, a great dreaming stone. The one you can’t see fully pictured is a nice hunk of amethyst points. Amethyst offers some protection, stimulates the third eye, many other things. It is a very popularl gemstone for those reasons, as well as it is very inexpensive, even for nicer specimens.


You should not show a dagger like this here, I would steal it with my eyes :laughing:


I don’t even blame you!! I was blown away when it was offered to me.


Heh, I have hand-made copper dagger, but i dont use it in magical practice. But i would like to have copper purba- hindu triple-bladed dagger.


I have a way too dirty mind…I didnt see a dagger until after I read what it actually was



Thank you :blush:


Nice profile pic :grin:


Yes they do… I am not sure what they all are exactly but i know most of them.


Very cool


I love these especially the opal.


Thank you!! Here in Arizona we have a gem and mineral show in Tucson every year. Vendors from across the globe go there to sell precious minerals and gems at nearly wholesale costs.


Wow very cool.


try obsidian knife. :wink:





C’mon, that’s no gem stone,
it’s a dragon hatchling’s egg,
i can see clearly!


Must…not…palm read… :cold_sweat: