Gatekeeper QnA!

Hello! Due to some reasons I haven’t considered in the past I have now decided to make the post with the following rules:

  1. No extremely personal questions regarding medicine or things you should be seeing a medical professional about. Both @Lady_Eva and the gatekeepers have asked this of me.

  2. This will now have a time limit of 1 hour before we shall stop taking questions. Exceptions will be serious private messages, and anything deemed not worth their time shall be deleted from PMs.

Please ask a maximum of 4 questions. We don’t want to clutter this up and not allow serious questions to be answered while the dumb ones are.

I hate to give rules, but the admin and the gatekeepers agree this will be a much better way to go about this.

With that being said, all 9 are in my temple with me, as where they shall permanently possess. Please direct your questions to either a specific gatekeeper or if all of them, please say that this question is for all. We need to be able to understand this so again, serious questions can be answered.


For all of them.

What is the nature of my Path and Name?

That’s my question, I’d like to know what they think.

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Can we just ask questions concerning ourselves??

of course, just make sure it isn’t a question to ask a doctor first. :wink:


“That is for you to figure out. What is the fun about telling you your destiny?”


Glad to see the non-answers aren’t just on my end.


Lmao ok. I would like to know what is the true meaning of “becoming a god”

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Ok. Is there another weird surprsise coming my way, spiritually or is some “peace time” ahead? Thank you :slight_smile:

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“Having the ability to be everywhere, see everything, know everything. To be infinitely large yet infinitely small at the same time. Most importantly, it is the ability to create and destroy using your own judgement and power.”


Omg YES. I have waited for this thread!
Can you please ask all of them what is my magickal name and if a specific entity is trying to contact me?

This was from Beelzebub

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“Your guides shall give you your name young one. We give invitations, we almost never contact because we want to work with someone. Choose your spirit, and see if the energies match.”


“There shall always be surprises.”

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To Lucifer, I’d like to know why you seem to send out erotic vibes to everyone on this planet, but to me you always feel platonic, more like a brother?

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I got another question(yay me):
How does one achieve immortality, if something like this is possible?
And fourth and last question… What happens when all Gates open?

“I am both. you feel one side while others feel another.”


Legendary reply from Beelzebub. He is the man…

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Thank you :blush:

These are not questions I need to see a medical professional about nor will any personal info be revealed…

To Belial and King Paimon: What do I need to do in order to progress in the situation I discussed with you two yesterday? I’m feeling like I’m going backwards, what do I need to do to move forward??

Ooo. This looks interesting. I got a question for Beelzebub. Or just any gatekeeper in general. Do they have any advice or information I in particular should be aware of…