Gangstalked to oblivion

Hello I have been a victim of gangstalking for 6 years overtly in that time I have witnessed many strange things. People talking about things I said in private, street theater, military drones flying around me, black apache helicopters flying in circles around my house, cops tailing me, noise campaigns, name calling, workplace harrasment, gaslighting, one headlight on cars, alot of 666 license plates, red and white colour patterns, public humiliation, rumour campaigns, directed energy weapons, dirty looks everywhere I go in public, truemanshow like scenarios, masonic ritual scenarios, even a tv show was portraying my situation then gaslighted me, strange dreams of aliens and weird tall blue woman, arrested and put in psychward for paranoid thoughts, groups of people pointing at me as if I’m someone they know, literal spy agent looking people wearing ear peices talking on the phone relaying what I’m doing, intimidation tactics, discreet threats, somehow ended up with multiple succubus, or it’s astral threw other humans in the astral connecting with me, near death experience, extreme psychosis at times, deliberate sabotage, drained energy, irrational fears, people referring to me as it or dog lol, I think I’m being stalked by a very powerful egregore that has many other entities under it maybe archons I have a female voice asking me to join them, that they need my help other weird shit, now it is spirits doing this but they are working threw people and their energy is very low vibrational but I know technology is being used also as my devices were hacked and everything I’ve researched on the internet is know to whoever or whatever organisation is doing this to me. The fact they have people on foot and fly private planes in my area makes me think this is a deep state five eyes operation I have read articles about the intelligence agencies involvement in the occult. Anyone who has been threw this knows that it is hell on earth literally. I don’t think anyone here can help me with fully but maybe someone has some advice to what I can do to relieve some of it. Thanks

There’s a lot to unpack here, but it sounds like more than gangstalking, but you’re right about the usual hallmarks experienced by people experiencing human body communication (HBC).

Rather than try to address each symptom, as it has been found that prayer helps some TIs, particularly with blocking the voice to skull tech, and this is a magick forum after all, have you tried any prayer or ritual so far on any aspect of the harassment?

Well in your other thread I and another forum member suggested these were parasites, and you should banish them. Since that’s already broken out into it’s own topic we can carry that conversation on over there, that alone will help you feel stronger and more resilient. :slight_smile:

They don’t need to hack you to get this into, it’s all already available online. If you don’t want this don’t do anything online: go to the libraries and read paper books. You will be on cam but the info is less specific. To hack you and let you know it happened: that’s a variant on the intimidation.

Whatever you do don’t do what it says, ever: that will make it worse and it will start asking you to do stranger and stranger things, which can only get worse you will never placate it although like a good little parasite it will pretend you can. It’s probably an AI voice anyway you’re not talking to a real person so ignore it. Easier said than done I know. Also don’t believe it: when it tells you crap about people you know, assume it’s lying to make you paranoid and isolated.

So far it sounds like plain old tech. As far as I know, their idea of “occult” really is just another manipulation effort and there’s no actual magick in it. They’re psychopaths: psychopaths don’t believe in anything spiritual at all, they are broken people that can’t connect to spirit. But they’ll use the hell out of the concept to control those who are and laugh at them for falling for it. Don’t let your philosophies become a tool against you.

Education is helpful and knowing you’re not the only one. It hasn’t escalated to housebreaking yet it sounds like, or maybe that’s old hat. This is the evolution of MK Ultra. They want you to do something that can’t be linked to them, so your main goal is not to do it. That’s winning.

This person has had success identifying a variant that relies on fungal infections DE-SENSITIZING YOURSELF FROM HUMAN BODY COMMUNICATION (HBC) - A RE-CAP SO WE CAN MOVE FORWARD - YouTube

The dirty looks from strangers are part of the energy weapons: they hit you with VLF (very low frequency) radiation and RF (radio frequency), getting up emotional manipulation to make you feel that, but it’s not actually anything to do with the strangers. They do want to see where you’ll break and react though, and then they’ll do that more.

Personally a good death curse against the operative group would be on my list. If you don’t have wards and shield get them up, banish and cleanse and ground daily, place an iron object under your bed where you sleep to disrupt magnetic patterns. Go camping with no tech for a week and see if it follows you there to get more info. Meditate and remote view those in charge and attack them psychically.


I’ve been fighting these fuckos for years now and had all of the same kinds of threatening behaviors hurled at me, so can completely agree and relate with anyone who’s going through this.

It’s not really happening but it does occur from time to time.

Fight them with psychic ability, and train the subconscious mind, beat them psychologically and outwork your peers at every job you’ll ever have. They’ll have nothing to use against you if you can master those things.

Also, I’ve realized that it’s possible to flip this thing back towards them if you’ll study the uncrossing rituals. They’re helpful at getting a good reversal spell going which would in turn be able to weaponize the unconscious against those who’ve cursed you and start charging and priming their egregore to malfunction and glitch out, exposing its weakest points for the curses you’re sending at them to strike them down. Be prepared for whatever, because the bastards won’t give into a curse so readily at first, but keep at it, and you’ll make them suffer for this shit eventually, or hell… maybe it’ll just hit them where it hurts. I used to just think to myself, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemies, but that’s not really true, and I’ve wished that for everyone who’s crossed me since that day.


master your mind
eliminate fear and the other compulsive mechanisms and all these issues fall away.
all persistent draining of energies requires consensual relinquishing of will at some level

you’ll still see and feel disruptive phenomena but ultimately you won’t care and they will have no effect.

often engaging combatively within the perceived paradigm, gangstalking here, only prolongs and feeds it.

welcome, hope your troubles subside soon

I doubt most of what you are experiencing is actually happening. Simple reason is why would they waste high value assets on a nobody like you? You are likely not involved in anything warranting such effort cause if you were you would have resources to deal with and wouldn’t be here asking for help.

That means most of what you are experiencing is manifested from your own mind, hallucinations, thoughtforms, and the like. All this can be prompted by use of simple psychotronics or psionic attacks. The people you see, helicopters, cars, license plates, etc are likely just hallucinations induced by much simpler methods that amplify and manifest your paranoia. This means if you can locate the few agents they are using or their technology and burn them out it will stop and they will not escalate if you deal with it swiftly enough because they won’t want to risk valuable resources on someone with little value beyond some higher than normal ability.

The egregore you mention is likely the direct manifestation of the core for their attacks. Destroy it and trace it to its source and destroy that. It is likely just some wanker in an apartment near yours with a basic radionics set up and a few compatible devices running off a month long crash course in psychic warfare. Might not even be an organization could literally be some punk with a bit of power testing out his new toys that managed to deliver a long term shock to your system.

First step is the same regardless and that is to gain control of your mind and block out external influences and then extend that control to your energy and aura. As you do this a lot of these experiences are likely to vanish as less and less slips through to influence you. Then you start tracing the energy back and using your energy to devour and break the egregore until you find the source and deal with it. Usually when their primary operator burns out or their tech catches fire they pack up and leave knowing they bit off more than they can chew and won’t waste resources on an endeavor that is monetarily detrimental with no gain in influence.

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That’s bullshit. I’ve seen them in person, and up close. You can’t say they’re hallucinations… You may tell us that it’s part of your own reality’s manifestation of those things, but they genuinely existed.

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And I’ve successfully created hallucinations in people of objects, insects, physical sensations and the like that didn’t exist and have them fully believe their physical existence without anything but basic NLP and some telepathic projection. Maybe you have seen real people but many occurrences are easily induced hallucinations by hypnosis or psychic projections. All senses can be fooled by belief especially if the belief of the physical reality of a supposed object or person is prompted to come from within. It is a basic skill of common hypnosis to induce such experiences combine that with the right technology or psychic projections and you can influence at a distance fairly easily especially if the individual has their aura and energy bodies disrupted before hand.

It is even easier to do with something that could very well be people talking on headsets in normal phone calls or listening to music to simply alter the perception of what is already there as to being sinister and trick the senses into interpreting the incoming information in such a fashion. Someones simple call to their family can be heard by someone so influenced as a plot against them with the background noise that would make hearing a conversation difficult naturally playing into enhancing the illusion.


Well, do what thou wilt, friend or foe. I’m a Christian. I don’t believe in bad karma, and I don’t believe it’s harmful to reverse the gang stalkers vibrations back over their livelihoods either way. You take from me, I’ll take back worse than what’s been stolen from me and my legacy. I’ve wasted years after year being a karmic pushover. Trying to be the bigger man is ridiculously evil to me. That’s the brainwashing they’ve used on us all. They’ve used religious doctrines to force feed us disempowering rhetoric over and over until we’ve accepted this as our fate. I’m no fucking targeted individual anymore, and I’m a gang stalker’s wet dream because they’ve completely flipped my mentalism over the the good ends of bourbon street, baby doll. I’m doing the targeting from here on out. I’m the evilest one of them all, so fear me if you don’t respect it. Get a gang of sophisticated ritual users after me and they’ll become my faithful servitors. I will brainwash them into serving the agendas of the new world.


Mulberry’s advice is solid. From my experience with similar attacks, the people involved in this are very low vibration and ironically, easiest to manipulate back. Just stay aware, up your personal game, use techniques to regain your power, and you should be fine.


If they’re genuinely those people the OP is talking about, they’re trained professionals, and they’re not going to be easily manipulated back and forth, unlike those people who have had bullying manifest itself and still claimed they’re gang stalking victims. There’s an enormous difference between the government fucking with you and some neighborhood punks fucking with you, and I mean this sincerely.

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That’s understandable really and I hope you find the answers that you were looking for here

what i have found is usually the case is that there are some individuals that actually do foster these experiences and other agencies that accelerate paranoia/hypervigilance/anxiety to drive your mind to see correlated occurences/individuals everywhere

hence my original advice

master your mind
eliminate fear and the other compulsive mechanisms and all these issues fall away.
all persistent draining of energies requires consensual relinquishing of will at some level

you’ll still see and feel disruptive phenomena but ultimately you won’t care and they will have no effect.

often engaging combatively within the perceived paradigm, gangstalking here, only prolongs and feeds it.

when you break things down and consider coherently:

  • so what if these f$#%s follow me around?
  • what have they actually done so far?
  • so what if they actually do hurt me?
  • what does it benefit me to keep thinking about it and giving my energy to fuel the suffering others want for me?

don’t engage combatively.
disregard and do what makes you happy or serves your other ends.
it will take time to eliminate the compounded negative charge within but only you will make it happen and it begins by realising that what others want or intend towards you doesn’t matter.

you can not control everything only yourself
do your thing and direct your energies as benefits YOU.

i speak from personal experience in this and am not waxing theoretical.

you should challenge yourself to go out more and more. you will not overcome it without confronting it.
there are some tools i developed that helped with overcoming my experience.

the one i’ll share i call ‘regard with love’
go out and make a point of seeing the humanity in the people your afraid of. look at them aproper and realise they are just people like you, with their own triumphs and failures, fears and hopes. fragile beings trying to make their way through life. and regard them with love with this fundamental recognition.
love is powerful and it overrides the compulsive mechansims of the mind that are fueled by the various agencies (tech, other entities, the mind itself)
a good extension of this tool is to then look upon yourself from an exterior perspective and realise and recognise the same.

quite often when people are in such hypervigilant states they look at people for fractions of a second and see only what the compulsive mind wants to correlate with what its experiencing.
so if your feeling paranoia or fear then that split second look from another will be interpreted in a way that feeds that negativity.

regarding with love forces you to look properly, consider, recognise and appreciate.
and ultimately dispel illusions.

it takes time. but it will not be overcome without effort.


Disengage from the mental obsessions of the subconscious and its conspiracies.