Gaining weight

I’ve literally read through every shape shift and weight gain thread I could find on here and I’ve tried everything. All the regimes, meal plans, gainer, weed… literally any and everything you could think of and nothing.

So I did a little research and found a shape shifting thread on here I was really fond of and he works with Belphegor to change his mindset about exercising. As we know Belphegor is the sloth of the sds.

So basically what I’m getting at is if Belphegor can be called upon to help solve sloth behavior (or encourage it if necessary) can I call upon Beezelbub for gluttony to help me increase my appetite and intake more food?

I already called upon Belphegor and I’m getting into exercising and diet plans and he’s changed my mindset about a lot of things. I got a lot done with him over the past couple of days (Thank you Belphegor🖤) so would I get similar results with Beelzebub?

Check your morphotype, or body type - if you’re an ectomorph, look up excercises for ‘hard gainers’. That’s folks that find it hard to bulk.

Athlean X on YT has a lot of info for hardgainers. If you add muscle you’ll naturally be hungrier. For fast calories that also have healthy ingredients and nutrition maybe look into keto fat bombs.

I don’t know if Beelzebub is great for appetite. I"d look into daemons of lust and focus the lust on food.


Buy a mass gainer powder , you can take one and get a whole days worth of your caloric intake within 10 minutes

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I’ll look into the body type. I’ve heard of it but never indulged too deeply. I’m starting the exercise thing but the hard part is still eating when you have no type of appetite (like I can go days without food even with exercising) because it’s kind of a requirement in exercising… exercising+no food= what’s the point if you ask me. It’s just hard trying to get a feel for food.

Isn’t that what gluttony is? extreme lusting over and excessively eating food? Asking out of curiosity and thank you for the response.

Body builders go for post-workout shakes to help make sure they get in the right macros and nutrition to build and mitigate DOMS. There’s good info on these at

Like that powder John_Wick mentioned. Usually whey protein with BCAAs, creatine, electrolytes and such, shake it up with milk and chug it down.

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I got told to try muscle milk. Only thing I got told is I can’t do it excessively which means one a day pretty much and along with that you still have to take in solid calories and I struggle because I have no appetite whatsoever

And those shakes are very filling. So it still takes some type of appetite to eat those. Ik I’m making this complicated but man I’ve been trying for literally half my life to gain weight and I’ve tried everything. :sob: I’m desperate at this point

Avoid soy. Muscle milk is trash - it’s all soy so it’s an estrogenic - shit for your testoterone (including in females) - which reduces muscle gain and motivation. Never mind it’s GMO and grown with pesticides.

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What would you recommend? As far as weight gain powder?

Assuming you mean muscle, you want protein and aminos to fuel your gains. But you won’t stimulate your body to use these if you don’t hit the gym hard with heavy weights. Look for post workout formulas, and check the ingredients.

Me, I am allergic to lectins in wheat, beans and other seeds, and I do better on low-carb, so I make my own. I use rice protein, collagen powders blended with cacao, avocado and MCT oil, and supplements.

You could add a banana if you do carbs etc.

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I know the spirit Asmodeus can help with weight loss if I’m not mistaken or whatever body type your looking for.

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I’m looking to gain weight. I need to eat more. That’s the big issue. I don’t have any type of appetite and even with exercising it doesn’t come. :man_facepalming:t5:

I should’ve mentioned I don’t have time for the gym. I’m a mom working full time. :man_facepalming:t5: All my exercise is at home. Lol never thought something so easy would be so hard​:joy: but I think I’ll try the protein shakes like you said. Hopefully it works. Thank you though.

I went through a depression a little while back and was having this issue. I was losing weight too quickly and resorted to drinking my calories. I ended buying this product called “Soylent” (yes, like the movie) that claims to have all the nutrients of a single meal in one bottle. It really helped me out when my body was in pain from not having an appetite.

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Optimum nutrition mass gainer , it’s different from whey protein or muscle milk which sole purpose is to provide post workout recovery of your muscles , those are not for gaining weight , buy a mass gainer it has around 1200 calories A serving , you make a shake out of it


I’m going to have to look into thank you. Did it help you gain any weight? Like I know you said it helped your appetite but did it stick?

Ok cool. I always got told that the protein shakes were the way to go. This really helped me. Thank you.

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Since I was losing weight at the time, it helped prevent any further loss. I would suggest including it with any meals you do end up eating! Perhaps even including it in the protein shake suggested in this thread.

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Ok i will. Thank you guys so much. As time goes on I will post my progress on this thread.


I was in the same position. I’m 5"3 and was a healthy 125. When I was going thru it with my childrens father…I dropped to 96lbs. I too was going days without eating.
What is helping me is meditation(don’t know how old your babies are, but if they are nap age, then that would be the perfect time to meditate) also eating a small meal like a sandwich and two ensures…that is like 750-850 calories per meal. Before bed, I would eat the same thing and another two ensures…this will increase the capacity of your stomach. Im quite sure you have shrunk it by not eating.
This will also help you sleep better…having a full stomach. When you have those hunger pains…dont wait until the last minute to eat something , because you will eat less as your stomach is full of air…