Gaining spirits respect

Guys, I’ve always been wondering how can I gain respect from a spirit, Demon, Angel or an entity in general.
I’ve particulary thought this when I heard a quotes from a novel I don’t remember the name, it says:

  • “Yes, you’re great, you can summon all the spirits from every legion in hell… but how many of them talk to you?”

At this very moment, I can’t talk to spirits whenever I like, it happens very very rarely and only with angels… once a guy in this forum told me when that he saw my profile he had a feeling that King Paimon was “there”… maybe it was true, I had never ever had any contact with that guy, but the most important topic remains the same.
How can I gain respect from a spirit without calling them?
How can they notice me before I notice them?

Thank you in advance

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The same way you gain the respect of a individual human, by showing respect as well. However, you will need to have some form of experience with them, evocation, projection, whatever it is.


How is it possible that some people are randomly contacted by spirits claiming they have been watching them?
Or better, could it really be possible?

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Yes, it can and it does happen… probably not in the meassure you can read here, tho.


Some people have ties to entities via past lives, or something deeper that they are on a journey to discover. I’ve been reached out by entities who later I found to be tied to me prior to reincarnation.


This happened to me, actually. It’s why I finally jumped into the darker sides of the Occult. I resisted it for a while and stayed away from anything LHP-related for over 20 years. Finally, Hecate called and I couldn’t deny what I was experiencing. She kept up until I answered.

There were supposed to be relationships in past lives. I, personally, don’t delve into them much. I’m focused on what I need to do in this one.


As much as I know. I guess just like individuals. Spirits like Honesty, loyalty, basic code of conduct, persistence, communication, proper manners when they are woth you. all of this spirits appreciate and they like who puts efforts in spells and after spells.

So I guess when you do all of this things they starts respecting you, trusting you and stuff works miracles after that.

Hope my answer helps!


Each answer helps me, I hope it does to somebody else.
This explains many answers I’ve red before, and how past lives influences our own.

Hiya OP! The answer to your second question ties into the answer for the first one. See, out of all spirits in existence, only a small portion are like us humans. That means what they respect, if they even have a concept of it that is comparable to ours, can vary significantly across individuals and species. Or can differ even from members of a mythical spirit identity; what one Paimon values may not be the same as what another creature with that form does. Since there are so many differing value systems, it’s virtually impossible to know what any given individual values before observing them! Instead, you’re better off doing what you like, and getting good at it, because that will draw the respect of spirits who resonate with such things or the concept of individuality. :slight_smile:


Not every spirit/deity/ancestor/whatever gives a flipping fuck about proper manners, just for those who do not know. One spirit? Baron Samedi. Loves a good dirty joke, and someone who knows how to take one. King Ghob was another one who seemed fine with being more relaxed, but you definitely had to earn his respect.


Would love to know more about them. Thank you for the information!

I was told it is foolish to even care what they think and most are losers, foolish and pathetic. Others are even lower. A few are tools

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Really? o.o

Yeah but that also lined up to when I asked about different people as well. Basically, I was told to stop trying to impress things that don’t matter and a lot things don’t matter.


Sorry, my english is not the best over here.
When you say “[…] what they think and most are losers, […]”.
Who you mean by they? Us or spirits?

I meant spirits in that post but it can also apply to people.

Basically don’t waste time trying to impress those not worth it.


is King paimon on that list?

King Paimon respects those who give it their all when it comes to their workings and how much one grows through their hard work.

I will say that he also makes his convictions by how you present yourself as well. He tends to favor those who are confident and humble. He struggles to respect those who have egos, especially fragile ones.

However, like the other poster said I would agree with the view that how spirits see you shouldn’t matter unless you want to try to build a relationship with them. With this said though, sometimes things don’t work out and that is okay. Sometimes things aren’t meant to be.


I’d have to agree with Qayos, you don’t really know what a spirit would respect without meeting them. On the other hand, there’s just about nothing out there that doesn’t respect power. In other words the easiest way to ensure “respect” is to make sure you’re always improving magically.

Personally I don’t think about it. I already respect myself. I just assume the demons respect me. If some of them didn’t respect me then maybe I’d be curious to know why, but only if it’s for a valid reason that could be useful for me to know and work on. The demons are interested in helping us. It helps to feel out and be receptive to who would like to work with you. Sometimes if demons acts disinterested or they don’t like us, we’re just not ready for them yet, and that rejection can point to something inside us we need to work on.

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