Gaining spirits respect

Of course it’s possible.

Think of it this way:

You go into a mechanic shop and ask someone to work with you to build something to your specifications. Your project gets built by one employee. It works well and you love it.

That shop has multiple employees, and another employee probably saw your idea and liked it. Maybe that employee has some ideas that will help you. Maybe they’ll approach you with their ideas.

I think that’s what happened to me. I was working with Duke Sallos, and Duke Dantalion saw what we were doing and decided he wanted to be involved as well.


Never thought it that way, sounds reasonable and your experience confirm it

Yes it’s totally possible. King Belial contacted me a year ago through a dream, when I had no idea about the occult, demons etc… But my senses sucks ass so I have to work on them to be able to talk to him, or other beings :laughing:
Some others contacted me aswell in dreams, as I’ve been working on my senses, like Nergal, King Paimon or other beings (like my guides).